Biggest hits in Korea by 3rd generation groups

  • Rly? I actually thought BST was their hit, was Fire bigger?

    Also i agree with Red Flavor, it has become like All I want for christmas for summer lmao. I have no doubts psycho would have longetivity tbh? What do you think about TT? I personally think that was bigger hit than Cheer Up as they surpassed everything that Cheer Up did.

    No, FIRE is truly what made them recognizable. Even today, it's played on variety shows when something intense happens. The instrumental's build-up and Yoongi's "bultaoreunae" is iconic. Honestly, every song from FIRE-Boy with Luv was huge in Korea.

    Psycho charted for 50 weeks in the top 100 of Gaon, Red Flavor did 64 in its initial run. Psycho is a huge hit for RV in terms of international Kpop communities, but in Korea? I don't know.

    TT is overshadowed by Cheer Up, and honestly DTNA is on the same level as TT (it has the 2nd best longevity [61 weeks] of Twice's Korean singles, and it's also a summer song which gives it a leg up over TT).

    Cheer Up is bigger in Korea in every way compared to TT except music video views.

  • Also TT was bigger in Japan by miles still the longest charting song on Billboard Hot 100 Japan.

  • Boy with Luv and IDOL also charted on Gallup twice.

    Ah yes, that's why I said 'among them', meaning those 3 were not the only ones that charted twice on Gallup's song ranking.

    Overall, it's still just only a mere handful of songs, and based on that, they already deserve special mention and merit as the only songs that were 2-year residents in the collective awareness/consciousness of South Korea's general public.

  • Where is GFriend?

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  • i think impact and longevity both make cases for national hits

    Spring day with 7 millions ULs is undeniable and covered by top actors in korea as well!

    Whereas Cheerup , love scenario impact is also undeniable

    And then we have Dynamite which has initial impact and longevity both. Like in 38th week it is in top 10 of gaon digital chart

    So both matters

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