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    but aren't treasure song compose by them ?

    I know that Ikon, Winner and Big bang started to compose their own song since Debut

    i thought YG was using the same method with Treasure

    Mostly just the rap parts. There's a album track that is largely produced by the members but that's it. Most of the songs are still from R.Tee before he went to army in 2019.

    Treasure is quite a talented group, but their songs aren't good enough and the concepts and styling is way to safe. I prefer simple concepts more than the weird cringe stuff HYBE and SM usually do, but Treasure has been to generic so far. They remind me of all the produce groups without the produce hype.

    Regarding the songs: YG relied to long on Teddy and G-Dragon and are now in a transition period. I think YG needs to buy more often from international producers.

    I don’t buy the lack of material excuse. I really do think that they have a problem. Too much delays isn’t normal.

    Maybe YG simply upped the criteria for their releases again. Pre Burning Sun every song released would've to be approved by YHS himself.
    Since 2019 the quality of YG's releases minus Blackpink and Mino have taken a steep decline. Treasure released a whole album and not a single song would be good enough for a BigBang album.

    Yeah right supporting a company that has been practicing modern slavery for years and is blacklisting their former singers on tv channels is a really great compliment.

    You know you can also like all these groups without calling yourself "sm stan".

    You could solve all those problems if the award show staff would simply plan the award show 3-4 month after the year ended. This way you have pretty decent overview on which songs were very successful.
    But it would be even better if quality would win. And maybe get judges that don't want to appease to fans of a certain group.

    Song "Quality" wise such and MV production wise each release has been more planned out and better. Yes Make You Happy was a national hit but that was mainly because they were brand new and came off of a national hit TV show. Hype will naturally fade with time esp if they are not in the public eye directly with a long break. I think their break between MYH and SaaS was too long but it is what it is. However their sounds and style of dancing has no resemblance what so ever to the 46/48 groups. 46/48 groups do group singing almost to an exclusion of individual singing. The Akimoto groups do modern or interpretative type of dancing and not the hip hop/Jazz that NiziU does. Production methods are being done exclusively by JYP in Korea as well and do not have a Japanese style about them at all. But you are right. Make You Happy has dropped less than the others but remember it was the only MV for about 6 months as well and was a digital release only. Japan is still more physical than digital and if a group has put out a physical and digital release then those that buy the physical don't stream. NiziU is an outlier because they are fairly big in both. They aren't and most likely never will be the biggest in steaming. That belongs to Hige danDism, Ado, Yoasobi, etc... and never will be the biggest physical releases, that is the Johnny & Associate groups, 48/46 groups and such. I mean if BTS fans knew that they would get to hold hands with their favorite BTS member just by purchasing a few more albums imagine what their sales would be then? But add ALL of them up Digital/Steaming/Physical and they are right at the top and have gotten better. Last year at Year end Billboard had them 12th year end for Hot 100. Right now they are 7th in the hot 100. For Top artist the overall ranking they are currently 4th in the top artists while last year they were 15th for top artists.

    Obviously Niziu charted lower last year because they released less songs. It's based on a total of all your charting songs after all. Still they is a downward trend noticable and I simply contribute that to the songs getting worse. I do agree that the MV production got better and I appreciate a good MV, but the songs will always be my number one priority.

    Anyway the song quality getting worse is my own opinion, which I don't expect everyone to agree on.

    Relax. They are a YG troll and could care less if there is any reason at all. Just point that his it must be consoling to know that there favs at YG aren't on a decline because they already are at zero and can't go down any more as there is no such thing as negative charting. But if there was then they would be kings of that charting system.

    Uhhm what? I'm Niziu fan that doesn't like the direction the group is taking music wise. Sony is turning them into another 46/48 like group that releases new low quality songs every 3 months. Every Niziu song since "Make you Happy" dropped faster from the charts than the previous one.

    They why doesnt YG do something about it? If Teddy is the problem, YG could easily find other producers wanting to work with BP, i'm sure they could find a 1000 producers that would kill to have their name attached to a BP project. Every title release is pretty much a lock for hundreds of millions of Spotify streams, a billion YT views, and assorted chart success. And no way could Teddy stop YG from doing it, a controlling sociopath like YG would NEVER let a kid like Teddy have that kind of control.

    It dont make sense, any of it.

    Inhouse hit producers like Teddy are very valuable though. You don't have to compete with other companys for songs. You earn more money from the song itself. Teddy can do what he wants at YG. YG is way to reliant on him. You can count the hit songs from YG in the past 10 years on one hand if you exclude Teddy songs.

    Sure all YG stans don't care about BP.

    The Blackpink thread on Onehallyu had over 2500 pages before Blackpink even debuted. Why would non YG stans even follow a yet to debut group over 4 years?