April Chaewon’s statement, what do you think?

  • What I do not get is how one member said that they weren’t close and now she says this. Also Hyunjoo said that she was sick a lot of times but now they say she was lazy. Hyunjoo never seemed to not know the dance so that means she practiced a lot as well.

    Chaewon said that she has proof so let’s see. I hope it isn’t a proof like the one from Naeun’s sister

  • Well the thing is when this case first came to light the first thing I remember is that both company and April members said that Hyunjoo missed practices a lot, that she was late or didn't show up for a schedule.

    And for this part I can believe. About anything else, well... dunno.

    Btw. would be cool if some of people who worked in music shows then, would now post something about it giving more "light" to the case, and we will get a point of someone who's outside of this shitty music label.

  • As a Hyunjoo Fan cause she is so damn cute. Notice in April MVs she is not given any individual air time. Everyone else get their close up and center stage camera time.

    Later in UNI.T she has fully involved stage performance in Vocal and Visuals.

    Behind the scene videos Hyunjoo is solidly sure of herself and cheerfully interacted with the group.

    Can say with some certainty the Company manipulated the group dynamic that put more focus on the other five members.

    The bullying between members was a symptom of Company favoritism is my guess.

  • LMFAOOOO. She must have learned that people were very dedicated/of low patience did not deserve to be victim of her claims.

  • So we have a member that wanted to act as a diva and was hurting the group, so the other members got angry and started to bully her?

    I can see that.

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