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    It would have been perfectly lovely if he said just that but are you sure you read his entire statement? He proceeded to talk about how other well known groups were fake and weren't close at all and only pretended to be so. THAT'S the part I said was irrelevant, unnecessarily catty and made him sound bitter.

    Can you tell me how other well known groups being fake has any bearing on Got7's success story? Or why Bambam felt the necessity to say this when he was never asked to?

    I read his entire statement. Did he lie though? It was a comparison. Even if it's irrelevant, why does it make people so upset? It's not a mystery that most groups, even well known groups, have members that aren't close. Most groups have a business relationship but cosplay as besties. It's not new information - that's why, to me, it's a non issue.

    What was the question exactly? What's the key to Got7's success? Or what sets Got7 apart from other groups?

    It was the former. So him going on about how, unlike them, other well known groups were fake and only pretended to be close didn't answer the question. It was just an unnecessary tangent that was irrelevant to the question he was asked.

    Yes, exactly. The question is "What's the key to Got7's success" - he is saying that THEIR success is based on the fact that they are close, that they work well together. It isn't a closed statement that means if some groups aren't close they can't be successful. He's just saying that was a key to their success. I don't see how it's irrelevant at all.

    Well, he is not a kpop fan. Second, the question was about the key to got7 success, so for him to go on about how they weren't as fake as more successful groups literally does not answer the question, if that was truly the key then it couldn't possibly be the one thing that sets them apart from groups that are MORE successful than them. He was being unnecessarily catty and ended up sounding bitter.

    It's about their team dynamics. If you can't figure out that much then I don't know what to tell you. If the members are close and get along well, they work better together, therefore they have better results AS A TEAM. A lot of groups have members that aren't close and they fight, but pretend that everything is great for the fans. I've followed Got7 since their debut and I could always tell a difference between them and a lot of other groups. Their bond is just different. It's not being catty, it's just the truth lmao. Y'all just want to twist words and drag groups for literally anything.

    I'm agree for saying it's not always perfect or fair, but in my opinion when i watch the line distribution i watch it for the whole album or overall, one song will never be representative. I really don't understand these kpop "fans" who look every single metric in a group they just put so much pressure on them like this.

    I understand this too. However, my issue with it is that in a title track, that a group is going to perform, some members have zero lines. They're singers. Not back up dancers. Some fans may make excuses like "oh they're not confident" or "their Korean isn't that good" or whatever, but that's just making excuses for idols who are supposed to be professionals. It makes zero sense lmao.

    Everyone gets so triggered when anyone says anything about girl crush. It's not a personal attack against any specific group. It just gets boring seeing the same thing over and over again. It's like eating the same food everyday for years lmao. Anyways, I'm happy that girl groups are coming back with different concepts. It's about time. That's probably why less people are complaining now :pepe-excited:

    No one cares about others more than themselves. jimin probably did bully her. we live in a world ppl dont even care about their blood.

    Also accusations against jimin are not simple ones, they are pretty damanging. people won't even accept it even if they are true yet jimin accepted which means it is true to some extent

    Jimin wasn't given a choice to stand up for herself. Public opinion was already in favor of Mina. Do you think that if Jimin actually tried to defend herself anyone would have believed it? No, they wouldn't, because a lot of people's first instinct is to choose sides without waiting for more information. If people had waited until now to make a conclusion on the case things could have been a lot different.

    We've seen that Mina isn't as innocent as people initially believed. She's manipulative and she does whatever she can to try to manipulate public sentiment - going so far as threatening suicide. I genuinely don't understand what you expected Jimin to do in that kind of situation. Defend herself and risk a member she's trained and worked with for years to commit suicide? Mina wanted to destroy Jimin. That much is obvious because even after she's left the industry Mina STILL won't leave her alone.

    When I heard PTT this morning I was disappointed. I had high expectations because Youha participated on the track and she's incredible. However, unlike other times, the album as a whole also fell short for me. That usually never happens for me with their b-sides. The only song on the album that I truly like is Dance On My Own. I'm going to listen to the album throughout the week and I hope it grows on me but I'm not feeling optimistic.

    I could cry actual tears lmao. I know I'm not alone. There isn't much to this thread other than just me saying (again) that I miss them. The comeback can't get here fast enough. I don't care if it's them singing the alphabet I will stream that sh*t until it's #1 on my AM replay playlist :pepemusic: I

    We just have to hang in there a bit longer :peperain:

    What about the other girl? You say that the girl who was cheated on and her friends just seem petty and have no maturity....... do you know how painful it is to be betrayed by someone that you love? And then have it shoved right in your face without so much as an explanation? He didn't even break up with her first like Mina and her boyfriend are claiming. What about that girl's pain or her mental health? You're honestly viewing the situation very one sidedly.

    Mental health isn't an excuse to hurt other people. And to be very objective, the girl who was cheated on doesn't have to be considerate of Mina's feelings, because Mina wasn't very considerate of hers.

    new music is new music to me...

    if they follow some sort of storyline great...

    if not...great...

    Yeah it doesn't really matter to me as long as we get music. It just seems like it'd be a lot of work for every single b-side to follow the storyline. So I think it'll be like others said with just the title track following the storyline.

    Okay so I'm just wondering, actually I have been for awhile, but is SM going to release songs that don't follow the story line? Just a mini album with regular b-sides? I've been wondering this for awhile. I'm not sure if there is confirmation for a mini album or not but I'm pretty sure I saw some of you guys mentioning it so at the very least there are some rumors. Since we've only gotten singles at this point, two of which follow the story line, I wasn't sure. I feel like they'd have to if they actually want them to have a full discography. I'm hoping for a yes so pls don't let me down with your replies loves :pepelove1: