BH is playing chess! Isolating the competion!

  • Think bout it. They’re icing out SM ent and in a way JYP as well.

    With Vlive now merging with weverse BH now owns the biggest fandom community in the industry, however with the upcoming Universe from CJ Ent and Bubble by SM, JYP, JellyFish and FNC they do have competition. So how do they leverage that.. by co-investing in the next biggest company in the big 3.. YG! What’s funny is that CJ and BH have a joint label but BH was smart enough to probably but in the contract that they must be on Weverse instead of going to CJ ENT Universe! Smart smart! As they will have an already established fanbase.

    Before BH, SM and JYP has a joint distribution deal with iriver (changed to dreamus) now with this deal with YG.. their leaving that deal and going with YG plus.. and in return YG artist will come to weverse brining in EVEN more traffic.

    If it’s true that Blackpink (the second biggest kpop group) Somi, Treasure etc. (and remember that allegedly both YG and BH are planning to debut new boy and girl groups in 2021) that’s a HUGE influx of traffic. BH couldn’t risk YG making a deal with the other fan services. With the deal BH is taking away a piece of the pie (dreamus money) away from SM and JYP becuase if I’m not mistaking all 3 owned a percentage of that venture, and their also not getting any of the YG plus+ /weverse coins.

    YG plus now have BTS, Blackpink, and Seventeen who all can sell 1M+ albums. And now with less hands in the pot BOTH YG and BH will be making more money!

    Band Pd was also smart to not limit himself to JUST korea and set up BH America as well as getting western artist to sign up for weverse as well. (Universal Music)

    Don’t be surprised if we see some MAJOR artist from America joining. And also don’t be surprised if we start seeing an actual PRINT and promotion of Weverse Magazine.

  • This is clearly very beneficial for both companies, I don't see how some people elsewhere are trying to turn it into a fight.

    BigHit gets their bag, YG gets their bag, everyone's getting their bag.

    "Asked them how you like it and it's lookin' like they hate that"

  • It is really smart, people without any knowledge claiming this is a monopoly when in actuality they are working against CJ&EM getting claim on everyone and furthering an actual monopoly in the business. Kpop fans have no idea how much of a threat CJ & EM actually is.

    Yeah people forget cj & em is owned by the CJ group which is a conglomerate, this move by bighit and yg is to counter them.

  • I think theyre investing in bits and pieces they deem valuable in other companies. In case of CJ Ent it was the reality show production, in case of YG its the advertising and distribution connections.

    With Naver deal they get the tech competence and machinery for livestreaming + some extra cash.

    Whats also interesting is that theyre setting themselves up to profit from kpop not directly, but through platforms. They are less reliant on actual popularity of kpop and more in willingness of companies to invest in the bubble. While they extend these platforms globally, which is probably the long term plan for when the kpop wave ends.

  • But according to Armys, SM is the one plotting to sabotage BigHit.

    So what's the truth :pepe-use-head:

    These are the times we realise who are the real COMPANY STANS. I don't even care to look about investments or company sales. And today we get a wholeass analysis threads lol. Looks like SM stans aren't the only company stans here.

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