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    Youha (유하) is a singer-songwriter and composer currently under Universal Music Korea.

    She made her debut on September 29, 2020 with her digital single "Island".

    She was firstly introduced as a member of the pre-debut team known as Future 2NE1 back on 2012,

    that was supposed to debut sometime in 2016 under YGEnt. But for unknown reasons the debut was cancelled,

    so she continued the training process. Sometime in 2019 it was reported that she left YGEnt after 9 years of being

    a trainee. In 2020 she joined her new agency and made her solo debut.

    She is the daughter of musical actress Choi Jung Won and a MBC producer and also appeared in the reality show

    “Super mom” with her mother and grandmother. She’s good friends with Moon Sua (Mystic Story Girls) and Chaein (PURPLE KISS)

    as they were all in “Future 2NE1”.

    She writes and composes her own songs and is also credited for writitng and/or composing songs for LOONA (“PTT (Paint The Town)” and “Wow”), VICTON (“What I Said”), JUNNY (“Sober”), K-Indie singer emoji (“demons”), and norwegian singer Jens (“Wish I Was Right For You”).


    Digital singles

    "Island" (2020)

    "Abittipsy" (2021)

    "Zzz" (2021)

    "Cherry On Top" (2021)

    "Sweet-Tea" (2021)


    Jens - "Wish I Was Right For You" (2020)

    emoji - "Demons" (2020) JUNNY - "Sober" (2021)