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    A lot of people will fight over who is in 2nd and 3rd. I'm just saying EXO deserves to be included if BP is.

    I don’t think that’s quite fair though. EXO has more lifetime digital sales but that’s not the full picture. They have more material. The fact that BP has 30 songs and match them shows that on average if you’re going to bet on who would top the digital charts. BP would go much further.

    All 4 will be remembered. There’s really not a big three. It’s always stated as EXO-BTS and TWICE - BP as the top groups with RV usually added as fifth. But I don’t think anyone would be incorrect labeling EXO, BP, and TWICE in any order. TWICE does have the stats & public recognition to be ranked higher than EXO if they want to debate it.

    If we are talking overall sales, including digital that's a no.

    Yes for BTS, but BP and Twice don't come near Exo.

    And the debate between who is above between BP and Twice tires me, so I won't say it's Twice or BP.

    Really??? I’m not a once (I do enjoy Twice) but I think you’re selling TWICE majorly short if you don’t think they come near EXO. In the eyes of the Korean public, TWICE > EXO. EXO and TWICE are almost equitable in international popularity, but everything TWICE touched from Cheer Up to Yes or Yes smashed with the addition of excellent album sales for a girl group. EXO never dominated Korea in it’s entirety in the same way TWICE did at one point.

    They're disagreeing with you because the article said BTS is the only viable K-pop act in the U.S., while you said in your opinion that BP is too. That's all.

    I guess, but that’s still doesn’t negate my statements nor does my statement downplay BTS or negate the article. BP is a viable act in the US. The research is only done from January 2021-July 2021. BP hasn’t released anything as a group in almost a year at this point. My point was BP & BTS are the only consistent chart forces here and one is on an almost year hiatus so BTS slice will likely grow and this isn’t surprising cause the chart stats back up the claims.

    Did we read the same thread, cause damn you all be suffering from severe reading comprehension issues, I swear. The what ifs are amusing ngl



    I’m confused on how I have “severe reading comprehension issues” when this doesn’t negate anything I said. Ummmm, maybe you need to re-read my statements? I guess the their could be confused as a reference to BP. But since BP won’t be returning anytime soon, BTS’ slice of the graph should increase as the year goes on if they continue to release (which they probably will since they haven’t had a KR comeback yet.)

    It’s not really surprising. BTS & BLACKPINK are the only viable acts in the US with any type of consistent chart relevance. BLACKPINK hasn’t released since October last year. (Rosé did well by charting on the Hot 100 but she’s still an individual & not counted towards group.) BTS will likely continue the year mostly dominating. BP isn’t predicted to return until Q4, so their slice of the graph will likely increase even further.

    Ultimately, Whistle did end up on the lower end of their hits (it's BP so their lower end hits are as big as others bigger hits) but it could have went much farther if the promotion wasn't only Inkigayo and back to the dorms for a month.

    I don't think it's weird at all if you look at the situation. Mamamoo and Red Velvet both have/had very strong domestic fanbases. They are the two most followed girl groups on Melon which is the most popular music site in Korea. Melon is the most korean focused as well. MMM and RV both accumulate a lot of likes in that initial time period (1-2 hours). I think it's safe to say they have a fanbase that actively focuses more on Melon than Twice (ever since the sajagai situations with JYP). That's not to say the GP isn't interested. Obviously, the GP likes carry the songs after the initial time. Streams & likes can both be manipulated to a degree. Which is why ULs is the ultimate deciding factor. I mean, When We Disco was very successful last year, but I'm certain a lot of songs that would not be considered more successful have more likes and unchecked streams. I'm not saying that both can't indicate success, but I do think they only play a part of the picture.


    I agree about fanbase manipulation but not all gg fandoms are that dedicated either. To an extent it shows reception. Flop gg songs also stop gaining likes after sometime. I guess it just depends. Some think it shows something while others think it's irrelevant. Didn't hylt and lsg do 100k likes very fast?

    Both reached 100k in like two weeks & some change. Even OTG reached it pretty fast for a solo song not from IU/Taeyeon, it's still gaining quite a bit as well. As long as I've remembered too, 100k was always the threshold of if a GG song was a hit or not. I'm just saying that to a degree likes can be manipulated as well and they don't show the full picture. That's stats in general though. The full picture is never typically just hard numbers. Context matters.

    They aren't received well. MITM's charting shows that but doesn't make sense for alcohol free. AF is charting better than Joy's song. Again jyp ggs never received likes like bp, rv etc if I am not wrong.

    By the way likes actually do to an extent show the initial reception. I am not saying it's a sure thing but to some extent.

    If I’m not mistaken, Twice and BP typically receive similar amounts of likes within the same period. Only RV received an extra boost than usual, but I assumed that’s because their fanbase was more dedicated on Melon, so they always had that extra push on that front. I wouldn’t think much of likes though. They don’t really indicate much with the way how easily they can be manipulated by fanbases.

    Thus is the life of BLACKPINK’s success. It’s the circle of the YIN&YANG logo forgotten by YG.

    Hype -> success -> branding/yg payola is the reason for the success, it was to be expected -> longevity -> finally we enter a period of acceptance -> blackpink goes on hiatus -> a period of peace -> rejection (as their absence causes obsession) -> “If YG doesn’t get on it, soon people will stop caring” -> comeback announcements -> theorization of their success) -> hype (thus the cycle repeats)

    I feel like this is asked every week only for rookie idols to say their company want let them get a phone or do something until they get their first music show win. Then, people act shocked that the bread and butter of kpop culture actually does mean something to these Korean idols.

    It’s not really just K-pop. Lyrics in general are simply the least important aspect of music for probably majority of the world. That’s why so much music in different languages are able to cross boundaries. The most global music is in English because America is basically the cultural hub of the first world, so they would care more about English lyrics than countries that don’t speak English. However, lyrics aren’t even that important in American music. Most people wouldn’t be able to cite the lyrics without singing the melody. I mean, we memorize the alphabet through music. Think about it this way, music can exist without lyrics and it does. Lyrics without melody and rhythm isn’t called music.

    I’m sure Koreans care about lyrics and it’s an added advantage to artists that can write them well, but I don’t think they go around caring that much about lyrics. Similarly, Americans will of course say lyrics are important when thinking on quality, but that’s not going to stop them from enjoying a lot of music where lyrics aren’t necessarily the deepest.

    Thing is though that no matter what Rose was going to be successful. Everyone was anticipating this but I don't think anybody truly vibed with it. It's not a song that people are going to remember for it's impact imo. It only did well because it was Rose.

    But I agree, if they didn't have Blackpink now, they'd be in serious trouble. And it's been 9 months since their last comeback :mads:

    You could have stopped at the first sentence. The song was a success. Her debut was a success. Her b-side is very successful. Rosé is legit the best performing soloist behind IU this year so far. Many people liked it. She’s fine. You do not speak for everybody.

    The stats speak for themselves.

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    I think national hit is just an outdated term used for arguing. Usually associated with a large amount of people knowing a dance move or a key point dance. There are many hits to several degrees and songs not called national hits are remembered very much.

    In the case of AIIYL, it just didn’t have a viral moment that “national hits” have but it’s charting is amazing and it’s always played during variety shows and it’s very remembered. BP’s steady increase in popularity has certainly helped too as all their title tracks are in the 100-300 range even on hiatus atm.

    I think BTS & BP just reached a demographic outside of the idol sphere with a lot of their hits. Idol hits are usually associated with viral moments, but songs like SD, DNA, IDOL, AIIYL, PWF snuck up the ULs charts and surprised a lot of people because they tapped into a demographic of people that simply like their music and don’t need the viral moments associated with dances and key point movements for hits.IU/BB are the same. Most digital monsters are.

    When y'all find out that technically speaking Jennie is a far superior vocalist to Jisoo it starts to make Jisoo look even more unneeded

    Except, technically that’s not true. Jisoo’s voice is far more supported than Jennie’s. Jennie is an adequate lead vocalists but Jennie wouldn’t be able to project and support her head/chest voice to the same degree as Jisoo on the prechorus of D4 & KTL. Jisoo was able to match Rosé’s intensity and voice in KTL and Jisoo’s voices sits naturally at a much lower range than Rosé. Jennie’s voice sits a bit higher than Jisoo too. Rosé/Jisoo have actually increased a bit in skill since their rookie days (especially after 2018) where Jisoo and Jennie could have been similar levels.