Who gets better treatment in blackpink?

  • I don't think mistreatment is the word. Its more of mismanaged. BP is a group with four member with huge individual popularity, relevance and following and yet YG wasn't able to manage each member well.

    The girls could have been promoted to the areas they are popular for.

    Jennie and Jisoo could have had variety shows.

    Rosé could have had music shows.

    Lisa has mentorship show in China.

    Each girl has their areas of strength and YG wasn't able to take advantage of that.

    As of the moment, Jennie has no guestings. Shs only have magazines. Thankfully, she is now having campaigns with Chanel.

    Rosé just had her solo debut so her promotions were expected. But beyond that, she doesn't have anything except Global ambassadorships with YSL and T & Co. If not for these two brands, she won't have anything. There were collab and guesting offers for her and YG declined them.

    Jisoo has Snowdrop coming. She has Dior Beauty.

    Lisa just had her solo debut but she was in two seasons of YWY in China as a mentor. She has magazine covers like almost every month.

    YG is just so stupid.

  • where is the none option?

    I dont think you can really compare bad treatment with bad treatment and say that person has better treatment lol.

    To answer anyways I guess it depends on YG flavor of the month sometimes it was Jennie but hasnt been for like years already so people voting for her are very obvious.

    Currently its Lisa and has been lisa for a while but that doesnt mean its good treatment just better then no treatment.

  • Jennifer... for years and now they're trying to make up for it by putting her on the bleachers. The favoritism thing started with Jennifer and now it's passed around between the other members. So she's not a victim like people try to make her out to be - she's just getting her fair share of the bargain. You can't have all the benefits for yourself forever. It's never going to be fair because the fans expect to see Jennifer everywhere, like they used to, but instead, they are mad at the other members for getting their rightful moment.

  • yeah pretty much it's mostly a mismanagement issue but btw Jisoo is a global ambassador of Dior for both fashion and beauty

  • only one was confirmed and what are you saying Jennie gets better treatment? being the most popular in Korea =/= having the best treatment

    I swear some of you can't hide the fact you don't like Jennie

    i am not saying i don´t like Jennie, you say that...

    if you like to invent things, make a new app or something

    but just because you don´t like something that is true, that doesn´t make me a hater...other member with that track would be in much worst conditions.

    A CEO making statements that ngg is as good as 10 Jennies - also sais, the other are not worth mention or not as important- she could have said they are like 9 BP members, but she didn´t.

    Jennie is not to blame, she is in fact a complete artist, but it doesn´t mean she is not favour.

    And also favour YG artist are quite f*** by their own company, even being favour doesn´t mean they have the best treatment, just better than others.

    did blackpink release a new album today?'s tweet - "#LALISA ACAB, aquí solo  respetamos a la POLISA " - TrendsmapID BI****S


  • So some blinks were mia when Lisa was the target of hate, but are here voting for Lisa PepeTroll.png

    I think I'm thankful all have deals outside music bc if not for it we would see the pinks once every year. And i won't vote, all had periods where one had more than the other. Now i just want Lisa promo to prolong a little more and BLACKPINK cb in November.

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