I do not think that April and G-idle case is an "obvious" allegation.

  • April

    1. From what I understand, Hyunjoo is the one who told her little brother that she got bullied by April members and it is not what her little brother experience, and saw that means Hyunjoo can be lying.

    2. Medical Report - Medical Report shows that she has drug overdose, but it doesn't conclude that she get bully by the member. It shows that she has some medical issues, but may not because of the bullying. The reason why people think that this is an obvious evidence that Hyunjoo got bully because they already believe the bully accusations. By the medical report itself, it doesn't show anything about she got bullied. The allegation makes the medical report look like very good evidence that she got bullied, but actually, the medical report shows nothing about she gets bullied by her member.

    3. Bully Video - Nothing to say. This is just hindsight from netizens.



    I seriously want to know how did this allegation even get this big? like did the victims even show evidence that the allegation is true? I feel like the reason why this gets so big is because how Cube and Soojin handle this case is extremely bad and it makes people believing it because of that.


    I will be the bad guy and say this.

    We clearly not there when the bully happens. You are not there and I'm not there. All we have is just the information from the victim side and company side so what makes you so sure that the allegation is true? Are you there? It is an opinion or speculation that you make from the information you get, but it is not the truth. I'm not stopping people from having their own opinion, but do not act like that what you think is the truth and forcing people to believe your opinion.

    I am getting annoyed by people who say "Of course the company will deny". Obviously, some people don't know that this is 50/50. If the member really didn't do it then they obviously will deny it. People who said that already believe in the victim side from the first day of the allegation and whatever the company said you just called them a lie so where is the fairness?

    I know that bully isn't something that can prove easily. Therefore, it is hard for the victim to prove that they are guilty, but at the same, it is hard for the accused to prove they are innocent. Also, the fact is that a lot of people already believe in the victim from the start of the allegation which is really unfair to the accused from the start.

    Remember that the person who accuses that she got bullied by the accused is only victim if it the allegation is true. However, if it turns out to be false then the accused is the victim.

    You all gonna say that I'm delulu, being neutral is supporting the accused, defending the accused, etc... However, nothing has been proven yet is fact and I don't see any problem with it.

  • @OP

    does it really matter at this point if the truth comes out especially for Soojin's situation her reputation has been trashed to such an extent that she's basically on indefinite hiatus

    The court of public opinion is the only one that matters in these situations...once you've lost that well...most of the time everything you do afterwards is moot

  • Bullying allegations face several layers of scrutiny from me.

    First layer- Is the accusation anonymous? If so, it's worthless to me. Anyone can make up lies on the Internet. I dont care how much "proof" you offer that you went to school with the accused, if you dont show your face or offer up your real name, it's worthless.

    Second layer - Are there third party sources of evidence? I'm talking a complaint made to the school administration. A police report. A medical report by your doctor. Something that is documented from a third party source.

    Third layer - How does the accused respond? Does he or she have a believable response that refutes or puts into doubt the allegations?

    Fourth layer - Motivation and circumstances. Does the accuser stand to benefit some way by accusing the alleged bully? Has there been reports of bad blood between the two parties from third party sources, which could be the motive to tear down the idol by falsely alleging bullying?

  • Sure. You'll "be the bad guy" like you're some kind of hero for saying stupid things. Golf claps.

    In the April case, the company themselves basically admitted it in their statements. They've not denied the bullying, they've just pointed fingers at the victim and said "she had mental health problems and we didn't help!" which they don't seem to realize does NOT help their case.

    In the Soojin case, there is a lot of classmate evidence that's been posted.

    Contrary to your words, it's not hard for the victims to prove their case, and in both instances you've chosen to cite, they basically have.

  • Regardless, the public already made a verdict for them

    Even if you search Naeun's fancam now there are tons of recent negative Korean comments.

    April's case seem more serious that Soojin like that case is batshit crazy might escalate to AOA level

    Is already bigger than Aoa level, this cases are feeding each other, each accusation is getting more attention than a seppareted case, is also worst since April had a cute and innocent concept while Aoa didn't

  • Is already bigger than Aoa level, this cases are feeding each other, each accusation is getting more attention than a seppareted case, is also worst since April had a cute and innocent concept while Aoa didn't

    I thought maybe it still hasn't reached that level. AOA was huge because Mina herself spoke up.

    I think for April a lot of shit went down because Naeun lost a lot of sponsors? But unlike Naeun Jimin didn't really had any CFs to even lose from the start. And also because its mostly about Jimin the other members weren't dragged as much. Maybe Seolhyun but it's not like she lost sponsors it's just people bashing her.

    April case is probably gonna be a trainwreck because it's not just Naeun but other members as well, maybe even dragging Kard into it. This is just the start wait till Hyunjoo say something (if she does) then shit gets real

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