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    Democrats never had the votes to pass all these things into the constitution. The last time they did those things were still considered controversial. Now that people generally agree they're important, there's always some Republican majority instance that can torpedo any changes. The Republican party will not allow any changes to a system that favours them, and it does - the Democrats have had the majority of votes in the US for the last 18 years. Any major shake-up of the political system right now would therefore be a setback for them, they'd never allow it.

    top tier visuals doesn't mean fits Korean standard (whatever that may truly be) to a T

    all the idols you mention are objectively very pretty. Doesn't matter if they look different from each other, they're all considered the or among the prettiest members of their groups. That's it, literally. What people call the It Factor is mostly just a combination of visuals and sex appeal, more heavily on visuals for female idols, more heavily on sex appeal for male idols.

    people should at least wait for the song/MV to see what's up with these names because as of now it sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory and makes the whole Kpop sphere sound like qanon. The reddit thread is NUTS, I'm rarely that embarrassed to be a kpop stan but I really don't wanna get grouped in with these people. The presence of a car doesn't hint at anything when the name is supposed to be Estimated Time of Arrival so the names are really the only thing that sound at all plausible as a connection to Basque terrorist group ETA (and really, how many Koreans would even know about them?? They barely know not to say the N-word and use a Swastika)

    and like others have said, aside from Mikel the other two are not exactly uncommon names in Spanish. And there's no really strong tie from Eva to ETA, like Kpop fans just picked out any Eva they could find from the list of members/victims, those three names are hardly a well-known trifecta of that group.

    sounds like someone from a conservative country would say that

    in the West it's pretty normal for men and women to be friends. People are used to hanging out with the opposite sex from childhood on. It depends on the person, but my sister for example has tons of male friends, she's gone on vacation with them, she hangs out at their places, etc. I'm more of a girl's girl, but I also have some guys I consider friends. No expectations or interest on any side.

    Being in 3rd place below BTS/BP level globally =/= to being next to their level. A gap can exist. I know you wanted to get it off your chest, but one thing doesn't invalidate the other.

    3rd place would be like BTS >>> BP >>>>>>>>>>> Stray Kids > TXT > Enhypen > etc. Their streams are good but seriously not leaps ahead of their actual competition and their competition isn't BTS/BP, idk what Stays were smoking this last week. Album sales went to their head, probably.

    I think stuff like this is often just incompetence

    that said we all know companies move hell and earth to boost their group's numbers with any trick in the book, so I never get why kpop fans believe stuff like this is above them. If they can mediaplay "sold-out" (half filled) arena tours, or 4 million albums sold via fancalls and 1000 photocards and truckloads thrown away, and 50% ad views on YT, they would also do everything to make their group's digitals look better.

    Some of yall really live in the delusion that Garam would've been the it girl, if it girls means the most pushed then yes she would've been that member but girlie was literally ended by every member in every performance and content.

    she was kind of bland and the weakest performer but she is still really pretty, that's all you need to be popular in kpop lol. She probably would have been popular in Korea/Asia if she'd stayed in the group

    I’m crying now people be like b-but Ditto was released During winter. I mean it’s true that songs get lower ULS at that time. But we will not forget that people were spamming about ditto’s chart performance because of how many PAK or whatever it got while forgetting it was releasing when basically there were no big artists. I guess I can use the empty house argument. :siptear:

    people did say that though? like people generally acknowledged when Ditto broke Dynamite's PAK record that Dynamite was released during a much more competitive period and before the charts became a lot more static. There's always people who bring up context and people who don't, it's just annoying when people only ignore it for the groups they stan, and every fandom is guilty of that, based on what I see around here.