Posted on April 01, 2021


    I seriously just sigh every time I watch music shows nowadays

    1. The music style are all punched out from the factory. "*doom chik* *doom chik*... (tension build up) Fire!!! Wak! Wak! Let's lit the night up yeah~ (machine sound terror)"
    2. They can't write a single lyrics without those "tonight"/"baby" English words
    3. They don't have the visuals nor the skills, yet so many of those kids try to act like the 2nd V, Kai, Jungkook, GD
    4. Their bodies are so frail I feel like I need to protect them. Meanwhile their lyrics go "I'll carry you" while their bodies look like they can't even "carry" a water bottle
    5. For the styling, it looks like they rather die than to give up on those white shirts worn by EXO in LMR and BTS in BST. The overall concepts look like VIXX without the good physique
    6. They don't look like idols who want to be there because they like singing and dancing, but rather, they want to pick up girls in Gangnam clubs
    7. They all look the same
    8. They think that as long as they dye their hair a crazy color, they become GD
    9. Whether it's the music, the lyrics or the dance, it doesn't look "manly" rather they seem too "aggressive" like they want to assault women or something
    10. It feels like all the groups we're having are rip offs of already famous groups. They all claim to be "X's look-alike". But the problem is that they're not even as charming as the popular counterpart and they just look ambiguous
    11. Their teamwork and team atmosphere don't look good even on stage
    12. Girls like innocent guys too, but they always go for the cringe + pretending to be frighteningly fatale + sexy concept
    13. Girls hate guys who try so hard to be heart fluttering and then ask "Did your heart flutter?" They force their heart fluttering moments
    14. Eve their names are f*cking hard to remember and they're so weird. Looks like the trend is calling groups like AI or some kind of virus
    15. To be honest, I even feel like my class has better looking guys than idols nowadays. These idols just look like your group of iljin covering dances
    16. They think it's sexy to be revealing

    Anyways, most of those kids have no presence themselves and I have no idea how they were picked. Their dancing, singing, voice color, visual, body and even their character also don't look the best. Besides, their songs are bad, their dance are all inspired by BTS Fire and they try to dance as strongly as possible and it's no fun. They all look like people who want to become idols just to earn like BTS and EXO, have fame and girls.

    1. Don't copy other idols, just be yourself
    2. Don't pick silver spoons
    3. Don't only pick for visuals, but someone who looks luxurious
    4. Select someone with a good personality to start with. Otherwise it shows on stage
    5. Take into consideration women's opinion
    6. Don't think that you can remove your clothes just because your body looks a bit nicer
    7. Due to Covid, we need some bright and addictive songs instead (stop with those machines)
    8. Stop putting numbers in your names
    9. Stop putting kids that all look the same
    10. Stop dancing so hard without control, and chill out when you dance
    11. Pick idols who actually love singing and dancing
    12. Pick idols with a nice voice color
    13. Don't add rap in songs when it's not necessary
    13. You need to distinguish between being cute and being cringe
    14. Stop using "tonight"
    15. Stop talking about 'obvious girls' and love in your songs

    I know it's easier said than done, but if you follow these conditions, you'll stand out

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    1. [+242, -2]
    These kids are all in an ambiguous situation right now. It makes me worried about how they'll feed themselves once their groups disband. Idols in the past can easily become actors or join a variety shows, but they have no more opportunities like these now

    2. [+195, -1]
    These are all trueㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but it's hilarious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    3. [+175, -2]
    No but f*ck this was way too specific

    4. [+155, -0]
    It feels like they lowered the standard for debuting. Especially regarding visuals

    5. [+129, -0]
    I hate those over the top makeup. Can they stop making their eyes look so red?

    6. [+101, -2]
    And I feel like people are less into fangirling than before too?? I feel like I have no ideas who these kids with less recognition are
    > That's so true..... back in the day, even if you weren't A-tier or B-tier idols, I still had an idea who they were. But now, if you're not A-tier or B-tier, nobody knows who you are

  • This is giving boomer energy nnn

    stan TXT for all of this:clap3:

  • Just as the US music industry has moved toward a more honest, raw, intimate vibe, I feel that a lof people are looking for honesty and truth from kpop.


    You know.

    Is a bit antithetic I guess.

    That's really the only objective reason, because 4th Gen isn't less talented than 3rd Gen. I'd say that a lof of 4th Gen debuts are actually better - quality-wise - than most of debuts from previous Gens.

  • There are different types of new male idol and some are the total opposite of what they complained in the comments, yet they lack in support and recognition. They just want a excuse to hate on idols they never had the intention to know better and following to being with.

    Talking specifically about San, a lot of professional dancers' analysis and music contributors in K-Industry praises his talent, expressions and stage presence. On Immortal Songs, for example, he received a lot of compliments for himself. So he doesn't need to change at all. He's doing amazing.

  • I mean ngl I can see where some of the comments are coming from

    Not directing this towards any particular group or idol, but it seems like everyone is going for the 'I get possessed now I shiver shake shake' vibe

  • this comment made me spill my tea!

    1. The music style are all punched out from the factory. "*doom chik* *doom chik*... (tension build up) Fire!!! Wak! Wak! Let's lit the night up yeah~ (machine sound terror)"

  • It made me laugh that even Knetz think "tonight" is overdone in songs.

    She seems more than a bit biased though, sounds like she just wants to see "innocent" concept male idols singing chirpy cute songs.

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