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    Twice supposed popularity internationally is so overestimated that it always sounds fake. Thinking that Onces are calling them the biggest gg in the US just because they were the "first" to hold a concert in Sofi Stadium would make them the biggest. Where did those attendance numbers went to?

    Twice will always have sales thanks to fandom and inflation. But realistically speaking, they are already past their prime. Their leaving behind SK and moving towards the West was always not a good idea because they didn't even move past that. Yes, they did have the tour numbers and sales. But those sales and tour numbers do not match their streams which is the most dominant factor for popularity and relevancy right now.

    Also, they are targeting the US market and yet they are still struggling.

    Rosé seems to be very underestimated when in fact she was able to pull of high charting during her solo debut, only below IU and Brave Girls. If it weren't for them, she might have taken the top spot. She was also able to chart #70 in BBH100, #1 in both BB200. She is still the best selling BP member in China(digital). And her album -R- is still selling, now at 880k.

    Rosé might be "less popular" than Jennie but she has achieved impressive feats. So I think Rosé will give Jennie a tight competition in terms of charting and sales.

    BP is still the most streamed female group in 2023 without any release.

    BP Born Pink is still the highest-grossing KPop tour.

    BP Born Pink is still the highest-selling album by a Kpop female group.

    BP is still the most relevant in all aspects.

    Jennie has the most monthly listener in Spotify right now higher than NewJeans had.

    So no. Newjeans has still a long way to go before they can even dethrone BP in the top 1 position.

    And hopefully, they are not just trendy why they are now big because that will suck if ever the trendiness will wear off.

    but Jisoo's popularity growth started in 2020 ( before her drama) with HYLT in China it started with Jisoo's makeup for their teaser photos became a face filter in some Chinese apps and also trending constantly on weibo and other chinese platforms. I made several threads about this in the past, it wasn't overnight it's not her being "hot" right now she has been building her popularity little by little her solo was only a result or reflection of that.

    I understand it's annoying people underestimating Rosé and making it seem like she left behind when she isn't.

    I personally don't think so either but no need to come up with these kind of remarks . more organic numbers? please lol Jisoo's has gained more Kdrama and casual fans and Jisoo has been #1 EMV too and was the only korean idol in the top 10 influencer of thw world of cosmetics in 2020/21 ( I think I don't keep up with this anymore lol) in fact she pulled the biggest crown in PFW in 2021 and pretty much every PFW since then it has't changed much.

    Now I do believe Rosé is popular with all her campaigns and she trends a lot like I said before blackpink members popularity is pretty well balanced some are more popular than others for certain audiences.

    Each girl is increasing their popularity. Rosé even. She was actually the most attracting during the HYLT era then her solo came out which attracted and sold the most in China and got those big records and #1s.

    But what I am saying is that, Jisoo has something going on for her right now that helps push her popularity. Even Jennie and Lisa has something going on to them. But Rosé has nothing. No music collabs, no acting gigs, no covers. She only have her ambassadorship gigs. Yes she is marking her spot in the fashion industry and always credited in the financial reports but that's not enough. She is after all an idol first and foremost. Also in terms of EMV, Jisoo always got #1 because she always have more ad posts than Rosé's. But Rosé has higher engagement rate. And when Rosé started adding #ad in her posts, she was able to take over the spot. She has always the most relevance in fashion proven by her global campaigns.

    But again, it is not enough. When the other girls have something going on for them, Rosé has nothing. Where are those collabs, those love calls from variety shows, and maybe she even have acting and ost offers but YG is just stopping it because its impossible that Rosé would not accept those offers.

    Something often being overlooked for.

    It kinda say alot about size of hardcore fanbase.

    I'm not sure though if the sales is driven by fandom or a combination of both fandom and gp because Rosé has always shown her selling power through her ambassadorship. She is always mentioned and credited in her brands as one of the drivers of sales. YSL, T&Co and even Sulhwasoo credited her so far for her selling power. So maybe she just have big selling power. And arguably, bigger selling power than Lisa, I must say because Lisa was not even credited in the recent LVMH financial reports. Also, I doubt that YG will keep Lisa's album sales just like that when those sales will benefit him and the company.

    Jisoo is just hot right now since she just released her solo, had her drama and the dating news.

    Jennie had The Idol.

    Lisa always had the biggest fanbase. She had collabs.

    Rosé just don't have anything going on for her lately. No collabs, drama and music. She only have the tour and GA gigs. And that's it. She's also very inactive with IG. And I hate it that she doesn't have something going on for her.

    But Rosé is not actually left behind.

    -R- with 1 version is still selling and not at 830k. If it had at least another version, for sure she already reached 1M sales.

    She is always the first to sell out merch.

    She is also trending in Tiktok.

    She is always credited in her brand sales.

    She has the least number of ig followers but she has higher engagement rate than Jisoo and more organic number of followers.

    She was #1 in EMV as brand ambassador.

    I hope she will have something for herself.

    Twice recent achievements are being praised too much when in reality, all they have right now is sales.

    Streams, relevancy, charting and even touring numbers, they are washed away by BP.

    Album: Born Pink is the best selling Kpop female album

    Tour: Highest grossing Kpop female tour and ont he road to snatching the highest grossing tour of a Kpop group with 1.2M attendance.

    Streams: Currently at 11B spotify streams

    Charting: #1BB200, #13 peak in BBH100 with all lead singles charted

    Relevancy: Ambassadorships with concrete selling power, headlining festivals to personal lives being reported in morning shows and news channels

    Its not really difficult to admit that BP has already surpassed Twice and is the biggest girl group right now.

    What Twice has right now is a big fandom that gives them big sales. Aside from that, they do not have anything better than BP's. Its not as if BP is far behind the sales game when they have Born Pink as the best selling female Kpop album.

    And now that BP is grossing at $220M in Born Pink Tour, they will be making history as the highest grossing tour for female group and even for Kpop. They are the 1st Kpop girl group to cross 11B Spotify streams, most # of charts in BBH100, and Born Pink as the best selling female Kpop album. Even until now, no one is able to surpass it.

    They have sales, tour revenues, charting, relevancy and demand. Twice sure had a great run in the early years but BP overtook them already. Their achievements will always be in the books but BP achievements are overshadowing them and is always making history globally.

    Biggest is measurable so it depends on stats. BP is definitely the biggest Korean girl group.

    But in terms of impact and reach, I'd say not yet. The reach and impact Spice Girls had and still have is far impressive than BP's.

    BP is fast reaching it. They are already iconic. But still working on being legendary. Maybe few years from now they'll attain it. They just have to be consistent.

    Anyway, not putting down Twice but I honestly can say that they are big but not as impactful as BP is. They are still not on BP's level.

    And that's why I said a "combination". Not just SK but both.

    I mentioned Jennie as the biggest soloist in SK because of her stats. But she debuted when BP was still smaller than what they are now. Her international stats are not on par yet with the others. But if she ever have her comeback, she'll for sure surpass the other 3 girls' international records.

    Jisoo is going viral, yes. But Rosé's OTG and Gone are bigger in China even in SK. A lot of idols were covering OTG and Gone. She had 1.7M digital sales and still selling in China. She even won as the best selling female single in 2022 even after 2 years of its release. Its still charting there. And -R- is still selling in Hanteo and now almost at 800k. OTG and Gone are also bigger objectively than Flower and Me in SK. Flower peaked at #2 but her streams were less than OTG had. It peaked at #3 but with more than 450k uls in the hardest charting system against IU and Rollin. Gone peaked at #5 whereas All Eyes On Me peaked at Top 20. It has also bigger likes in Melon. Also, Flower may have the bigger 1st day Spotify streams but it was only at #2 BBGlobal200 and no entry in BBH100.

    I'd even say that Jisoo got the advantage of BP's popularity right now. Her fandom grew as well. But Rosé debuted during the pandemic and BP was still peaking with HYLT. She mostly had the gp on her side but still the bigger 3rd gen soloist in her era. She was even bigger than Lisa who eventually beat her when Money went viral.

    I think people are actually underestimating Rosé's achievements because if you look at it closely, she achieved bigger things. She was the biggest soloist during her time and is still big right now. It took 2 years for some of her records to be broken.

    If its an overall impact, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo will be my top 3.

    What if it's not about stats but impact? Money is the only real global hit, Lisa would take first place. Jisoo, Jennie songs are big in Korea too. None of BTS solos have any public impact so far. Would Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo be top 3?

    If its in SK, I'd say, Jennie, Hwasa and Rosé. Gone was more viral in SK especially with the idols. I don't see Flower's impact yet.

    If its international, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. Gone was more viral and bigger in China compared to Flower.

    For overall impact, I'd say Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo(now that Flower is gaining traction in Tiktok).

    If its a combination of domestic and international stats, these three will be the biggest soloists:

    -both OTG and Gone topped the kcharts with OTG peaking at #3 and Gone at #5
    -with 450k uls against IU and Brave Girls in the hardest charting system
    -Gone was the only bside of a soloist to top the charts together with IU with 260k uls
    -#70 BBH100
    -#1 in both BBGlobal 200
    -#1 in United World Chart
    -3.5M streams for OTG and 2M for Gone
    -OTG peaked at #8 and Gone #11 at Global Spotify
    -60 #1s in Itunes
    -1.7M digital sales in China
    -still the best selling female single in China even after 2 years
    -600k album sales and still selling(now almost at 800k)
    -6 music show wins

    -560M Spotify streams

    -Top 10 in kcharts
    -#1 BBH100
    -#2 BBGlobal200
    -1M sales
    -more than 60 #1s Itunes

    -4M streams for Flower and 3M streams for All Eyes On Me
    -Flower peaked at #6 in Global Spotify
    -#2 BBGlobal200
    -#2/3 in United World Chart
    -500k digital sales in China
    -1M album sales
    -7 music show wins so far
    -50 #1s Itunes

    If its in SK only, then it will be Jennie and Hwasa.

    For international only, there are a lot. Maybe, Lisa with her viral Money, Jimin with #1 BBH100 and Rosé with her #70 BBH100(still the highest charting for a female soloist) and #1 BBGlobal 200. RM is also there with the biggest Spotify debut for a soloist.

    But overall, I consider Rosé, Jimin and Jisoo as the biggest soloists.

    Lisa - Smashing international success

    Jennie - Smashing Korean success

    Jisoo - both korean and international success

    All balanced as it should be

    Rosé also has a balanced success. Both of her songs are in Top 5 of all kcharts when it was released and it went #1 in both BBGlobal200, #70 in BBH100 and the best selling female single in China. She actually did better than Lisa in almost all aspects except 24hrs YT views and sales. Lisa did have a hit in Money when it went viral but Rosé still did have better charting.

    I think its safe to say that BP is not just strong as a group but also individually in SK. They are digimons.

    Jennie - PAKs

    Rosé - #1 Bugs & Genie, #3 Melon (with the hardest charting system, full house against Rollin & IU and 470k ULs and 2 English songs in Top 5(OTG &Gone)), #4 Flo

    Jisoo - Top 5 in Bugs & Genie, #2 Melon, #5 Flo and Top 50 for bside

    Lisa - Can't remember her charting but she was more or less inside the Top 100

    Very impressive.

    MV was gorgeous. The color palette was nice. But it was like a perfume ad not an MV for a song. There was no story too.

    Song was bland. There was no catchy line or tune that could helped in its replay value. Its like it just didn't go somewhere even the bridge did not help.

    But overall, this is much better than Lalisa.

    OTG > Solo > Flower > Lalisa

    For the bside, All Eyes On Me was nice. Nice vocals but sounded grating for me. But honestly better than Flower.

    Ģone > All Eyes On Me > Money

    I hope the song will do great.

    How did Born Pink underperformed even in BP standards?


    #22 Pink Venom

    #25 Shut Down

    BBG200 & BBG200 Excl. US

    #1 Pink Venom

    #1 Shut Down


    #1 Born Pink


    Pink Venom - 10M

    Shut Down - 7M

    Sales - 2.7M

    Charted in all Music Markets

    Korean charts

    #2 Pink Venom

    #3 Shut Down

    And still charting in Top 50.

    Born Pink did better than The Album in all metrics. So how did it underperformed?

    It is doing better among all kpop groups except BTS.

    Twice might have that pure sales in US but then again, where are the streams? They in fact did not do better in other metrics. BP is still the most streamed gg in the US after 2 months of releasing Born Pink. Album sales are expected since almost all groups now are increasing in sales and "mass buying" is possible. Album sales do not equate to general public popularity. It just gives the impression that a group has a big fandom that is enough to give them the sales. Touring wise, Twice might be having the stadiums in the US but then again, their revenue will be far from BP's revenue especially now that there is a rumor that an encore in NY might happen. Also, it was unfortunate that BP wasn't able to hold their US concert in a stadium due to wrong timing but if it was not then, for sure they would have had that US stadium tour.

    BP is safe, bigger and still far from other groups except BTS. They are having their successful world tour now that is projected to become the biggest female group world tour.

    Congrats to Nayeon but still a no.

    International charting, Rosé and Lisa did better(BBH100, Spotify, BBGLobal 200 & BBGlobal exl. US).

    Domestic charting, Jennie and Rosé did better(more streams, harder chart and competition for Rosé so I'll give this one to her).

    Album sales, Rosé and Lisa did better. In fact, Rosé is still selling even after 2 years.

    Awards, I think Rosé and Jennie got more music show wins. Jennie had a Bonsang. Rosé won Best Dance Performance in MAMA.

    So technically, BP girlies still did better than Nayeon. But definitely, Nayeon did better than Twice in 2022.