Who gets better treatment in blackpink?

  • ? 52

    1. Lisa (31) 60%
    2. Jennie (27) 52%
    3. Rosé (24) 46%
    4. Jisoo (13) 25%

    A simple vote would be enough for my research. Max votes- 3 members. I voted jennie and lisa and i don't think yg giving rappers more spotlight will never change. What is ur opinion?

  • Teddy

    lol true bp are all mistreated. But i have seen people calling rose yg favourite after her solo. I just laugh it off but the attacks are getting more now which makes me think my previous opinion was wrong. The reason before i had for lisa is also favorite was because she is allowed to be the main rapper of the blackpink and let her promote in sea and china a lot in the last few years but now i understand that overseas promo means no promo in korea


    Changed the title of the thread from “Who is yg's favourite in blackpink?” to “Who gets better treatment in blackpink?”.
  • OH MY GOD! I LOVE THESE THREADS :love::love::love::love::love:

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  • money. yg doesn't have a fave, they are a soulless company that only cares for maximum profit with minimum cost

    This one! The reason why bp constantly being called model by antis instead of artist. Yg don't care about them, they care about money. The BA from bp bring them more money than the music itself as they don't have to spend a penny for it. They just giving barely any effort for any of the girls as they know the fans will eat anything from the girls as we are all starve.

  • Anyone who votes Lisa is just trolling at this point.

    I can tell whose akgaes would vote her, but they would never trade what their fave got for what she did, only the sales... They even pulled this victim crap when all the others were still waiting for their solos..

    YG always has a hierarchy with his groups. Here it is:





    Not their fault, and they will all be abandoned eventually.

  • Can akgaes go back to their original messy place which is Twitter and stop making such threads, like for god's sake don't you get tired?

    And lol at people here still pushing for the narrative of Jennie being the favorite and they all have one thing in common interesting.

    Well let me tell you, Jennie is the only member whose last individual variety show was 3 years ago. She hasn't appeared on any broadcasting show after michuri while her popularity is at its peak. She is the only one who hasn't had a gig to showcase her main position which is rapping. What she has going on for her currently is her cf deals which she gets asked for like any other member. Her solo promo was the bare minimum, could only promote after two weeks and she is the only one who got 1 song. I would like to see the favoritism y'all are talking about. You guys are stuck in 2018.

    People would rather create an impossible storyline and talk about how Jennie is more likely to get a second solo before Jisoo but won't say a word about something that is already taking place which is Lisa getting a collab just after her solo and before Jisoo's (don't quote me on this, dj snake asked Lisa I know, she got that rightfully, I'm just trying to show how differently people would react in those two situations).

    So this all is not a question about favoritism but rather about "which member do you like the least and know nothing about". Because if we were to be truthful yg doesn't lift a finger for any member because they "favor" them, they operate how they want, only having their company's best interest in mind.

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  • They're delusional, just ignore them. Their fave was a judge on a Chinese idol show, was the first to get her own yt channel, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. There's literal proof showing each member's individual activities since 2018 and Lisa has more than the other 3 combined. I just stopped paying attention to them cuz they're all akgaes.

  • arent you a blink? why do you make a thread like this are you trying to cause an internal fanwar?

    Since when?

    Lol why are Lisa stans the dumbest? Blocked. Everyone's releasing anything they want except BP. If u can't see that, then fuck off idiot. Imagine calling me a blink

    we will see. I don't trust blinks but only the gp.

    reading comprehension idiot. i was never a blink

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