WHAT did i tell you? and of course i was right

  • you guys really tried to clown me and say i didn’t have enough faith in yg. that 2020 showed “they changed”

    no. it’s just like i said. 2020 was not extra content. it was not more effort to the girls. we went twice as long as our normal hiatus so we got twice as much content when it came. that’s it. the company still hates the girls and i know they’re leaving asap

    i told everyone that the mini album would be 2 songs with the other 2 tracks being instrumentals or maybe an instrumental and acoustic version. you guys really tried to tell me i was wrong.

    and now look. -r- is 2 tracks. and 2 more which are the instrumentals.

    watch yg charge an ep price on music services instead is a single album price because the instrumentals make it an ep. money hungry company just milking the cash cows again (aka any and all bp members)

    this is just my little rant about you guys overestimating yg and telling me i was being pessimistic. they never changed. we didn’t get the content we deserved in 2019 so they caught up in 2020 as to not “suffer” more from blinks demands and action for the girls. that’s it.

    this solo promotion and release for the debut of rosé is.... predictable. maybe some of you who been praising yg since the summer of 2020 will realize how foolish that was lol “the album” wasn’t for us. it wasn’t for the girls. it was to get blinks to leave yg alone about more comebacks and pull in a ton of $$ that their other acts can’t possibly get with touring out of the question.

    now.... back to looking at the bright side and making this the most iconic debut of any solo woman in kpop! let’s go rosé stans! we will be buying and streaming like there’s no tomorrow.

    and on the bright side (for anyone who needs it)

    our streams will be like x4 higher than we expected since it’s only one new song! the success of on the ground will be amplified due to the lack of other songs. all of our focus and attention and time can go to streaming it and not a whole ep. and we do still have gone, at least! and at the end of the day, we’ll either get tons of solo promotions for rosé within the next two years or she’ll leave yg and do all that queen shit and success and releasing music and stuff without being held back and not allowed.

    one day at a time, fellow clowns :pepe-clown-gear: :pepe-toast:

  • I don't think anyone actually believed YG changed. She waited for so long to only release 2 songs. Bp always getting the least when it comes to music content.

    trust me, they did.

    i pointed out that we usually wait 9 months for 4 songs, including a mv. i pointed out that we went 18 months before the album so 8 songs with 2 mvs wasn’t anything more than usual. the only “extra” was the disastrous selena collab (and i’m pretty sure that was a fairly last minute inclusion. given how the album got pushed out by another full month)

    the literally attacked me. the whole thread had maybe 2 blinks agreeing with me. everyone else defended yg and said i was wrong and looking for negatives. how is that wrong? lol it’s just math.

    now the promo and songs for rosé solo debut is proving that even further. i hope they feel stupid now.

  • I agree. Let's do our best!! Go all out :peperich: . This is probably her first and last solo in yg.

    when she does her starts releasing singles for her first solo project in early 2024 (after leaving yg) >>>>>>>>

    (same for all of the girls but we’re talking about rosie right now)

    no amount of negotiating contracts will soothe the bad blood there. especially jennie and rosé have been done for a long time, i think. it’s not like they need yg lol

    at this point, the members are bigger than that company. the work that they could get is not depending on yg anymore. and they know that. i have no doubt that rosé knows the amount of support she’ll get even after yg. she’ll go to some company or label (maybe not even in korea) and continue to be a global pop star

  • This is definitely Rosé's first and last solo in YG. Blinks should go all out and ensure she has enough success/popularity to make a strong career for herself when she's finally free from that shitty company

  • let it all out tbh. 2 songs are not enough for sure. But hey it is what it is. Yg won't just churn out songs for blackpink that's concrete now. This title track has to be incredible to compensate for the lack of songs.

  • Agreed. YG is still doing the bare minimum. That is why I have always said I will only believe the solos exist when I see them. I hope Lisa and Jisoo do get theirs, but I think people expecting them both this year are being way too optimistic. The fact we were led to believe Rosé was getting a mini but now we know she is only having two songs says it all. The promo has been a joke too.

    Besides, one of the reasons last year was better than normal for BP was because they couldn't tour due to Covid, so YG had no choice but to give us a bit more content.

  • This is definitely Rosé's first and last solo in YG. Blinks should go all out and ensure she has enough success/popularity to make a strong career for herself when she's finally free from that shitty company

    sadly, realistic. but opportunistic.

    this is the energy we need to get rosie everything she deserves. and we will. the contract ends in late 2023 so after needing time to work and make music with her new company (or label. maybe she’ll come to US or aussie again) so sometime in 2024 we can get another rosie single! we just have to really push -r- and on the ground and gone HARD for the next couple years.




    2023 <- freedom!

    2024 <- new music from the sweet angel

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