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    The implosion of their western performance is the nail in the coffin for the fandom, it was the last thing they had to latch on to. The song failed to chart basically anywhere after the English track flopped. It's too early to talk about album sales for certain but it's struggling to hit #1 on US iTunes which is usually just a given for the group, and there's thousands of unsold tickets for their upcoming show in Vegas selling cheap (Usually the day before a concert there's a huge release of tickets too by people not attending or scalpers giving up inventory, we could see that concert be 10% or more unsold the day of).

    Your comparing different times , songs have more staying power now days then back then so using that as a argument is not really useful but yeah Ditto is remaining on the charts for a while but that still doesnt change my opinion.

    I dont need to read data to give my opinion? I dont think NJ songs will be remembered, time will tell.

    "there is a very strong argument that Ditto is the single most successful single track in the history of Kpop dating back to the 90's" Has gotta be one of the most delusional shit ive read holy.

    Well like I said, this isn't about opinion, just reading data and making judgments based off that. If you think there is no data which allows a fair comparison but also feel Twice is obvious better just because you like their music more and none of the achievements listed in this thread for Newjeans are valid, there isn't really anything to discuss here.

    Maybe it can be argued it's easier to rack up multiple weeks at #1 than before, but it's also undeniably harder to actually reach #1 as well. Back in the day, Getting a #1 hit was basically a given for any sizable group.

    People were talking about it being amazing for Twice to have 9 #1 songs in a row, but they weren't the only group to achieve that. Only 4 4th generation girl groups have EVER made it to #1, but in comparison, 8 3rd gen groups achieved it under the old system.

    Quick question but what song would you consider to be bigger, TT or Super Shy?

    Probably not fair to say until at least a year has passed for really judging impact.

    There's also the factor that at their peak, Twice was all over TV constantly promoting for basically the entire year, whereas NewJeans is a lot more restrictive in how and where it promotes so that might lead to a perception in some people's minds that they were more ubiquitous in the public conscious at the time.

    I think Twice had like viral trends I dont think NJ really is.

    I think Twice songs will be remembered I dont NJ will.

    Cheer up and TT were pretty massive and trendy and I dont think any of NJ songs really are.

    This post is the best example I can find in here of just how disconnected perception of how songs like TT and Cheer Up performed in Korea versus western perception in the Kpop fandom. They were big hits, but not in any way the same way Ditto was.

    For reference, as of the last week , Ditto was #28 on Melon Daily and #21 on Circle Weekly. This is after well over a year (Really 14 months) since release.

    For comparison, 1 year after release, Cheer Up was at 77 on Gaon/Circle Weekly and TT was not even charting at all anymore. This is in line with say, how HYLT by Blackpink performed, 1 year after release it was at 69 on the same chart.

    We keep going through this because either people aren't reading the data being presented or are just going by what they personally liked better. Because really, there is a very strong argument that Ditto is the single most successful single track in the history of Kpop dating back to the 90's, but perception amongst people in the west is that it is just one of many successful songs.

    Okay that's one stat, but you still can't give anything other than digital points, if being digitals was the only thing that mattered then Sistar would be the biggest GG in SNSD 2013-16 era but they weren't

    Beyond brand recognition, what would you want to discuss? Physical sales can't be compared against different eras, but if you really wanted to Newjeans' last release is ahead of the best selling Twice release in pure physical sales. Obviously that wouldn't be a fair comparison so people aren't using that against them. Gaon/Circle is being used because it accurately reflects what people are listening to in Korea versus manipulation by fans outside of the country.

    Newjeans' best selling physical release beats the top for Twice but that isn't a real comparison for Korea since it is padded by fans outside the country.

    The best point of comparison would have to be singles chart performance, and on Gaon, Twice's peak extended from Cheer Up until Signal 13 months later. During this period, 3 songs spent multiple weeks at the #1 spot on the Gaon (Now Circle) Weekly Digital chart. 3 songs in total achieved this during that stretch, and they never achieved it again after, with the longest charting at #1 for 3 weeks.

    Cumulatively, they achieved #1 across their entire career for 14 weeks across 9 songs spanning a 2 and a half year period (No song after Yes or Yes reached #1).

    Cheer Up for 3 weeks

    TT for 3 weeks

    Knock Knock 1 week

    Signal 2 weeks

    Likey 1 week

    Heart Shaker 1 week

    What is Love 1 week

    Dance the Night Away 1 week

    Yes or Yes 1 week

    For comparison, Newjeans has:

    Ditto #1 for 13 weeks (The highest/longest run in the history of the chart dating back to its start in 2009, surpassing the previous record set by BTS with Dynamite)

    Super Shy for 8 weeks

    Attention for 1 week

    22 weeks in total across 3 songs spanning 1 year 2 months (During this stretch, around 30% of ALL WEEKS had NewJeans in the #1 spot.

    This doesn't tell the whole story either, because it fails to include how dominant their B-Sides are, every single song they ever released premiered on Circle and nearly all of them have charted on Melon, with a huge proportion of them even making it into the top 10 on Melon/Circle, or being blocked from #1 by other Newjeans releases. Girl Groups occasionally will have a popular B-Side which will, chart, but what sets Newjeans across is that it happens consistently across every release.

    Edit: I also forgot to mention that from the week after their debut, Week 33 in 2022 until Week 44 of 2023, at least 1 NewJeans song was ALWAYS in the Circle Top 10. That represents 65 consecutive weeks on the chart. Even as of this week, they have never once not had a song not in the top 20 since debut (Next week, that may finally move down to 25 though).

    I really don't think people here understand how insane and unprecedented these achievements are.

    Their main legacy was bringing back girl crush concepts after they receded after the early 2010s. Most major GG debuts from 2018-2022 up until Newjeans were absolutely inspired by them.

    Also just the general expectations for what a Kpop debut looked like for GGs. Look at videos of any debut stage prior to their 2016 debut on Inkigayo and it is kind of shocking how simple/basic they all were. The debut stage for Twice would've been considered a disaster 2019 and beyond.

    I don’t think many people appreciate how ridiculous it is for a song like this which has actually been in circulation online for over a year dropping on Melon and posting numbers like this is.

    Your fanbase would have to be monster huge to pull this off.

    I've noticed J-Pop tracking on Circle/Melon lately and I wonder what sparked this.

    At first I saw Kick Back charting on Circle after Chainsaw Man came out and I assumed it was just a specific show getting popular, but then in February Lemon by the same artist (Kenshi Yonezu) started charting as well. I figured it was people just going through his catalog after discovering him since that was his biggest hit. But then all of a sudden I see Aimyon charting even higher with Ai wo Tsutaetai Datoka and I am just confused with what is happening here. This is a very old track and I am unaware of any reason why this song would start trending there all of a sudden. Was it featured in a movie or show? J-Pop has almost entirely been ignored in Korea for as long as I've been paying attention to the charts so it feels noteworthy.