Most embarrassing thing you've done in school/in front of teacher?

  • The reason I'm asking this is because, today, I think I embarrassed the heck out of myself in front of my teacher.

    In my class, we had to submit the link to our assignment and turn it in, and my stupid self accidentally sent this:

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    instead. Our teacher was calling out people who didn't send the link, and he told me I gave him the wrong link, but it got him dancing. I thought I misheard, and checked the link but NOPE, I actually sent the wrong thing. I wanted to dig my own grave at that point-

    I don't know how I didn't notice. I resent the link and the teacher commented that he was afraid to open it lmao

    Probably one of the most embarrassing things that's happened at school to me, but also stupidly funny at the same time.

    So do you guys have any stories to share? :P

  • I was in detention after school with 2 other kids and I was dating this dude at the time, so my male teacher (who is really awkward and sort of mean) kept asking me who I was talking to with my friend about and without thinking I said in the most obnoxious voice "MY BOYFRIEND" yeah needless to say there was a long 30 second pause of awkward eye contact after that. I will never forget how embarrassed I was.

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  • i was in a zoom class and while forgetting my mic was on, i played kick it by nct 127 (with speakers) and got scolded by my teacher. i'm usually pretty chill in situations like that but i was flat out mortified at that time.

  • I was saying hi to a colleague, we were close so I added a swear word in the greeting and it accidentally sent to a lot of people in my office. Even some directors came up to me to tell me they have gotten my message. It was reaaaaaally embarrassing. My colleague laughed her guts out though.


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