Is Twice now a threat to Blackpink Western reign?

  • Twice will never be a threat to BP western reign. Simply because, they do the bare minimun and still there on top.

    Rosé's OTG did not have any remixes and yet it ranked #70.

    Lisa's Lalisa did not have remixes, only instrumentals, and yet it ranked #84.

    Those two songs also did not have radio spins and only pure sales and streams.

    BP also entered BBH100 with Korean songs.

    I'm not invalidating Twice's success in BBH100 but the fact that they entered with a full English song with many remixes and discount prices, its something to think about. Onces have been degrading BP for ranking high in BBH100 with Ice Cream for seeking "Western validation" and yet never thinking that they did it with D4 before. Onces are just eating their words now.

    Anyway, Twice surely have fans in the West just like the rest of the Kpop groups. But BP is and will still be bigger in the West.

  • Can y’all stop making alt accounts to do it. It’s okay to say these things on your main. You’ll still get clocked, but at least you’d be brave enough to say it with your chest instead of hiding behind alter egos

    Proptip: Look up my username in Google and you'll see how far back I've been using this name. This is my only account here, and I was a member before the transition as well.

  • well no one saying they are threat the troll ones putting in his mouth I’m surprised you really did write a long essay for that . Remixes or not we are happy even a cute pop song can chart in hot100

  • Just to clear this up, Lisa’s instrumentals are not available for digital purchase. They are supposedly (I haven’t checked) only available in the physical CD, just like Rosé’s.

    YG is a really dumb company 🙄

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