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    Personally for me, there are only few fashion collabs that I can totally say really are fit for each other.

    Rosé x Saint Laurent

    Rosé x Tiffany & Co. Hardwear Line

    Kai x Gucci

    Rosé and Kai really fit the image of the fashion brands they are ambassadors of. Like when I think of YSL, Tiffany & Co., Rosé comes to my mind. Its also the same with Gucci. They embody their respective brands very well.

    JenChuLi have already said that Rosé is scary when she's angry. When she starts speaking in English when she's mad, they start keeping their mouths close because that's the time that they know Rosé's really serious. She is also now vocal about wanting to speak up about things. She even said in an interview that Vaccarello knows that Rosé is assertive who has a lot of strong opinions.

    I love talking to people with strong opinions especially when they really fight for it. But at the same time, they're scary because you know that they really know things. And Aquarius babies are not so into confrontations but once forced to be in a confrontation, they never back down and they most of the time wins.

    Aside from Rosé, Siyeon of Dreamcatcher will be a hard opponent too. She seems to be that type to really go all out in a physical fight.

    I don’t even understand what’s being said here

    That group dynamics is not for sensitive ppl?

    I think in a way, it means that, if you cannot find yourself able to share the spotlight with someone, then you will not find yourself either happy or contented. Being in a group is more competitive than being a solo artist. Competitive in a way that you need to control yourself. You have to think about your groupmates. If you go all out too much while the others are lagging behind, you'll be called "attention seeker" or "over the top". If you go lowkey, you'll be called as "lazy" or "lacking". An idol just doesn't have a choice, really.

    She was damn huge.

    -known as "Little Kim Tae Hee" for having resemblance with Kim Tae Hee

    -beaten Suzy and Yoona in beauty polls

    -great idol actress even better than other idol actresses (her and Eunjung actually trained for acting before training for singing and dancing)

    -also known for being a variety magnet

    -also known for her taekwondo skills

    -her solo song 1 min 1 sec got 99.9 rating in China

    -known for being a quirky and cheerful maknae despite having a RBF

    She was so popular that I wanted to curse all those stupid scandals for ruining her potential to become even bigger.

    Haha her looks are too beautiful and elegant. I can't imagine her with a loud voice or a big appetite.

    I know right but Jiyeon is really like that. She looks so pretty and cold but in reality, she's loud, kind of naughty and very cheerful. Those things are honestly what made me stan her even until now. She's like my ultimate bias in Kpop.

    We have the same view.

    I was never a fan of Solo because contrary to what others are saying, it didn't sound Jennie to me because I always found Jennie as a badass and a bitchy(in a good way) rapper so I was really expecting something more hard-hitting.

    Meanwhile for OTG, I found it very Rosé-raw, personal and nostalgic-which I always find Rosé as a person. The song also has very relatable message. I can really say that Rosé really wrote the song because of how the lyrics went through. Also the MV has a story which makes the song more meaningful.

    Gone was also a great song. Not really a fan of mellow songs but Gone was just very emotional and painful as a song.

    We wouldnt really know what would happen if they stayed in YG and ended up in debut line. I like them as four now but it is always fun to imagine if more members debut with them :-P

    Imo, Miyeon is technically a better vocal as she is super stable and not pitchy (but not a good dancer). Rosé tends to be more nasal on higher notes which sound harder on ear, I am saying this with Rosé as my bias. Rosé actually sounds much better in mid range or even low range (watch her covers in sea of hope, she slayed Because I love u)

    Actually i could imagine Miyeon's vocal in Blackpink song, because she covered Park Bom very well in Fire during Queendom, and Bom would naturally fit super well in any Teddy songs. But honestly, Rosé has much more stage presence than Miyeon. Miyeon really needs to work more on her expression and charisma. In her group, she is easily outshined by Soyeon, Minnie, Soojin and Yuqi.

    No. Actually, Rosé is better than Miyeon technically. She is nasal but she supports her notes compared to Miyeon. Even in G-idle, Yuqi is technically better than Miyeon despite her being the main vocal. Though there's just a small difference.

    Rosé's low range is very airy. Its not even her strongest range. She sounds good in low range but its her weakest range. Even in BP, Jisoo's low range is better than Rosé's. But Mid range is truly her stronger range. And her higher range is getting better now that she is able to support higher notes though still inconsistent but more often supported than before.

    I agree that Rosé has more charisma and stage presence than Miyeon. She just attracts people with her aesthetic and elegant aura.