Genuine question for Blinks

  • Let me preface this by saying I don't stan BP (anymore) but I still listen to their music regularly, so I'm by no means a hater/anti/whatever. There's just one thing I don't understand about Blinks, that I'm genuinely curious about.

    Okay so we all know BP's comebacks are few and far between. I know that all members were promised solos so it's only fair that they each get one. I know that they all have the talents to shine solo. But WHY ON EARTH do Blinks want the solos so badly, enough to the point where they actually DON'T WANT the members to return as a full group? I'm not sure if BP has a lot of akgaes, I think I've heard that rumor before. I started thinking about this because I was looking at their Facebook post about ACNH - I'm excited, this is unprecedented in K-pop. Anyways, I happened to see a different post and some Blinks are in an uproar about various things. Some Blinks were on about how they'd rather have the group comeback next year and have Lisa's solo instead.

    Am I the only one who would rather have the whole group comeback???? If BP ever disbands (saying this very lightly) they'll have plenty of opportunities for solos. I just don't understand why Blinks would rather have the members promoting solo when we barely get group comebacks to begin with. They do deserve solos but there's so much time for that still! I just like seeing the girls promote together because I genuinely like all of them equally.

  • On a serious note, I don't know why some are obsessed with solos.

    Sure it would be nice but it isn't a requirement for me to stan a group but I am guessing that since Jennie and Rose already had their solo everyone is waiting for the rest of the members to have solos since it would be unfair if the others didn't.

    I don't really care when they release a solo as long as they release one. Unless YG teases a solo and leaves as in the dark............ then yes I would want it soon because you can't do that!

    Edit: I wanted to say something about the "as long as they release one" sentence. I am not saying I want solos absolutely no matter what while they are in a group.

    I know that sometimes some members of groups might not want solos while in a group. But I am kind of afraid of the hate the ones that did get a solo would get.

  • Honestly, this fandom is so divided that you would probably receive a lot of different answers depending on who you are asking to and which "tribe" inside the fandom those people are in.

    Personally, I priorize OT4 music above anything and If I could choose, I would always choose the full group.

    But as a person who genuinely admire the girls and their work, I welcome whatever related to music is planned to them. It's OT4? I'm in. It's a Lisoo, Chaennie, Jensoo, Chaelisa, Chaesoo, Jenlisa Unit? I'm in. It's Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa solo music? I'm in.

    I'm not desesperate sking for anything solo related, I just want them to share music.

    I don't think I'm in a position to complain, because they already barely release music and a girlgroup's life-time is so short for us to lose time complaining instead of enjoying.

  • Tbh that's how I am. I know I said in my OP that I'd prefer a group comeback but tbh I'd be happy with anything. I just don't understand Blinks who get this upset about the possibility that they'd have a group comeback before a solo release.

  • Tbh that's how I am. I know I said in my OP that I'd prefer a group comeback but tbh I'd be happy with anything. I just don't understand Blinks who get this upset about the possibility that they'd have a group comeback before a solo release.

    That's why I said the answer depends on who you are asking for. Some "BLINKs" are actually Akgaes/Solo and OT2/3 who think they bias(es) are less privileged than other member(s), so they want their favorite(s) member(s) to "finally", shine and, in their head, the solo debut is that opportunity.

  • Yeah and I know it's taken a long time just to get two solos - like this has been a journey, to say the least. Which kinda makes me think that some fans are so worried that the remaining solos will never happen. It's like waiting for something that you can never be certain when/if it will actually happen. YG is to blame for that. Put group promos in between the solos and more uncertainty is added. Your post gave me some perspective to my question, thanks!

  • 05riaha

    I think as soon as Jennie solo debuted, people were expecting the other members to debut not too much longer. The fact that YGE kept us waiting for so long is the main problem here imo.

    At this point, I think blinks are restless. We don't want to wait another almost 3 years for the next member debut. We still get a comeback every year but in some cases, their solo debuts are more important to fans atm.

    I think most of them might expect an OT4 comeback regardless. I think it's still possible and them not having one this year would be a stretch imo.

    And the fact that after Rosé solo debuted, we've all been waiting for Lisoo solos and that's the problem. The spacing and anticipation is what keeps blinks restless for their solos.

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  • In my opinion, the time between the solos is what gives the impression that a member is more privileged than other, when the incompetence to manage the members' solos between comebacks correctly has nothing to do with favoritism and more like a mismanagement of the group as a whole.

    So we have more people appearing wanting solos even above full group's music, which is what Op's shocked.

  • Honestly I just want ANY MUSIC at this point. YG starves us so much compared to the other groups I listen to, I'll take anything. OT4, Solo, Duos, Trios, Features, OSTs, MEME SONGS, ANYTHING.


    ~ ω

  • This is just my personal opinion.

    why blinks would want the solos more? It's because yg decided to give the first solo when a blackpink cb was most needed in bp's history as a group. That's where the trust was lost and that's what birthed the akgaes that bp has. Maybe it's a hard pill to swallow for some blinks here but there was whole lot of favortism in 2018. sorry not sorry.

    After that, the horrible mismanagement of Rose solo made the whole fandom messed up and now the opinions are so divided. She sacrificed her solo in 2020. I don't even want to talk about 2019. She did it for the group and the other two did it for the group. So it's their turn now finally and they deserve to get it before group cb because they waited for the sake of the group before.

    Do u know how weird it is for others to do cover songs while one gets do her own song every show? As a fan, i just don't like that situation.So,while the pandemic is still there and with no tours, it's the perfect time to finish all the solos imo.

    I get it that difference in popularity justifies the extra opportunities that one member gets but it's better to just keep the difference in given opportunities to a minimum when the less popular members themselves have a brand power far greater than others in their field. So that's what yg's been doing since 2019. I think that some blinks who want the solos to happen first , probably just want it to be done quickly and move on from the past. Some blinks don't care too much and will take whatver they get and there's nothing wrong with that cuz it's yg's fault for fucking it up.

  • Looking at YGE groups history we have a blatantly favoritism.


    2NE1: CL/BOM

    Winner: Mino

    Ikon: Bobby/BI

    If not for the "akgaes/blinks/solo fans", do you think YGE would treat BP better and promote all four?? Do you genuinely believe YGE wouldn't push just 2 girls on solo careers and let the others 2 with nothing??

    And why do people are acting like blinks/akgaes/solo fans started this whole situation? It was YGE that started the solo when everybody was waiting a 2nd group cb. It was YGE who started all this and thank god BLACKPINK fans are different and fight for their bias career bc if we were silent, probably 2 girls would be in the dungeon without almost none solo activities like they did with their others groups.

    Their others groups may have some solo promos, but just in BLACKPINK you can say that all 4 are treated "equal".

    So back to op: i want all the girls solo by now and i want YGE to f off and promote BP group cbs as a main event like they deserve and earned. We shouldn't be talking about "choosing" one above other, we should be demanding YGE to give us all bc we for sure are paying for this, like we always do, pay for this s company.

    If YGE has the time to release so much scam merch, why aren't they releasing BP +100 unreleased songs?? Quality? No! Mismanagement! Just this.

    So as a blink biased Lisa I'm waiting for Lisa solo not a group cb as promised!

  • I like the music I like the girls and I like their content...

    I'll take whatever I can and if there's nothing I can always listen or watch something else...

    BP not new content is not the be all and end all (for me)

  • I prefer a group comeback too but Lisa was promised a solo so she deserves it

    I wish we could have both though I wouldn't mind if Jisoo's solo is delayed for a bit I just want a group comeback since it's been a while. I guess I'm one of those that prioritize groups activities over solo stuff.

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