Re: Now that 3rd gen is ending, honest thoughts on 3rd gen?

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    The 3rd gen is the generation that got me into K-pop 💗. I think the standout artist from the 3rd generation is BTS, they were revolutionary for K-pop.

    I also believe that the big three groups of the third gen (especially Twice, Blackpink, Red Velvet and Exo) were very strong and are groups that still hold a lot of power and influence.

    Outside of BTS and the big three, the only other noteable groups I can think of are Mamamoo and Gfriend.

    Overall, I think that the third gen lacked diversity factor in terms of acts debuted outside of the big three or BTS. This differed from the 2nd generation, and already the fourth generation is doing a better job at this.

    I think the fourth generation already has a stronger lineup of girl groups and it has a lot of potential to top the third gen in the long run.

    I guess we’ll have to see!

    It’s definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to the era of the third generation :drinktears:

  • my honest thoughts are as follows:

    A.C.E - need to stop being slept on...will release MORE amazing music after enlistment

    Astro - there's more than Eunwoo here, my thoughts are that they are extremely talented but often forgotten about because of Eunwoo's popularity, not a bad thing but like I wish all the members had that equal popularity

    BTOB - hard to imagine them being 3rd gen but they really are an amazing group, i love the fact they STILL release music and how much fun it was to watch them on kingdom!

    **IN2IT** - god dammit if they don't have a comeback soon i'm going to literally cry.

    Monsta X - still amazing, still rocks, still wishing for a cravity/monsta x collab

    Pentagon - i PRAY that they don't renew with cube and go elsewhere and release some damn good amazing shit 'cause fuck cube

    **SF9** - one of my top groups...they already renewed so I just want more amazing music from them!

    **UP10TION** - if top media doesn't get their shit together i swear to god....but i'm still waiting on their contract information god help me if they disband.

    VAV - still no word on their contracts but I really think they deserve more then what they have gotten, they are an AMAZING, FASCINATING group.

    Victon - idk i just don't know...i am sad about Chan, but I know what he did was wrong, it seems like they go up and then down and then up and then down...maybe when Seungwoo comes back we will get some more incredible things but they all should start enlisting soon, so I am not sure what to think is going to happen with them in the future.

    VIXX - Ravi is the last to enlist i think, and although all members are doing their own thing they haven't disbanded, I really wish they would come back together, I even wish for a VeriVery x VIXX collaboration, I don't know what the future holds for them, but If they came back they would blow shit out of the water.

  • I thought we'd see more relationship or marriage news by now, also more solo debuts. I feel like 3rd gen has been holding together as groups a lot, even Eunwoo is still in ASTRO despite his big success.

    I'm amazed at the fact that Twice has been so steadily active for this long even with such a shift in musical direction.

    Looking back its a surprise BTS eclipsed so many boygroups to the point there was no competition left. Back in the day when exo-ls were going strong that seemed impossible. I also thought there would be more groups rising but it seems like none got on the EXO x BTS level we had.

    Twice, BTS, Blackpink and Exo with absolutely no major scandals when in the past every group had a DUI on their list.

    Block B halting activities was a suprise too.

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