how revealing do you think is acceptable

  • i know everyone should be free to dress ( or not dress ) however they want without being harassed but at the same time dressing in a way that makes everyone around you grossed out is harassment towards them too

    whats the limit you would draw to skin exposure in public

    where would you personally draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable

  • It’s true that everyone should wear whatever they want without being harassed, yet you have to think about the people around you too.

    I don’t know about other countries, but here in Germany just walking around in underwear or even naked is a crime as you are harassing others with this.

    Apart from that you should also think of your own safety, yes everyone should wear whatever they want, but unfortunately there are people who think revealing clothing is an invitation, we are not living in this utopian world were everyone knows how to behave and respect the safe space of others, of course if something happens to you it’s completely the perpetrators fault and they have to deal with the consequences, but you also have the responsibility to take care of yourself.

    So I think it really depends on the places. For example if you go out to party there might be a lot of people in revealing clothes, but I wouldn’t wear something to revealing at my workplace or public places where children are around.

  • In public people should show a bit of decorum. Cover up wherever possible. Too much skin isn’t good at any age especially low cut tops or real short shorts

  • It's one of things people actually find weird about me.. Cause I dislike exposed skin in public like any kind in public... I dislike exposing my own skin too especially my legs.

    Also adds to the multitude of reasons I don't like summer. But I understand it more in summer as it practical way to reduce sweating and heat (I myself I'm quite a sweaty lady.. So shorter sleeves, shorts are a must) but when guys take off there tops, it horribly gross to me, same with women in bikini tops (although if they're at the beach it feels fine it's appropriate). But it goes further that that, like sleeveless tops, arms, legs it's all visually weird to me, I just don't like seeing people's skin outside besides neck face and hands in public.

    Where these are my irritaional thoughts about skin in general... I'm usually fine regardless to a point.

    It depends on the setting and time of year.

    Like you can't be rocking up to collect your child from school in booty shorts with your arse hanging all the way out and your chest about to fall out, seems inappropriate but you can if you still want to, people just aren't gonna favour you for it, much like if a dude showed up in only a speedo...

    But I would say when your private bits are almost on display publically you might want to invest in more meterial. (also public indecency is a crime here)

    Excluding camel toe but that can be sorted, I just don't understand how you don't feel your vagina trying to eat your pants, like that shit is uncomfortable to me.

    *Shawol* VK Lover

  • it depends on where you are and the dress code. Like if it’s at the beach, swimwear, bikini, trunks no shirt or with shirt it’s fine. But if it’s a formal setting, it would be totally inappropriate..

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