$ April-May AKP Cooking Contest $

  • April & May 2021

    AKP Cooking & Baking contest!


    must have handwritten note* on ingredients and on final image with username and “akp april-may”

    staff may enter but will not be able to win akorns, only possible to win the $20 amazon gift card prizes.

    1st place 500 akorns

    2nd place 300 akorns

    3rd place 100 akorns

    IF I DECIDE TO RECREATE YOUR RECIPE BC IT SOUNDS YUMMY, regardless of if you even win 1st, 2nd or 3rd, there'll be a $20 Amazon gift code for you~ (USD only, sorry) if outside the US, i will try to think of something equivalent value, but to my discretion~

    cook or bake something delicious, share recipe and pics or vid!


    must have handwritten note* on ingredients and on final image with username and “akp april-may”

    (deadline for entries is may 15th,

    winners announced may 20th)


    *handwritten requirement is to be fair and confirm this was created for this AKP contest~

    February March contest winners!

    We had so many delicious and amazing entries~

    Penepol - 1st - teriyaki salmon, udon with fennel and greens, tamagoyaki with seaweed and scallions and some pickles.

    Kittykitka - 2nd - rasberry clafoutis

    creamylove - 3rd - healthy banana monkey bread in a mug

    $20 Amazon GC - 4NIA4 - pork and dumplings with sauerkraut

    honorable mention: the one and only johnny's Chateaubriand with Garlic-Rosemary Sautéed Potatoes and Sous Vide Asparagus!

    look at this beautiful food!


    previous contest: $ Feb-March AKP Cooking Contest $

  • yay! another one, these are so fun! 2yr do we get more a higher chance of winning if it’s a simple recipe or is the more glamorous the better?

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  • yay! another one, these are so fun! 2yr do we get more a higher chance of winning if it’s a simple recipe or is the more glamorous the better?

    both have equal chances, i weight it by how much care was taken to create it (whether it's glamorous OR simple) - and if it looks yummy. also remember the $20 side contest is random and it's possible to win both akorns and the money. i'm thinking of having some bonus RNG for this time as well, with extra bonus gift codes or actual prizes that i'll put all the names in a bowl (including past entries that didn't win) and just pick one to win, as a thank you for entering the contest and taking the time to follow the rules, etc. when we get enough participants, i will separate the savory from the sweet and have two different sets of prizes, but that's in the future~

    also, please note...as you can see by the second post i made in the thread, even sandwiches and very very simple recipes can win as long as they are handmade and delicious! (well, clearly, i'm not winning my own contest, i just wanted to show that a sandwich is also an entry bc the entries we've seen can be very intimidating!)

  • You need:

    2 potato
    1/2 sweet potato
    1/2 zucchini
    1 onion
    2 eggs
    50ml milk
    50g grated cheese
    dried herbs

    1) Peel and than cut the onion and the vegetables into small pieces
    2) Put a bit oil in a frying pan and steam the onions till they get slightly brown and crispy
    3) Cook the vegetables in water till the are halfway cooked
    4) Mix 2 eggs with the milk, salt, peper and the dryed herbs
    5) Now put the vegetables into the frying pan and pour the egg over it
    6) If the egg is halfway cooked take the grated cheese and put it on top than close the frying pan with a lid and let it cook untill the cheese is melted

  • this looks delicious!

    please don't forget about the rule being that it must be a handwritten note~

  • I made a Spinach, Barley, Potato and Bacon Soup. Couldn't find Barley so used Farro as a substitute. Tasted good but didn't look as the Barley version. Farro clouded the broth and couldn't see the ingredients in the finished Soup. Seeing what you were eating was half the fun.

    Farro does have same texture and taste of a Barley. Farro absorbs more fluid than Barley.

    A lesson in cooking. But now to make something else for the contest.

  • Shredded Chicken Meals and Stock.

    Two Meals - Shredded Chicken Taco and Shredded Chicken Spaghetti Squash.

    Byproduct - Chicken Stock.

    Bonus - Peanut Butter Cookies.

    Shredded Chicken and Chicken Stock using a Pressure Cooker.

    Taco - Shredded Chicken


    Shredded Chicken Spaghetti Squash


    Peanut Butter Cookies


  • How do they make the yellowish soft tortilla in your neighborhood? Do they add cornmeal in wheat dough?

    I will be able to make good tacos here on classic soft / hard shell tortilla that are hard to find from those factory ready made here .. i think good tortilla is supposed to be like naan bread that swelled up on the surface ,air inside and fluffy after baking on flat top, chewy , charred, wheaty / corn aroma. If that works then Asian version taco on its way..


  • I used store bought Taco Shells. Directions say to heat them a few minutes.

    That is impressive making Taco Shells from flat Tortillas. Online videos show frying or baking them. The Fried ones look awesome. Baked ones look easy to make. I haven't tried making Taco Shells. Store bought pre-made Taco shells look like their baked. They Crunch and break up easy. There is a Fast Food that offers Tacos with shells that could break teeth. Xd

    Can use Corn Chips with ingredient spread over them. Taco-Nacho :dancer:

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