Are there any K-Pop groups at risk of disbanding?

  • Given the significant number of largely unknown groups out there, it seems that there would be quite a few at risk. Indeed, from what I've read on this forum over the past couple of days, perhaps even Fromis 9 is at risk.

  • Weki Meki - 2.5 years since last comeback, it's confusing that they haven't disbanded yet

    Rocket Punch - Comebacks getting less and less frequent, members sent to multiple different survival show (desperate measures). Extremely similar situation to Cherry Bullet that recently disbanded although Rocket Punch has had a bit more success

    WJSN - Starship announced they will still promote although 2 members didn't renew. Recently one of the members made a comment that they would promote as the full group but it's just been a very long time without any kind of signs of comeback preparations

  • Most groups only getts 3-4 years max before being disbanded by the companies The groups with some success, the ones we acctually sometimes talks about runs the contracts out, seven years. The really successful groups get renewed contracts.

  • I won't be surprised if at some point

    Astro Disbands

    Noir already did

    SF9 might leave 'cause the shit FNC is doing is fucked up

    Up10tion might if everyone at Top media is having a fall out with each other plus i don't expect them to do anything as a group anymore

    ABlue's company announced something either a line up change or possible disbandment

    Luminous maybe though there are rumors they rebranded to LMX with no official notice which is actually pissing off the small fandom they have

    B.I.G - I'm not sure what their status is anymore at this point

  • Obviously we know Kep1er is disbanding since they are a temporary group, but here are some nugu/above nugu groups that could be in danger.

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    PIXY - 359 DAYS AGO

    CSR - 340 DAYS AGO


    Most WJSN members did sign a contract extension, but I have not seen any plans for a comeback, mostly solo projects.

    I would add my 4th Gen faves, Tri.Be may not last too long, they do have an European tour planned, but they cancelled 2 venues, probably because of low ticket sales. Plus their CEO and music creator passed away, so who knows what will happen to the company.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if any group realated to Mnet would disband any time soon, by how fucked up some people say the whole situations can be for them. Especially with groups under Wakeone as it seems. I mean yall now what happend to TO1

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