I really like Zelda II, wish it weren't the only side scroller in the franchise

  • I know a lot of people are against me on this post because Z2 is considered "The bad one" or the black sheep of the Zelda empire so if that's you please have an open mind.

    I'm an old Nintendo gamer, in fact I remember buying that funky gold cart at Sears(can't do that anymore). It was right after the cartoon had started up and it made the Zelda games look really good. This was the 80s and for a game to have "stories" was pretty new, usually you're Blaster-Guy shooting aliens no story needed so I looked at Zelda 1 and 2 pictures and decided I wanted the one that looked a bit more like playing Mario Brothers because story didn't matter and it being the second version should make it more advanced.

    I loved that game and my Dad did too. The moves were amazing between up and down thrust, sword throw, and magic. The control was good like jumping and attacking felt good, and I liked to showboat which the game let you move fluently enough to look really impressive while playing. It did have it's flaws, I didn't have the strategy guide so him and I spent literal months running around trying to figure out what to do. Playing it recently and noticing that raising the attack stat to max first was almost necessary to advance in the game also seems like a flaw in the stat system. The early Nintendo Towns also suffers from Early Nintendo Towns design, it was 8-bits and I figure they did their best.

    I recently got a original Nes and a ton of games and have been back to play it, I'm pretty close to beating it but I'm also noticing except for a few names everyone knows (Mario, Castlevania, Metroid, Megaman, you know what I mean) the other side scrollers aren't as good bordering on mediocre. Zelda 2 is as solid side a scroller as I mentioned, mechanically.

    So here it comes, I'm kind of wondering about side scroller Zeldas in the future development of Nintendo? I'm not even going to care if it's an old game that's been recycled into Zelda-scroller and in fact I find the N64 games to be repulsive not because of the content of the games but because of the quality of the N64 system with fans saying that those games have some of the best Zelda content of the franchise, I really feel like I'm missing something.

  • There are a few more side scroller Legend of Zelda games on handhelds. I cannot remember their names off the top of my head which as a huge fan of the franchise is making me sad tbh. However if you would like I will hunt down their names for you

  • Did you already try the other popular metroidvania games like Hollow Knight or Ori?

  • I played all the Zelda games as it's my fave series but I just can't bring myself to like Zelda 2 because it's far too removed from it's foundations and subsequent entires.

    Zelda 1 was new and fresh because it brought adventure with the top down view and puzzles. You had to use your brains as much as your gaming skills. That was genre defining in games and in a broad sense the Zelda series is still the only big name series that does this type of game.

    But 2 took that away it was more simplistic as a result. What's worse is that mechanically it wasn't as refined as the ton of other side scroll platformers like mario, metroid, contra, castlevania, mega man etc. Take away what made Zelda stand out and as game that others series do better and well it's easy to see why many Zelda fans don't like it

  • You mean a sidescroller Zelda in the vein of Zelda 2? Kinda doubt Nintendo would dip their toes into that pool. Maybe a novelty one-off remaster but even that is a long shot.

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