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    i wanted to make a similar thread tbh because i absolutely agree. She had a career already for a whole 7 years or so. Sure clc weren't twice or oh my girl but they were still pretty well known.

    And like I'm sorry that she felt invisible in her own group because they did girl crush concepts but like how does she know this 999 group isnt going to debut with the exact same concept? The problem isn't the concept itself. As an idol shouldn't you be adaptable to all sorts of concepts? It doesn't exactly inspire me to vote for her.

    For some reason i don't buy her sob story idk :boredr:

    Did you stan CLC from day one? Because if you did I think you'd be a bit more understanding of her "sob story" - Yujin DID adapt to all sorts of concepts. Literally one of the judges voted for her because she DID step out of her teams usual concept.

    I listen to a lot of music in Kpop but I don’t understand why multis make comments like this. just because someone only listens to one group does not mean that’s all they listen to in general. There’s other music from other countries and genres of music that people listen. There is not only Kpop music that exists lol

    The point behind it is that there's a lot of great K-pop music that will go undiscovered because someone refuses to listen to any other groups besides the one they stan. Multis make comments like this because we know that there are A LOT of great K-pop songs that people brush off simply because it's not from a group they stan. This mindset is unfathomable to us. That's why you see comments like this lol.

    I'm a multistan and watch a lot of delayed baits (behind the scenes) but I finally had to unsubscribe from a lot of groups on YouTube because it's become overwhelming and not even enjoyable at this point. It can't be just me right? I'll still listen to their music but I'm done with the extra stuff.

    I'm no longer watching:

    Rocket Punch

    Secret Number (barely get content anyways)

    Just B

    Everglow (again - no content, other than during comeback season)

    G-Idle (until comeback, then I'll probably watch again bc I love Miyeon & Shuhua's antics too much not to)

    Ateez (losing interest in them, which I never thought would be possible)

    I really like Somi and think she's sweet. She just seems like the type of person that is really sensitive to what people think of her. Many celebrities are but they don't let it affect them negatively to the point that Somi does.

    She puts herself under a ton of pressure to be perfect in every way - in her music, performance, and especially her visuals. It seems like if she doesn't reach the standard that she holds herself to, she gets really upset. I sympathize with her but I worry that in the future this could affect her even more negatively.

    What she did was wrong, most especially the N word story. But for Yujin specifically, although she constantly showed quite a "fierce" attitude, it's very important to have in mind how Mnet edits, make scripts and bloat things out of proportion.

    I won't support her, for sure, it's just important to put things into perspective, especially when it will arrive to other participants (because it will).

    I tried to watch a bit of the show today but there's a reason I heavily dislike those things

    Pretty sure it already did if I remember correctly. I think she made a comment about a different participant about how they didn't really seem qualified to her or something, even though that person had a high rank.

    I just finished watching the first episode and oh my god. I was cringing during C group performances because of the vocals. So many of them have the visuals, are good dancers, but the vocals are awful. Tbh I won't lie, I underestimated J group but the majority of them were really serving. For some reason I went into the show expecting to be wowed by C group but they're the ones I'm the least impressed by. And Fu Yaning might be an ace but so far her personality seems like garbage.

    Next Level is a typical stupid SM song, but aespa is FAR ahead of their young peers vocally and visually. Give them the right material and they will become legends.

    Of course, I said that about Red Velvet in 2014 and SM still hasn't given them any decent material, so...

    In what world does Red Velvet not have any decent material? Surely you can't mean music? They have one of the best/most respected discographies in the history of K-pop. I wouldn't even have to be a stan to make that statement. It's just facts.

    Yeah and I know it's taken a long time just to get two solos - like this has been a journey, to say the least. Which kinda makes me think that some fans are so worried that the remaining solos will never happen. It's like waiting for something that you can never be certain when/if it will actually happen. YG is to blame for that. Put group promos in between the solos and more uncertainty is added. Your post gave me some perspective to my question, thanks!

    Tbh that's how I am. I know I said in my OP that I'd prefer a group comeback but tbh I'd be happy with anything. I just don't understand Blinks who get this upset about the possibility that they'd have a group comeback before a solo release.

    Let me preface this by saying I don't stan BP (anymore) but I still listen to their music regularly, so I'm by no means a hater/anti/whatever. There's just one thing I don't understand about Blinks, that I'm genuinely curious about.

    Okay so we all know BP's comebacks are few and far between. I know that all members were promised solos so it's only fair that they each get one. I know that they all have the talents to shine solo. But WHY ON EARTH do Blinks want the solos so badly, enough to the point where they actually DON'T WANT the members to return as a full group? I'm not sure if BP has a lot of akgaes, I think I've heard that rumor before. I started thinking about this because I was looking at their Facebook post about ACNH - I'm excited, this is unprecedented in K-pop. Anyways, I happened to see a different post and some Blinks are in an uproar about various things. Some Blinks were on about how they'd rather have the group comeback next year and have Lisa's solo instead.

    Am I the only one who would rather have the whole group comeback???? If BP ever disbands (saying this very lightly) they'll have plenty of opportunities for solos. I just don't understand why Blinks would rather have the members promoting solo when we barely get group comebacks to begin with. They do deserve solos but there's so much time for that still! I just like seeing the girls promote together because I genuinely like all of them equally.

    ME! This is my favorite song + the iconic comeback stage.

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