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    Alas, I can't think any major group released in the last 10 years that has anything like New Jeans. We are seeing one a very few cases of a group that is not hyped like "The next 2NE1/SNSD/Sistar/f(x)" but a group who stand by their own feet. This is quite remarkable by itself

    I generally on the side girlgroups debut hype is mostly mindless as people are stanning for photoshoots, but in few days New Jeans will have released more music than Ive I.e. it's been really being sold as a MUSIC GROUP, not a bunch of models releasing singles from time to time (cof cof Blackpink strategy). This is just the cherry on top.

    respectfully disagree

    first, groups like stayc, ive and le sserafim weren't dubbed as the next *blank* group either. partly because their agencies don't have other famous gg acts to compare them to (starship has sistar but their concepts are nothing alike so that doesn't count), partly because they were different on their own too. so "standing by their own feet" isn't as revolutionary as it sounds.

    second, every group is sold as a music group, if they weren't they wouldn't be kpop. even blackpink, believe it or not. blinks can correct me if i'm wrong but blackpink got their first brand deals 2+ years into their career so they weren't formed with full-time models/part-time singers in mind, that's just how the events turned out for them.

    third, many other groups have been releasing pre-debut content, be it original music or dance covers or singing covers or variety shows etc. hence newjeans aren't the first nor will be the last to do so. plus, their songs, as i said, they're very good, but not something that kpop hasn't seen before. definitely bops but not bops enough to make you go "damn, that's something new". (that's my personal taste though, feel free to not agree with me)

    this is not a hate post towards the girls. i find them talented and their music has been good so far but i don't think they're something THAT different and unique and groundbreaking for people to put them on the same level as aespa and ive, let alone blackpink and twice (yes, i saw ppl already doing it), especially when their talent is still visibly raw with much room for improvement. wait until they debut and have at least 1-2 cbs, see the direction they'll go and then feel free to judge whether or not they'll be giving the top ggs a run for their money. now, y'all are just setting them up for future lashings :pepestare:

    i'm not saying the industry hasn't debuted literal kids before but it wasn't a trend. during the 3rd gen the youngest idols to debut were around 16-17 and even that was considered too young. the only ones younger than that (that i can think of) are somi and yeojin from loona but they were exceptions.

    now, the more girl groups debut the younger their maknaes become - you have idols debuting at 13-14 with no proper training whatsoever. during the 3rd gen you had idols training for 5+ years before debut and now them kids cannot even talk properly because their baby teeth are still falling out :pepe-shame:

    and it's not like the age of kpop fans is decreasing either. yes, you have many people joining the fandoms but most of them are in their late teens or 20s. not to mention many 2nd and 3rd gen stans most of which are fully grown adults now are still actively part of the community and keeping up with the new groups.

    the 4th and soon 5th gen are going in the wrong direction imo and all those stans calling idols in their early 20s "hags" for debuting so "late" aren't helping the case

    1. it's not the same. soojin was part of the group for nearly 4 years, garam - 18 days

    2. this tiktok was filmed more than a week ago so it's not like they intended to throw shade at her (but i must agree their tiktok intern is wild for choosing this exact timing)

    3. the rest of the girls knew garam for less than a year and her scandal almost ruined the group before they even debuted so i don't really think they would and should mourn her very long

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    and this isn't even the first time. i remember last year there was a huge controversy too, again because of the same issue.

    now, i'm not saying they're not friends or that they hate sunoo. but let's be honest, a joke or not, commenting on someone's weight, especially in front of so many people is disrespectful af, to say the least. i personally would never let myself make remarks toward my bffs' bodies, no matter how they look, even less if it's in front of thousands of people.

    someone needs to explain to them boys that this behaviour is not ok and it's very very weird to laugh at such jokes. and no, this is not "normal" just because they're korean (as some kpop stans think). it even makes it worse because of how strict korean beauty standards are.

    also, comments of the sort "but he laughed too, he doesn't mind it :pleading: " are not going to be taken into account. you can pretend you don't care or you're not hurt but subconsciously the insecurities are already there and it's very easy to fall into the rabbit hole of depression, constant dieting and self-blaming without even realising it (saying this out of personal experience). and it's sad when exactly your friends - the people who're supposed to help you out, are the reason why you fell down in the first place...

    Yeah, I'd keep on disgreeing becuase this is still not true. This may be something that's happening right now since these groups are already focusing on their solo activities but when they debuted and at least into 2 or 3 years in the career they would do the boyfriend and girlfriend scenario.

    And literally all celebrities feed into the fantasy you know them personally, that's why you won't see them flashing their real life into your face and cherry picking what they chose to show you. Just the other day I saw people were discussing the amount of breed cats Lisa had and they knew all their names. Do people really believe Lisa is selling 1 million copies because people are liking her insta pics?

    i feel like you're still missing the point but i respect your opinion. ig i just interpreted the post and the intention behind it differently. :pepe-shrug:

    I see your point, but I'd agree with OP did go as such and use as example of lack of parasocial groups who are strongly supported by said relationship, even to going to the extent of saying

    when it simply is not true lol 3 of these groups sell millions of albums and even do so as solo members or units. Anyone who followed bigbang before their hiatus new VIPs could be very hardcore, that's why I think some people mistake parasocial relationships if bf/gf thing when it really goes beyond that.

    Also, if you really wanted to pick some groups at least pick 2ne1 or sistar which I could agree because their solos don't go over 1k sales :rant-bee:

    from what i got, OP meant that the said groups are just not pushing the parasocial relationship thingy, not that they don't have it at all

    this is what they wrote below in the thread


    i didn't say they don't have a parasocial relationship. i meant their connection with fans isn't targeted to appeal like they're your best friends or significant others or people you should feel emotionally close to as if you know them personally. they're clearly setting boundaries between themselves and the fans.

    I think people don’t know what parasocial relationships really mean, that is literally the base of celebrity culture. Anyone saying those kpop groups don’t have that are delusional

    i do agree but i think OP stated "strong" parasocial relationship for a reason. being a fan indeed means already having some one-sided connection with that person but it's not as "strong" as with people who are basically obsessed with the said celebrity

    Wait. Sit down. Take a deep breath.

    Now, didn't knew you took the forum this serious. Freedom of speech is important.

    My bad, your sentiments are attached.

    i'm not. i'm just explaining to you how this forum works and why being angry with a certain fandom has nothing to do with what the rest of the industry is doing... idk why you decided i'm in any way angry or overexcited but ig reading comprehension isn't your strongest side

    Then anon can write this post on Twitter, ranting here and discussing about twitter MYs where we already know 99% toxic stans lies.

    As if other 4th gen twt stans are clean on twt stan lol.

    akp forums are not restricted to commenting on things happening specifically on the site. everyone can post anything that bothers them regardless of the subject, that's the whole idea. plus, ranting about a certain fandom doesn't excuse the things other 4th gen stans are doing, op is just ranting about what annoys them specifically in mys. some of you need to stop pulling the victim card every time someone says something about the fandom and look in the mirror for once. self-reflection ain't a bad thing i promise

    i wonder what's going on there rn? is it an awkward silence or are they talking about the issue? are they believing garam or are they hating her? what was their reaction to seeing her face in 4k during the evening news? did they gather to collectively read hybe's statement in the living room or did they just leave girlie to fight on her own?

    they sounded pretty good considering 4/6 of the members are newly debuted and were probably pretty nervous.

    idk why y'all think if an idol doesn't scream high notes into the mic it means they're bad a vocalist. their voices were as stable as it gets so i don't think anyone would have a problem with their performance unless they're nitpicking things specifically to hate on the girls

    Brined Mustard & Thyme Horse (678)


    I don't really care for that girl but I find it weird how kpop stans are expecting a 15yo to just explain herself in front of a bunch of journalists without any legal representative by her side. i don't think y'all realise how serious this issue is and how it cannot be resolved by just "it's a lie. i'm the victim *shrug*"

    and even if she comes forward and publicly denies the allegations, people will still tear her apart because the garam-is-not-a-bully narrative doesn't match with the delusion they created in their heads. we saw what happened when HYBE released that statement - everyone was asking them to do it and when they did, everyone called them liars because they denied the rumours instead of confirming them. garam just can't win

    every song is an absolute banger and very easy on the ears. they went safe with this album but it's paying off and the number of sales is corresponding to the quality of the music. many fans are scared of pre-ordering before knowing what the songs sound like so now i'm expecting the number of orders to skyrocket