• I. Introduction

    Mingi is a south korean rapper under KQ Entertainment.

    He is the main rapper of the boy group ATEEZ.

    II. Career

    In 2017, he became a contestant on JTBC's reality survival show MIXNINE.

    He was eliminated in the episode 7 after ranking 113rd place. Mingi was ranked 23rd on the MIXNINE Just Dance showcase, later ranked 62nd.

    On October 24, Mingi debuted as a member of KQ Entertainment's first boy group ATEEZ.
    Mingi announced on November 15, 2020 that he will be going on hiatus from the group due to psychological anxiety.

    III. Mingi Facts

    - Mingi was a contestant on MIXNINE.

    - Mingi has an older brother.

    - Mingi said his personality is almost identical to his father.

    - Mingi is a former Maroo Entertainment trainee.

    - Mingi likes going to the sauna and hot-springs.

    - His special talent is sleeping.

    - His favorite food is chicken.

    - He’s scared of bugs.

    - The members said he’s the most coward member. (ATEEZ Wanted Ep.1)
    - Mingi acts like the youngest when they’re in their dorms or in the studio. He acts like a nosy little kid according to Jongho. (Forbes Interview)

    - He’s good at daydreaming.

    - He has a back issue.

    - Mingi likes nacho chips.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)