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  • Happy Birthday!

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  • Thank you for the akorns!! What a surprise, what was it for?

  • Thank you for the akorns❤️❤️

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  • I have to ask :pepe-hehe:

    Who is your everglow bias?

  • Did you ask your question on the red carpet? It still says reserved :mukbang:

    • Do you know when they are coming? I do have questions ready but because they won The Show, I have more questions to ask!

    • No, Johnny said that it hasn't been announced yet but he'll announce their date when he gets one!

      I'm just giving you a reminder, just in case you forget. You're one of the biggest Forever I know and I've had times where I've said "reserved" and then forgot... :(

    • Thanks for caring! Recently I've been busy organizing voting for Everglow on The Show, so I haven't had the chance to figure out good questions to ask.

    • You're welcome! <3 And yeah, I understand...sort of...well good luck to them! I'll be sure to do that too

    • We're done voting. So happy we won The Show!

      Many of us spent days trying to collect jellies from Starpass. A lot of work!

  • Hello, just wanted to let you know I've made and added Everglow's Red Carpet Event Border to profiles if you are interested.

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  • thank you for the follow I know why you followed me

    so as I ask everyone tell me something about yourself?

  • Hello! I just thought you might want to know I've added the FOREVER Fandom Series to our available AllKill Background Patterns :borahae:

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    • Winnie Happy!

    • Hope you like it!

    • If there is anything you think could be improved about it, let me know

    • I think it looks above and beyond. I appreciate your hard work!


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  • Omg a forever in the wild! I haven't seen one of those in ages

    • I came back to Allkpop about 3 weeks ago. I was busy trying to finish up my degree. Now that I'm back, I need to promote my girls!

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    • Yes! You gotta do it for me since I'm not that active here anymore but I'm so excited for their comeback!

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  • everglow forever lets go :mad:

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