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    Kinda, I have third person view in my dreams (switches out to 1st person randomly and vice versa) also layered with real time commentary from myself (it acts like conscience in some cases) as I'm going though and watching the dream. I have background music and different angle shots but this varies from dream to dream depending on the scenario.

    But I only dream once a month though.

    Nothing tbh (until disclosed, or I catch a pic in the selfie thread then I'll relate them to their face -give or take theyre not catfishing of course lol)

    I remember most people by username though, although a few have a distinct way of typing that I will remember other than that, I can't really attach a visual though it's kinda like faceless AI's really, until they define themselves.

    Thread or post? I'll do both.

    First post circa 2013 was SHINee related, first thread Exo related, the Exo drama was real.. Lol

    Major revamp of 2016 (where we started from scratch and had to reclaim our usernames) probably A SHINee related post in the old artist thread, first thread was either B1A4 related or The Boss/DGNA related.

    Recent revamp... Err something generic like whether I liked the new look, and first thread was if anybody actually read the rules this time round (cause no one ever does, that's how people get banned really lol)

    I don't find it racist at all, but tweet seems poorly explained, and isn't very obvious to those not understanding of racial issues or are part of the black community.

    The black community has been and still is plaqued with self hate, steming from slavery that has been deeply ingrained to this day, its easiest to see on a scale of media representation as lighter skinned or mixed people to be pushed to the top of black representation as their deemed more attractive....but these issues arent as simply explained there are layers and years of conditioning involved.

    the tweet itself can be easily interpreted in a contraversial light as it lacks context.

    I took it as a promotion of black love and self love, which is somewhat needed.

    At the end of the day people have preferences and can love who they want, be it the same race or not, these things shouldn't really matter, but racial tensions are still high.

    Admitedly though, the mixed side of tweet reminded of the breeding program they had put aboriginal slaves through in order to breed the blackness out, this image was essentially what the program was..although they kidnapped the children...

    The idea was the more white you have in you the more status and attractiveness you held (the idea still stands for some subconsciously sadly) , similar to that of the heirarchy between field slaves and house slaves, alot of lighter complexion became house slaves and were favoured (although they were product of rape in most case and the cycle would continue sadly)... But the colour divide that stemmed from this still exists, be it consciously or not as does the self hate.

    I waffled a bit there sorry lol

    I usually just shorten the usernames down I don't have any creative nicknames for any user though

    Only you here I think now but we talked for a long time so it's more personal , 'Lord baby face' still prevails after so many years, it started with bitch sass... Oh and there was yogi bear.

    Although I don't think you've ever had a nickname for me :whatb: I think you just call me by my username or outside here my real life nickname tbh.

    Lol it seems annoying, my friends don't do that.. Mainly because they say I'm unpredictable...that and I have snap back roast reactions.

    At most though if it did Id politely touch their shoulder, stop them and say 'I'm sorry are you called Mel? , did you change your name or did you mishear the question?' something like that really I'd swap between being overly sarky to polite which is generally everything I say anyway lol

    whisper cheating on me again....she's supposed to be my waifu we were supposed to share Ateez San...the f...

    I have remained loyal though, he came on to me!! I'm innocent!!!

    And Sans in a time out after deja vu.. In fact all of them are.. Yeosang tried to claim my soul.... That Woosan moment in the rain hurt me... :pepe-sad:

    You know I can't handle wet hair.. And they all looked good wet... :pepe-peek:

    You have a hot face and a hot body and a hot personality I always enjoy reading what you have to say <3

    Lol Was that for me?

    Sounds like you need to hydrate more sweetie, seem a little thirsty :pepe-smug:

    But thank you, its nice to see your still floating about with the flattery. :cheersc:

    I feel like tattoos for those who passed are ones people love no matter what. I know a few people who have them, similar to yours it's a phrase that was important to the person/their relationship

    What is it of? :wow: I just sketched mine out a day before the appointment lmao

    I have four of them. They re snall. Treble clef and music notes under my left ear on my neck.

    Angel Of death written in mandarin down my spine

    A thorned black rose on my right ankle and a butterfly on my right ankle.

    I've been working on my fifth for 10 years now it's a Large piece to fill out the rest of my lower back... But I just can't seem to finish it.