Why some don't like the idea of adding yena to Everglow?

  • I have been reading it recently but didn't think much of it because I don't know Izone that much and don't remember the members by names. Only today I found Yena was the girl who I liked the best in Knowing bros ep. She was hilarious. It's very rare to see 3rd/4th gen idols performing this good on varieties. She is someone I remember and was so into (her chaotic personality kinda reminds me of Haechan). I think Everglow is already well-rounded but Yena is a gem for any group IMO.

  • no idea

    i think yena would fit great, plus she train with them for years, so she deserve to debut with them and not wait 3-4 years for yuehua to debut a new GG

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  • Because it would be a betrayal of Izone. She belongs with soulmate Yuri and BFF Chaewon, not forced at gunpoint into another GG that's already well established. Everglow is thriving with Mia and Yiren. We dont need to reward YueLoser for helping to destroy the most successful 4th gen GG.

    I remember Izone antis claiming that Izone members WANTED to disband, that they were being held like prisoners in Izone and couldnt wait to leave and go back to their labels.

    Does this look like someone who is happy to be leaving Izone or someone who cant wait to join Everglow? :rolleyes:

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  • The fact I teared up watching the video when I just learned she was the one called Yena :pepe-sad:

    She is so precious...

  • iZ*ONE fans hate the idea of her going into a group at all, and would prefer her solo. The fact that Everglow is already a debuted group for 2 years now and at one point was another competetion probably doesn't help. iZ*ONE and Everglows concepts are pretty different as well.

    For Everglow fans it's probably because they are used to the lineup and they hate the idea of adding someone new to both the songs and group dynamic. (Though from what I've seen Everglow and Yena are already close) Let's not mention that she's from a pretty popular group already and they might be worried about clashes with akages who think Yena is god's gift to everglow.

    I've seen fans from both that accept the idea though. I do see OT6 fans and Yena stans clashing at first, but hopefully if she does join both sides will eventually shrink to a small minority. From what I've seen, she will fit the concept well enough.

  • Everglow is starting to feel a little stale to me. Adding her would be a good move for them, Also skill wise she'll make the group better as she's a great performer and a good singer

    Elaborate your meaning of stale. To me they are the least stale because every comeback they perform a new concept. This is my opinion, I want to hear yours.

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  • I have this odd idea that 1 of the reasons that Yuri and Chaewon got added (and Chowon and Kaeun dissed X( ) was due to Yena's close relationship with Yuri. The whole situation has really made me dislike/distrust Mnet and the companies of the IZ*One members, and look differently on some of the members.

    Adding members after a group has debuted and gathered a fanbase often leads to a lot of conflict and agression and hate towards the new members.

    Everglow isn't that big yet, so maybe adding Yena to the group won't have any huge negative impact.

  • Lol at gun point...

    It was all speculation that Yuehua didn't want to extend the contract solely based on the fact that she was anticipated to join Everglow. The official statement from Mnet i

    states the labels couldn't not concluded to the length of extension.

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  • The fact I teared up watching the video when I just learned she was the one called Yena :pepe-sad:

    She is so precious...

    Seriously. Izone's music is only partially my style, i like their stages more than their actual music, but what really grabbed me was their personalities and chemistry. And Yena is definitely one of my biases, she is so charismatic.

  • Elaborate your meaning of stale. To me they are the least stale because every comeback they perform a new concept. This is my opinion, I want to hear yours.

    -Their best in my opinion was their debut song - Bon Bon chocolat

    -After that it feels like they are constantly trend chasing without settling on a concept that feels unique/true to them - like hey this is what we do. They do not have a particular sound and that's not great in my opinion for a group that has been out for 2 years. I've lost the excitement I had for their comebacks at this point.

    -There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other successful groups but imo adios crossed the line from inspiration to being almost a rip off of Kill this love by Blackpink....

    -This is not a criticism of the members at all but of their company who decides on music/concepts and direction..

  • Interesting view.

    For me, I like what Everglow is doing with their change of concept. It's refreshing. In terms of ripping off... I really don't think it was that significant. in general, Kpop is pretty much a rip off of western pop but with cool choreo and music videos.

    I personally don't mind ripping off even if they are very similar. For example, my most favorite song in The Album is Love to Hate me but that song is literally a Frankenstein of "Take me to Church" by Hozier and "Hymns for the Weekend" by Coldplay.

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