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    It will never happen because when we look at the tattoo artist girl, he seems to have a thing for girls with tattoos, artsy or kind of hippie looks (I just remembered his long hair lol). Lisa looks to glamorous for his type.

    I would laugh about their shippers' illusions being destroyed, if he someday openly dates ^^

    But honestly their shippers are annoying and if they would be together, they would never shut up about them and trend them every day everywhere

    Was her national hit Solo a media play? Are her brand deals media play? She always on top5 of rankings about popularity in S.K?

    People still use media play towards Jennie?

    Look up articles about her until solo. After that she gained moment but before that there was a lot of media play and a lot of people pointed it out.

    She was always popular for her stage presence, her fierce stage stare and rapping skills, but the it girl thing only was really organic from like Solo on. You being popular doesn't 100% have to equal being an it girl. They really tried to make her get a Gucci deal by always putting out articles with human Gucci until the Chanel deal happened. YG is pretty much the only one, who used the "human" early on for anyone.

    I mean just look at the boys of kpop. An it boy seems to be Cha Eun Woo and G-Dragon (or maybe was?), but especially Yeonjeon gets now media played as an it boy, when almost everyone seems to agree that there is not really one up until now for the 4th generation. Maybe he will later on be the it boy (since he is already really popular) but it is no secret that companies media play someone from their group and adding fancy titles. Just some companies do it more than others

    No hate towards Jennie but I remember clearly the media play around her. Even when she was dating Kai for a short time when the news broke out the comments were filled with "who is that?" etc. and many complained about the media play from before.

    Jennie was also media played as Human Gucci before she got the Chanel deal and was suddenly the Human Chanel

    I think you all forgot that YG was strongly rumoured to have connections to gangsters (and the crimes he is accused if kind of prove it with his gangster guys and treating to kill someone) and that the idol business is just a front business for them.

    I mean I haven't heard another company paying their idol money every month, even when they are inactive, when all the other entertainments seem to do it every 3 months. And how else do especially the solo singers of YG survive (without the monthly allowance), which don't put out music or don't seem to have much or any kind of brand deals?

    They could survive without BP, but they bring in a lot of money too. The question is, if Babymonster will be a money bringer too or not and if they can forget about BP if the fans move on to BM

    Does anyone have the real (full) video and not one, where it was maybe edited

    maliciously? Like I hope it was just edited to seem way more awkward, than it already was. Depending on the whole video the moment could be be ripped out of context because maybe the whole video was awkward etc.

    I want to see it myself and not just the viral part from a few days ago or this one (where I actually saw the members reaction for the first time being included and not just Garam and Sakura)

    no one on Twitter
    “يقلبي كلهن خايفات منهم خاصة ام شعر قصير نظراتها قطعت قلبي💔💔 #قارام_متنمره #قارام #garamOUT #garambully #garam”

    But if what she did is what Hybe described in her statement. I don't see where the harassment is. Because I feel like a lot of people confuse bullying with scolding someone for doing something they shouldn't or having an argument with someone. 'Cause I mean if that's bullying then most of us are bullies. Unless this version is denied by the law firm I think it is true since not denying it would harm their client. And if what happened in the chat group and with Eunseo's male friends and with the photo is true then in this case the real bully is Eunseo. That's why I find it hard to understand the silence of the law firm because if it was wrong they would deny the hybe charges and ask for an apology like they already have. But if there's such silence, there's some truth in hybe's statement. That's why I was not surprised to hear that the two sides were in negotiations and don't be surprised at a statement from daehyun saying that it was all a misunderstanding and you may even expect a statement from school if hybe has proof of what they say because if it's true because it could damage their reputation.

    Edit:the argument was 3 hours long and not the scolding

    But my point still stands that if is weird that not everyone of Garam's friends was punished too, which means she and her two (?) other friends did something more severe

    Honestly, until the law firm responses we can only speculate.

    They probably invested in the webtoon (and games) a lot and made the characters look probably really similar to LSF. Chaewon and Sakura's fandom will make sure that the group doesn't flop anyway and with Kazuha going viral, Hybe probably thinks it is going to work out anyway because they are (or were) rising on the charts.

    They would maybe feel different if they didn't have Sakura's and Chaewon's fandom and Kazuha going viral, but as of now the group is making money with their album (I think every album over 100k was enough to make them not lose anything, right? I think JYP said this) and they will soon have a new girl group under another label, which can win the public maybe.

    They will probably go the boy group route with LSF now and will have CFs for the popular members, while their new girl group will be probably focused on the public.

    It seems to be the new phenomenon in kpop, that when there is a scandal the public's opinion is irrelevant as long as the fandom is strong and supports the scandal member (#Stray Kidz or Lia whether she is innocent or not, not being put on hiatus at all).

    Hybe handled the scandal in the worst way ever and it turns me off to listen to any of their groups. Entertainment companies being criminal and lying is nothing new, but Hybe handled it so badly and so shamelessly (whether Garam had a "reason" or not for it and whether it was only verbal or physical), many companies do better and even apologise, if it is not 100% true and then reveal what happened (which sometimes comes too late like with Taeyeong. Until this year I thought he was a real bully, but it seems like he "only" wrote a fat shaming comment and sold someone a toy with a broken arm without declaring it purposefully).

    Like imagine if Hybe said from the beginning that Garam had an argument with someone in school and through this both sides acted foolishly. And if the other comments about her bad behaviour came up again, they could have said something among the lines that Garam was really bad at expressing herself and thought she was not saying anything in a bad or mean way (because her parents and other school mates also spoke in that way or never corrected her) until she realised when she grew up, that the way she has been speaking could be interpreted in the wrong way and she deeply regrets it and has had no mean intentions.

    This would still make people doubt her but LSF non-hardcore fans would have not turned on her so fast and maybe her admitting that she could have spoken in a mean way, would have not lead to the document being realised, because Garam's reputation would have been sullied a little bit and maybe that would have been enough for the person, who released that document? Instead they literally wrote that Garam is a victim, which made the document releaser angry, pushed Eunseo's parents to hire a law firm and can't even backtrack and apologise now for her level 5 record by saying she realised what was wrong and has since changed and can't blame it on others not telling her, that her behaviour was wrong. They could have even still mentioned the underwear picture story and more people would have been not that doubtful towards it, because Hybe would have admitted her bad behaviour by being wrongly socialised (and calling someone out for harming her friend in the only way she knew how to do it etc.). And they could have made her out to be a child, who grew up after this incident.

    We will see when and if the law firm responses to it. Hybe really thought they could threaten everyone with sueing, just like it probably happened in other cases before with other entertainment companies, but they were rather unlucky with the fearless (ha! Do you see my joke?) schoolmates coming out

    It’s a symptom of our times and culture. There is a prominent sports tv analyst who someone was trying to cancel because he allegedly made a racist comment when he was 8. Eight years old. He’s like 35 now. I have no idea what I did or said at 8 but I’m sure I did some really stupid things.

    The age difference is way too different compared to Garam. For Garam it was 4 years and not almost 30. And an 8 year old is way more immature than a 12 year old.

    If the newer accusations are true and not just made up about her dance team etc., Garam only apologised and bought her victim or two a snack shortly before her debut. If that is true then it shows that Garam knows it was wrong enough to "bribe" the victim by apologising, so that the victim would feel guilty to publish accusations

    And if (!) Garam honestly was forced to transfer, then she must have known she did something seriously wrong.

    We don't know if especially the newer accusations are true, but despite Hybe suing so many new pop up, which I don't remember happening in such a huge number by other bullying cases. Like with other cases 5 people spoke up at maximum to accuse AND defend a person, with Garam she has alone like min. 5 accusers and 1 or two neutral ones and it doesn't seem to be ending soon, despite Hybe sueing. If she was known for her good behaviour, than at least more people would step up for he right?

    Instead even the neutral ones say, that she wasn't that nice.

    Who knows? It is just weird that she does not really have anyone coming to her defense without saying she is not nice and it is not like the pictures and videos at school etc. show her being a loner

    Loco is a good song, and CIL album is good too. Their b side are getting better too.

    Ah you reminded me of some plagiarism accusations of C-netizens. The song Shoot (or shot, idk?) was accused by them to have been plagarising the debut (?) song of a Chinese singer named Snow (maybe she also had a last name, I only remembered this). The thing is that Snow was a JYP trainee, which make sit seem weird. But I never listened to Shoot nor did I listen to Snow's song, so idk

    No they don’t choice their songs, JYP give them a song even if they don’t like it they have to deal with it.

    the members said AF wasn’t the type songs you like at first, it was a grower.

    I read this article back then and it says the staff was actually the one worried and that the members expect Jeongyeon loved it. https://www.k* (insert instead of a * and o)

    "I was the only one who thought that the song wasn’t good. Out of all our comeback songs, I thought this was the most so-so. There’s too much mention of names of alcohol and it didn’t really show TWICE’s unique color."

    — Jeongyeon

    "On the other hand, Jihyo revealed that the rest of the group had loved the song, while the staff at JYP Entertainment were worried it might not suit the group."

    But maybe k*reaboo is wrong?

    Noo, I think you're mixing with another group. Cause from what I know Super Junior does that.

    JYP ain't even allowing them to post on their personal insta without approval, he'd never allow them to choose the song.

    Sorry, I meant that they can give their opinion on it now. I mean they even are allowed to write some songs on their albums

    Some of the opinion's here honestly don't need a spoiler...

    Anons is for cowards. I will never say something I won’t put my name behind. Also, I have no use for spoilers.

    If labels are going to require idols to shave their jaws and do lip enhancement surgeries than they might as well make a push for more breast enhancements. We know beauty standards are different in Asia than in the West, but the reality is that K-pop is growing internationally at a rampant pace so you need to focus on those markets and constituents.

    They already do breast enhancements like even a picture of predebut Taeyeon in the gym was posted, where she literally was very flat and it didn't seem she was so much younger than her debut age. And a lot of groups use paddings like AOA or even Twice. Even Jihyo used paddings when she already has a bigger chest than most do

    Didn't Twice chose their title tracks since Alcohol free or something like that? Like I remember the one video, where Jeongyeon said she was the only one against choosing Alcohol free and now likes it or something like that. She said the member solved it as soon as they heard it. And since Alcohol free and Scientists are both calmer songs, it seems to be Twice own taste.

    Loco sounds very Itzy like but just like with Scientists, it is too underwhelming compared to the other title tracks they (Twice and Itzy) had.

    O.O is a mess with the lyrics, the shouting, sponsorship even included in the lyrics and either part of the song being too extreme different to the point everyone seems to prefer either the beginning part or the super hero part.