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    It doesn't really bother me either way tbh. I mean my kid is well behaved and considering I work with tiny gremlins on a regular basis I'm somewhat immune to the crying and screaming some do, it's the parents that irritate me generally.

    But I think it would be a great option for those who just want some adult time... Although you still have the risk of adults that act like loud idiots lol

    Yes but to a degree. Teaching kids from 5 to 10 you need to adjust to their understanding of what sex is as well as relationships, nothing too detailed and age appropriate. It also depends on the curiosity and mental Maturity of the child as some will start to ask questions earlier than others.

    With really young children this is simple done indirectly through conversation or reading books that have same sex couples in stories and talking about their families.

    Gender and in depth sexuality (usually comes under general sex education) talks should become more detailed with the onset of puberty (age 10+) as it would be more revelant to their current experiences and will help guide them through it.

    Parents have the opportunities to opped out of sex education in general aleast in the area I work, so its not like its mandatory.

    Considering the abuse of young children below 5 has gone up (especially sexual abuse), certain things do need to be discussed with young children (once they can understand and converse age 3+) as some dont understand or unaware when something is happening to them but it has to be age appropriate.

    It happens now again when I interact with my sons father, (Its a complicated situation cause I just want to be alone cause I'm just very solitary but we are in love with each other) we have love for each other and treat each other in semi romantic way (him more so than me I'm the stoic one) but for almost 15 years for someone to be that anamoured with me even after watching me struggle with life, have his kid, get a little chubby amongst other things.. Makes me feel a little flutter here and there... (and elsewhere... But I have great self control lol)

    I think it's probably to do with what we expect someone to look like at certain, ages which is vague in itself like...

    I've seen grown people look like teenagers and teenagers look like early twenties are "suppose to" look, and then any thing above 50 or 60 you expect to be more weathered.

    So even though there's no real standard there seem to be expectations of what certain ages should look like.

    As for the stereotype.... Well considering I'm half black half Asian, I get both the black dont crack and the asian don't raisin, which I adhere to because I do look younger than a lot of women in there early 30's. In my case it's just genetic lottery rather that skin care and all that stuff cause I'm quite ridiculously low maintence.

    However in order to dispel such a stereotype you kinda gave to round up every asian person and compare their looks with other in their age bracket, sounds long tbh but there will always be who don't fit this stereootype regardless.

    Although the weird thing about the asians I've encountered as well as my own family.... At like 50 they start to age faster (or its start to show more) not sure why its kinda a weird observation on my part..

    My ramblings lol I'm sure there some sort of point in them somewhere.

    I've never wished death on someone seriously especially family tbh (besides convicted serial pedophiles and rapists) I think if I were to I'd probably mean it as they would have to do the most desipicable things.

    I struggled with various abuse growing up but I always internalised my hurt and turned it on myself rather then others, so wishing death was never a thing for me more so I'd just block them out and push ahead to not make anything worse really.

    Although I tend to say things like 'maybe your mother should of swallowed' or 'I'm guessing you were an accident or abortion wasn't on the cards' if I meet someone horrible.

    Which can be quite hurtful I suppose.