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    Your fav and Jennie are the most favorites members of BP by the company We have the right to complain YG is not doing anything for Lisa They could have given lisa songs that might make Lisa the biggest pop star But they wont bc they will save it for Miss J

    Its Lisa who actually chose her songs. She told in an interview that she doesn't write lyrics but Teddy always asks her if there is something dhe want to add to the song or a vibe she want to relay through her song and she said its her Thai heritage. She also said that when she heard the songs, she immediately said that those two songs are hers. So don't blame YG for releasing those songs when Lisa herself chose those songs.

    I mean isnt this out of the girls and their company's control?

    CELINE & BVLGARI doesn't want to send Lisa to Met Gala, while Anthony basically pampers Rosie with everything as YSL Muse

    If anyone should be blamed for Lisa or the other girls not attending, it would be the brands they are endorsing. I don't really think YG has much power to deal with the girls' brand to begin with

    This is what others do not understand. YG has no control over Met Gala. Its the brands call who to bring but YG is still there to either agree or disagree. Anyway, Met Gala is a huge thing so YG should not decline.

    According to what I've read, only Rosé was invited in Met Gala. I don't know how true is that but seeing how Rosé is the closest to the creative director of the brand she is GA for, she is the most logical choice to be in Met Gala. Anthony really treats Rosé like a friend and not just his muse and GA.

    I don’t think OTG is a letdown. Far from it. People only say that now cause it’s bandwagon opinion. They said Solo was a letdown and Gashina copy/paste. Now it’s excellent. I suspect OTG will get the same treatment in a year time. Nothing about the song is truly a letdown. Only to people that place Rosé into a box (which is why they’ll gravitate towards Gone, even though it’s nowhere near title track material like OTG)

    Ice Cream is just genuinely not that good of a song. It’s a bop. It does what it’s suppose to. But I won’t go out of my way to play it like OTG.

    And it starting though. I can read comments from different social media sites how OTG is better than Lalisa. That Rosé definitely released the best solo. People just cannot just be satisfied and I blame it on having our own tasted and preferences.

    OTG is strongest in showing individuality of Rosé. It actually worked best for Rosé and it set her differently than the rest of BP members. If she did a song like Lalisa, she will just be another member while now with OTG and Gone, she is Rosé

    I so agree with this. OTG and Gone showcased who Rosé can and will be as a soloist. I honestly think that Solo was the safest solo debut among the three.

    On the ground. I want people to tell rosé she would do well with ballads and soft pop(gone was superior) and not rock/pop if she wants to chart better. But if she is making music because she loves it and not for the charts, then it's okay. It's just that she has a potential and her voice is so so so unique to be not utilised properly.

    You're kind of putting Rosé in a box. Her voice is not just really for ballads though. There's too much versatility there. And even if she didn't debut with a ballad, she charted very well.

    I honestly don't understand how OTG is a let down or underwhelming when that song shows who Rosé is. The beat drop was typical for Teddy but its far from being a BP song and really showed Rosé's influence there. The lyrics are also meaningful and relevant.

    But yeah, we do have preferences though.

    Now Ice Cream was not bad neither good. Just in between.

    i prefer Rosé cause it is most different from BP usual sound and showed her colors

    I agree with you.

    Rosé showed her individuality as a soloist on her solo debut songs giving her the edge.

    Her song might not be a bop for others but as a first time soloist, she showed who she will be as a soloist.

    I mean, this won't flop, but boy the song is terrible.

    Can't believe I saw plenty of people shitting on Rose's solo, which was great, and much fewer people talking negatively about this.

    Different preferences though but I so agree that this song is terrible and very uninspired. Its like a song that BP can sing. And its very uninspired compared to Rosé's.

    Her solo will be a big success, I am sure, even if the song is "bad", it just needs to be badass.

    On The Ground didn't do as well as Solo in Korea but slayed the international game.

    Lisa will surely win internationally, and in Korea, I think it will do well too.

    OTG was not as big as Solo but with the chart reform it entered, it did extremely well. It was the biggest solo from a idol soloist in the chart. Internationally, it was bigger though.

    Lisa will surely do extremely well internationally as she is the most famous in BP. But SK is still questionable since she is not as famous as Rosé is in SK. And even though BR ranking is not to be used as a measure for an idol's popularity in SK, it can still give you the idea of how idols are known in SK. With the latest BR ranking, Lisa got a low rank despite the news of her solo.

    So whether it might be a good song or not, Lisa's SK charting will not be assuring for now. It might chart around Top 20-25 since the chart right now is easier to penetrate compared to 24hits. I just hope it won't be in English so that it will gain more support from the gp.