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    I am sure they would have sold more, but you can't comebine like that.

    Not to be a downer, but it does not work like that. Know the law of diminishing of return. In this case, there is more incentive to buy if there is item/album is different.

    In this case, this market as a Japanese single, but release worldwide? Interesting, usually sale for Japanese singles only come out of oricon or Japanese billboards.

    The thing is, there's only a one-month difference between both album releases not 5-6 months after. A lot of times, we see this hurting groups' sales because fans are just spending their money so no one really want to try it. So honestly, I was expecting lower numbers, but seeing how it's split quite perfectly between the two albums, it actually makes sense that a lot of people were waiting for the second one. The moment it was announced, the design went pretty viral in Korea, and many were waiting for this one more.

    I don't think that's how math works

    It's like saying I should work for 1 day and I could sell 200 ice creams but because I split into 2 days I only sold 100 ice creams on both days = 200 total and I could have just worked for 1 day and sold 200 on my first day and get my highest first day ice cream sales

    This isn't even a good comparison. People don't keep buying albums like they buy ice cream, and albums aren't as cheap either. Plus, this is Kpop, not your usual business.

    A lot of people can only afford one album between the two releases or don't want to spend money on the version they don't like as much. Like me, I'm buying this album because of the bag, not the previous one. I know a lot of people feel the same. So, people pick the one they think is worth their money. ADOR announcing both releases so close together was a big mistake too.

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    Their first-day sales for 'How Sweet' were 811,843. If we combine both albums, they've got 1,493,636 first day sales by now, and probably more by the end of the day. Currently, Aespa holds the record for highest first-day sales for a girl group with 1.3 million.

    NewJeans aren't seeing a sales drop like a lot of groups, but their weird release strategy is what's affecting them. And releasing both albums just a month apart is already crazy without expecting the sales to split between both released.

    Never met one IRL so I can't say, but some on here are pretty chill and reasonable no? I think its that mob mentality that affect any fandoms. There are some batshit crazy Moomoo on TW too, so.. :pepe-shame:

    Back then some Elf, Cassiopeia and VIP were also insane. Those people probably have family by now, I wonder if they look back and see how stupid their actions were. <-- this is also true for any fandom.

    Interestingly enough, most toxic Armys that I have encountered were 30-40+ yo married women. Sometimes I wonder how they have all that energy

    Armys are acting like a cult now. They're totally into that 'us against the world' mentality, like it's ingrained in them. And most of them are so dumb and entitled too. Like when they started that 'Korea hate BTS' hashtag shit, based on some forum that's basically just Korean own version of Akp. It's so cringy. And when they diss Koreans while stanning Korean guys, that's so hilarious.

    And to answer your question, I don't think anyone love them other than themselves.

    Who cares who is right? Why do you care about this so much? Greed is evil, so why do you suck up to Bang's dick so hard if that's the case? That man hired a Zionist, overworks everyone in that building, and you didn't say anything. He didn't cross the line, but MHJ did?

    The reaction you're giving towards the comments bashing NJ members – is that you being wise or morally high? Come on... And now you pretend to care about the girls' well-being and future? Hypocrite much? AND YUP MY IQ IS DEFINITELY HIGH OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST 💅✨

    Like, it's crazy to actually witness someone like you exist. You treat the girls and these idols based on their charts and not on what they feel. I bet you stan BTS because of their popularity too, since everyone here knows how obsessed you are with numbers. Are these idols are humans to you or just medals to collect? Or you actually stanning Bsh? That's the logical explanation.

    Taking advantage of the no moderation I see, fair play

    Honestly, it's just tiring that people who didn't care about the girls are among the loudest here with their fake concern. Like these Armys aka hybe stans are so obvious too, they just literally supporting the girls just a month ago and now backing up the company so hard. Are they are here for the idols or the building? Nj and even their fans didn't have any other options other than supporting Mhj bc well, the girls are afraid and Hybe didn't even trying to discuss everything properly with their parents or them. The long hiatus period is such a terrible news for everyone that care about the girls.

    @Kp-l you're so disgusting and literally the truly image of Hybe stans and bsh dick sucker. Before, you love using Nj Spotify numbers to downgrade Ive and now you literally give the 'insightful' reaction to disgusting comments here towards the girls. JUST STOP, WHY DO YOU CARE MUCH ABOUT THIS TOPIC ANYWAY, YOU'RE NOT NJ FANS NOR ANY OF THESE HYBE GG FANS. AND BTS DIDN'T HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ANYMORE. YOU JUST LOVE USING THE GIRLS TO BOOST YOUR EGO HERE JUST TO DUMP THESE GIRLS IF SOMETHING HAPPENS. GO BACK TO YOUR OPPA.

    Disgusting... I know you're low but not that low. Like, one day Bts will going through this fight too with Hybe seeing how bad Bsh ego now. At that time, I hope you suck his dick even harder.

    I thought they would have moved to Illit as Illit's debut was better than NJ's debut. Plus lsf got the coachella issues. Interesting.

    I literally say they moved to both groups in my sentence above? As I followed Lsf and not Illit, it's more obvious to me what changed inside the fandom. Both have vocal controversies anyway, so what's the difference?

    NewJeans fans should be glad that they escaped these morons. It's not like these company stans never dragged LSF before for their real faves, and even loudly participated in hating them during that Coachella controversy, and Illit too during their encore stage, saying it's because of them other Hybe groups are getting dragged, and both groups should be disbanded, and so on. At least now, NJ fans can now proudly say they still do well without company stans' support in the middle of this chaos and boycott from some groups of kpop fans.

    Company stans are dangerous for a multi-label system like Hybe. Once any of these companies disobey Bsh, these fans will turn their backs as well. Just one month ago, Hybe stans were using NewJeans' achievements against SM, JYP, YG and SS girl groups but ditched them right away after Hybe announcement about Min Hee Jin. Even in this forum. So here, you know the girls never mattered to them but the building and Bang Si Hyuk. Sometimes I wonder if they are really stanning these idols or just there for the satisfaction of stanning a successful company.

    Now, those company stans have moved to Illit and Lsrfm, which is good luck for these groups. They are just another pawn to bring other groups down. The toxicity inside fearnot fandom suddenly high these past few weeks too. It is scary that you can definitely tell their fanbase suddenly flooded by company stans just by looking at how their fandom move these days. Anyway, for these people, these idols are not human but toys to satisfy their bragging rights or just medals to celebrate and then toss aside. So, it's just much healthier without these kind of stans bc less brainrot kpop stans will using the group for fanwar.

    After being targeted the whole year with BP's contract renewal, dating scandals, GD's departure, BabyMonster debut controversies, and who knows what else, they can finally rest and pass the baton to the other big 4. Yg is not among the contender of SOTY (scandal of the year) this year. But I'm not sure how Yang Hyun-suk likes it; he has main star syndrome.

    But it's truly their holiday time.


    At least wait for their proper comeback. Have people never learned from the past? They're literally in the middle of chaos, with ifans, especially ARMYs, terrorizing the girls while their comeback strategy and promotion are just as absurd. A lot of girl groups before this, like gidle survived when people thought they were done in Korea, and aespa suddenly did well on Spotify when people thought SM didn't have a huge international fanbase. ARMYs will not be jobless anymore when BTS coming back and will slowly stop caring about the hybe girl groups that much just like they did with txt and en. Sooner or later, people will just move on, and another viral good song will save them. And if Bts members interact with the girls in the future, Armys will be tame once again. It's just a cycle.

    In the case of BTS, its hybe the one that has to thank them and be grateful, with nj is quite the opposite, they are the ones that should thank hybe for the massive investment that they did on them , the connections and the platform.

    Bts members have the right to complain because they worked a lot and under unfavourable conditions, they built hybe. If they were in the same position than nj, armys would believe them, not just because they are their fans, but because we know their trajectory and because they are not 18 years old brats who get everything served in hand just for them complaining about how they are mistreated just because big boss dont greet them in the elevator, if that its their big problem in life, they should have some shame and stay quiet.

    I literally put there if they're in the same case and timeline as Nj, and I even said it's not only Armys but other fandom as well. Like, can't you guys understand example anymore? It's literally about fans will follow who their faves support blindly. Even Seungri still have quite huge fanbase after what have he done. If tomorrow Bsh thrown to jail and all Bts members coming out supporting him, do you think tons of Armys wouldn't defending him as hard as they did today too? Even you know the answer.

    But anyway, thanks to prove my points. Losing your morals and sides with the company is never cool and you literally just did that. As long as it's not Bts...gosh...

    The thing is, this forum can be super biased depending on which groups the mods like. I've noticed that posts about other idols and groups stay up for long time even if it turn so nasty, but if it's about certain other groups (and it's so obvious which ones), those posts get closed really fast.

    But honestly, the forum is pretty dead anyway, and even this bias is just one of the reasons, I do think there's no point in arguing about it anymore.

    That's a curious way to interpret her basically saying she will their them away when her contract is over and they are too old to control

    Well, she will be gone from hybe in 2026, I mean there is no way Hybe will keep her while Nj contract end in 2029. So, in this case she already out of the picture anyway and Nj is not her business anymore. Not like she can do anything anymore by then and she probably just retired from the industry.

    BTS logic doesn't apply here because BTS do not and have never depended on their CEO or producer or company unlike other kpop groups. So yeah you cannot use BTS & ARMYs as examples since we know BTS can exist just the same without their company or CEO or producer.

    Nah, you lose the plot. What I'm saying here is Armys will supporting anyone that Bts support just like the other fandom. Even if the members didn't depending on Bsh or anyone, they're still BH artists just like Nj is still Ador. If Bts members showing their support to Bsh just like Nj did, if they are in this position, Armys will doing anything to back up bsh too. It's just a reality behind kpop fans.

    And I'm not obbssed with Bts but bc Armys are flooded this case too and take it really personal, why not using the group as examples.