Notes and Ideas on Crash Landing On You

  • I know the show has been over for awhile but I just finished it and I need to know what everyone else thinks

    I am not a person who gets very emotional but I cried a few times and laughed too, I fell on love with the characters and I am actually really sad that Seungjun died. It took me awhile to love him and I didn't realize I did until he died and I was like " Oh, there are tears, maybe I did like him"

    I have a question though, it's about the male leads

    Obviously Seo-dan was the 2nd female lead and Junghyuk was the 1st male lead

    Was Seungjun supposed to be the 2nd male lead and the writers were like " Actually, we like him better with Seo Dan and not Seri" ???

    And also, the 1st male lead is usually really cold and jerky at first and then warms up and Junghyuk was like that but I don't think he was ever mean to Seri, I think he just knew that they couldn't be close because of the North and South's conflicts, but the 2nd male lead is supposed to be so in love with the female lead and I don't know who that was supposed to be... Do you think the 2nd male lead was supposed to be Kwang beom or Eun Dong and the writers saw that it was weird and they said forget about it??

    What do you guys think? Were they breaking the mold by possibly not having the traditional 1st and 2nd male leads? ?(:wow:

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