• I. Information:

    “Let's show! Who we are! Hello, we are VERIVERY.”—VERIVERY

    VERIVERY (베리베리) is a seven-member boy group under Jellyfish Entertainment.

    They debuted on January 9, 2019 with their first mini album VERI-US.

    VERI is an acronym for various, energetic, real and innovation.

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    Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed on August 23, 2018 that they were planning to debut a new boy group that they have been preparing for a long time. They are set to make their debut on January 2019. On August 31, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed the group's name to be VERIVERY. On September 3, through Mnet's YouTube channel, it was revealed that VERIVERY will star in an upcoming reality show named "NOW VERIVERY" prior to their debut. The first member, Minchan, was revealed on September 3 with a short video followed by two reveal photos and a behind the scenes video. Revealed in the same way was second member Hoyoung on September 4,third member Gyehyeon on September 5, fourth member Yongseung on September 6, fifth member Dongheon on September 7, sixth member Yeonho on September 10, and the seventh and final member Kangmin on September 11.

    On September 14, a new Twitter account was opened for direct interaction and communication between the members and fans. Later on September 18, a teaser video was released for the music video of their debut title track, "Super Special", set to officially release on September 21. The music video was then released on September 21 at 18:00 (KST).

    2019: Veri-Us, "Veri-Chill", and Veri-Able

    On December 21, 2018, their debut date was revealed to be on January 9, along with the release of four teaser videos. Group teaser photos were released on December 26 with individual teaser photos released from December 27 to 29. Unit teaser photos were released on December 3 while the track list and album covers were released on January 2. Individual character teasers were released from January 3 to January 6 with a highlight medley being released the next day. A music video teaser for "Ring Ring Ring" was released on January 8. They officially made their debut on January 9, 2019 with the mini album Veri-Us and the release of the music video for their title track "Ring Ring Ring".

    On March 7, a teaser video was released revealing the group's first comeback with their second mini album, which was to be released on April 24.

    On March 26, their fandom name was announced to be "VERVER".

    From April 8 to 14, individual teaser photos were released. Group teaser photos were released on April 15 with the track list being released on the 17. Unit teaser photos were released on the 18 and the highlight medley was dropped on April 21. The music video teaser for the title track "From Now" was released on April 23 with the music video dropping the next day. On April 24, they released their second mini album Veri-Able.

    On May 20, a special D.I.Y teaser was released for "From Now" with the music video dropping on May 31.

    On July 21, their first single album "Veri-Chill" was released with "Tag Tag Tag" as the title track.

    On November 24, they released their official colors which consists of Pantone 7649 C, Pantone 136 C, and a glittering silver. On November 29, the official colors were changed to Pantone 7649 CP, Pantone 663 UP and a glittering silver, allegedly because it was too similar to Jeong Sewoon's fandom colors.

    2020: "FACE it" series and Road to Kingdom

    On January 7, 2020, they released their third mini album Face Me, the first album in the "FACE it" series, with "Lay Back" as the title track.

    On March 20, Mnet confirmed the 7 boy groups participating in Road to Kingdom with VERIVERY being one of them. The premiere date was then set to be on April 30. During the 90 seconds performances, they danced to "Face It" to introduce themself and ranked third. During the first round, which was to perform a "king's melody", they had covered "Mansae" by SEVENTEEN and ranked sixth during the second round. During the second round, which was to perform your own song, they performed "Photo", a song from their third mini album Face Me. They had ranked fifth during the second round, which was determined 30% by the contestants and 70% through votes of an online audience. The next round was a collaborative mission where the groups were randomly chosen to become a pair and prepare a performance together. In the end, VERIVERY was partnered with TOO and they both agreed to perform "On" by BTS where they ranked second out of 3 teams. Overall, it was revealed that cumulative score was fourth out of 6 teams, meaning they were at risk of eliminations. For the next round, their partners from the previous round had to choose a song for them to cover. The song "Gogobebe" by MAMAMOO was chosen for them to cover where their cumulative score of the previous rounds is ranked fourth. This means that they had not been eliminated and made it to the final round of Road to Kingdom where they release a digital single and compete with the 4 other teams. They then released the single "Beautiful-x" on June 12 for the final round. During the live broadcast of the show on June 18, it was shown that VERIVERY had ranked fifth with the cumulative scores, meaning they will not be able to attend the program Kingdom.

    Following the conclusion of Road to Kingdom, on June 19, VERIVERY announced the release of their fourth mini album. The second installment of the "FACE it" series, Face You, was released on July 1.

    At midnight on September 28, the group announced they would be making a comeback with their fifth mini album, Face Us, the third episode of their "FACE it" series, on October 13.

    On October 20, Jellyfish announced that Minchan would be going on a temporary hiatus as he is receiving treatment for his anxiety. The group will continue to promote as 6 members until he comes back.

    2021: Series 'O' Round 1 : Hall

    On February 15, 2021, the group teased a possible new release. On February 17, it was revealed that they will make a comeback on March 2, 2021 with their second single album, "Series 'O' Round 1 : Hall".

    On July 31, it was announced that the group will return on August 23, 2021 with their sixth mini album Series 'O' Round 2 : Hole.

    On September 4, they announced their first fanmeeting titled VERIVERY 1st Fanmeeting [Verrerdise], which was to be held on September 20 through the fanship channel on V Live.

    On October 6, it was reported from them that they are confirmed to hold their first U.S. Tour in nine cities for three weeks in December between the 5 and the 20. On December 18, in Korea, and December 17 in the US, Jellyfish revealed that the concert in Cleveland would be canceled to be on the safer side as abnormal symptoms have been found despite them all being vaccinated. Later that day, it was revealed that Yongseung had unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19 and will start self-isolation. It was further revealed that all schedules would be canceled and the remaining 3 concerts would also be canceled.

    2022: Fanmeeting, "Series 'O' Round O : Who", Series 'O' Round 3 : Whole, Japanese debut, "Liminality - EP.Love", first music show win

    On December 28, 2021, VERIVERY announced that the fanmeeting titled VERIVERY Fanmeeting [2022 VERI Univ. Festival] would be held on January 22, 2022.

    On February 6, 2022, it was announced that VERIVERY would be joining the social media platform, Weverse. They then officially joined Weverse on February 7.

    On March 10, Jellyfish announced that the group would come back with the digital single "Series 'O' Round 0 : Who" on March 23.

    On April 7, it was announced that VERIVERY would return on April 25 with their first full album Series 'O' Round 3 : Whole.

    On May 11, the group's Japanese Twitter announced that they would be making their Japanese debut with the single "Undercover (Japanese ver.)" on June 22.

    On October 26, it was announced that VERIVERY would make their comeback with their third single album "Liminality - EP.Love" on November 14.

    On November 23, the group earned their first-ever music show win with "Tap Tap" on MBC M's Show Champion.

    On November 26, Jellyfish announced that Minchan would be going on a second temporary hiatus from activities following health concerns.

    II. Members:

    Stage Name: Dongheon (동헌)
    Real Name: Lee Dong Heon (이동헌)
    Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
    Birthday: August 4, 1995
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″)
    Nationality: Korean

    Dongheon is credited for 17 works on KOMCA
    under the name DONG HEON(10020474)

    Stage Name: Hoyoung (호영)
    Real Name: Bae Ho Young (배호영)
    Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
    Birthday: August 10, 1998
    Zodiac Sign: Leo
    Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
    Nationality: Korean

    Hoyoung is credited for 10 works on KOMCA
    under the name HO YOUNG(10020475)

    Stage Name: Minchan (민찬)
    Real Name: Hong Min Chan (홍민찬)
    Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
    Birthday: Sept 16, 1998
    Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    Height: 181 cm (5’11″)
    Nationality: Korean

    On October 26, 2020, Jellyfish released a
    statement that while promoting Face Us,
    Minchan's health had worsened.
    It was revealed that he had visited a
    medical institution to receive therapy
    and medication for his
    symptoms of anxiety.
    Because of this, Minchan will be on a
    temporary hiatus so that he can recover.

    On May 31, 2021, Jellyfish announced
    Minchan's comeback after an 8-month hiatus.

    Minchan is credited for 7 works on KOMCA
    under the name HONG MIN CHAN(10020756)

    Stage Name: Gyehyeon (계현)
    Real Name: Jo Gye Hyeon (조계현)
    Position: Lead Vocalist
    Birthday: May 14, 1999
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
    Height: 177.6 cm (5’10″)

    Gyehyeon is credited for 12 works on KOMCA
    under the name JO GYE HYEON(10020759)

    Stage Name: Yeonho (연호)
    Real Name: Ju Yeon Ho (주연호)
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Birthday: May 31, 2000
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
    Nationality: Korean

    Yeonho is credited for 10 works on KOMCA
    under the name JU YEAN HO(10020758)

    Stage Name: Yongseung (용승)
    Birth Name: Kim Yong Seung (김용승)
    Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
    Birthday: June 17, 2000
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
    Nationality: Korean

    Yongseung is credited for 3 works on KOMCA
    under the name KIM YONG SEUNG(10020760)

    Stage Name: Kangmin (강민)
    Birth Name: Yoo Kang Min (유강민)
    Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper,
    Visual, Face of the Group, Maknae
    Birthday: January 25, 2003
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
    Nationality: Korean

    Music shows
    Show Champion (MBC Music, 2020) - MC

    Kangmin is credited for 4 works on KOMCA
    under the name YOO KANGMIN(10020757)

    III. Discography

    IIII. Korean

    IIIII. Studio albums

    • Series 'O' Round 3 : Whole (2022)

    IIIIII. Mini albums

    • Veri-Us (2019)
    • Veri-Able (2019)
    • Face Me (2020)
    • Face You (2020)
    • Face Us (2020)
    • Series 'O' Round 2 : Hole (2021)
    • Liminality - EP.Dream (2023)

    IIIIIII. Single albums

    • "Veri-Chill" (2019)
    • "Series 'O' Round 1 : Hall" (2021)
    • "Liminality - EP.Love" (2022)

    IIIIIV. Digital singles

    • "Series 'O' Round 0 : Who" (2022)

    IIIIV. Remix singles

    • "G.B.T.B. Remix : Vol.1" (2020)


    IIIII. Japanese

    IIIIII. Singles

    • "Undercover (Japanese ver.)" (2022)
    • "Tap Tap (Japanese ver.)" (2023)

    IV. Concerts

    • 2023 VERIVERY Fan-Concert [Dream Shop] (2023)

    IVI. U.S. tours

    • 2021 VERIVERY 1st Tour In U.S. (2021)

    IVII. World tours

    • Page : O (2022)

    IVIII. Concert participations

    • Jeddah K-pop Festival (2022)
    • Seoul Festa 2022 (2022)
    • 2023 Gangnam Music Festival G-KPOP Concert (2023)
    • PEPSI SUMMER FESTA 2023 (2023)
    • KCON LA 2023 Showcase: NICE TO MEET U (2023)

    V. Fanmeetings

    • VERIVERY 1st Fanmeeting [Verrerdise] (2020)
    • VERIVERY Fanmeeting [2022 VERI Univ. Festival] (2022)

    VI. Japan fanmeetings

    • VERIVERY Japan Fanmeeting <2022 VERI School> (2022)

    VI. Filmography

    VII. Reality shows

    • Now VERIVERY (Mnet, 2018)
    • Road to Kingdom (Mnet, 2020)

    VIII. Radio shows

    • Studio Moon Night- guest (Ep. 180)

    VIIII. Music Show Wins

    mm/dd/yyyy Music Show Song (# of Wins)
    11/23/2022 Show Champion Tap Tap
    11/25/2022 Music Bank

    VIIV. Awards


    Award CeremonyCategory
    Asia Artist AwardsIcon Award


    Award CeremonyCategory
    Hanteo Music AwardsTrend Award