• Stage Name: Minchan
    Real Name: Hong Min Chan

    Group: VERIVERY
    Position: Lead Vocalist

    Birthday: Sept 16, 1998

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Blood Type: A

    II. Minchan Facts

    -Minchan is from Cheonan, South Korea.
    -Minchan is an only child.
    -His nickname is Producer Chan
    -He trained for 2 years 6 months
    -His MBTI is INTP.
    -He’s scared of heights
    -Minchan can play the guitar and the piano
    -Minchan thinks his charm is his low voice and that he has a lot of weak points.
    -Minchan likes cats
    -He likes meat, sashimi, sushi, making and eating food
    -Minchan’s favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies and Cream
    -He also enjoys reading webtoons and playing games
    -His favorite colors are Black and White
    -He hates seafood soup, herbs, and nagging
    -Minchan can speak Japanese.
    -He has an IQ of 136.
    -He was a prodigy of school mathematics, said that if they did not believe him, he had a diploma.
    -He is very good at studying and memorizing.
    -Minchan is good at doing YOYO tricks.
    -Minchan’s favorite artists are BTOB and Yook Sungjae.
    – Minchan, Gyehyeon and Yeonho sing “My Beauty”, the OST of the kdrama “Extraordinary You”.
    -Yongseung, Minchan, Kangmin, and Gyehyeon share a room

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)