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    There's still hope for another 8 songs full album in October

    Zero chance we get a 10 songs album lol

    blinks isnt even asking for two comebacks or two minis even when they deserve it

    exactly an 8 song "full album" is the LEAST they can give

    here for 2 old songs they scrapped from the 1st full, 2 new songs, and 4 solo songs (solo, otg, lisa1, jisoo1)

    that's 8 songs, dont care if that's just 4 BP songs, as long they can market it as a FULL ALBUM.

    It’s not a rule, just my observations based on how YG generally works when it comes to BP! Look how long it took to get the first one, and it only had 8 songs.

    yeah mini album will do more harm than good

    but oh well, yg loves mismanaging the girls

    bp isnt his personal project, knowing his ego, he is hurt to see a group not under him directly being the most successful

    that and combo of him being a misogynist makes it worse

    teddy being too old-fashioned with trapping content isn't helping them grow

    You keep repeating the same thing and bla bla so i will tell you this. If YGE give BP 1 full album per year they would be selling 1 ~ 2M albums or more every year. More than any YGE group cb.

    Oh they paid all the money so now let's stop giving them music. What a bs logic and just f up mentality. You are talking about "business" when I'm talking about my faves mental health which is not that good thanks to YGE, i and a lot of blinks keep seeing how sad, exhausted and just down our faves are bc of this so called business.

    If you want to keep thinking like that, ok, your opinion, but don't come at threads where people are also giving their opinions and try to be the cool business kid. You just seem like a clown who is licking YGE s behavior towards OTHER HUMANS!


    I find that user funny, talking about business when that user doesnt even know the basic LAW


    SUPPLY (content) and DEMAND (sales)

    in business of MUSIC, from KPOP to WESTERN

    from Taylor Swift to Ariana Grande to BTS to SNSD

    all of them released a lot of CONTENT, and they still sell well.

    i doubt that they'll sell less if they release another full album, obviously they won't

    but there's a bigger chance that their growth will be hindered if they release a mini album. it will just hurt their momentum.

    even Interscope their label wont bother promoting a mini album, the hype will even be lesser if they release a mini album especially internationally

    I'm not flexing anything and it's not towards BP, the only reason they give a lot of music to their other artists is because they haven't made their money back on them yet

    BP can't leave because they are still bringing money in just being there and it is also a HUGE loss of money to break a contract, for both the idols and the companies so yet again it comes around to money

    I know how popular they are, who doesn't? But that's not what it's about

    It's just business and if you don't understand business and if you don't accept the actual reason why they don't get a lot of content, it's your loss

    You are the one who is upset in this convo, not me


    they've proven time and time that they dont need LESS CONTENT to SELL BIG

    they are different from any other YG group

    if starvation is a strategy then groups like suju, snsd, 2ne1, twice, after they have their longest hiatus should have a miles increase in sales

    but they didnt

    mind you

    in a year BP sold:

    350 thousand - 1 song album

    1.4 million - 8 song album

    450 thousand - 2 song album (rose)

    500-650 thousand - 1 song album (lisa), which is an easy estimate

    so again no, lack of content isnt the reason for blackpink's sale and that shouldn't be an excuse to say as a strategy

    I don't think we will get Jisoo's this year, I expect that next year. YG really fucked up by not releasing them as planned and making the girls wait so long for their solo debuts.

    As for a group comeback, no way will YG give them another "full album" anytime soon.

    what's the reason why they wont be given a full album? is that a rule or something?

    also filling up 8 songs isnt a challenge, especially when they removed 2 songs from their first full album.

    honestly i want another full album but i think the amount of total songs matters less than the amount of promoted singles they do.

    i would prefer they fully promote 2-4 singles as a group this year, even if they only release 4 songs.... than if they did a full album of 8 songs but only promoted 1-2 or only 1 fully promoted and 1 halfass promoted like yg tends to do

    it’ll do more for their career. like think about nicki. just singles and collabs have kept her as the queen of rap for years without an album. you know what i mean? casual listeners and gp don’t listen to albums, they just listen to promoted singles. so more fully promoted singles is more important than how many songs it is i think

    no sis.

    cardi has better success, nicki is the queen of rap in terms of skills but in terms of stats, especially charts, cardi is miles bigger.

    if they do a full album, will always be better than a mini album

    doubt that they'll promote only 1 song with a mini album

    again interscope wont bother promoting a mini album

    it's a loss for them.

    tbh releasing a mini will just kill their hype and their growth especially in US and overseas

    4 song mini album wont bother their american label to promote it lol

    it's literally a sabotage

    there's really no reason why blackpink cannot make an 8 song full album

    they already have 2 songs they didnt include in their previous first album, how stupid of yg not to release 6 more songs and make it an 8 song full album


    I kinda get why Chinese idols will support Chinese government ig. But I don't have to support it. What's wrong is still wrong. I know that you can't go against the government ever because of how controlling CCP is, but I just hope that these celebrities would've stayed silent or done nothing instead of showing support, even if it's in a minor way.

    In such a situation, staying silent is enough.

    sis doing that can kill them and their families

    silence means they are against the government

    that's why lots of chinese stars release statement in SCRIPTS.

    the staff arent that ignorant to use such plot

    the knetz are either stupid or dumb

    do you think a multimillion dollar project starring the member of biggest girl group in the world now

    be doing such problematic plot

    especially most of the staff working in that kdrama witnessed such 1980 massacre

    in no way those intellectuals be throwing all of their experience down the drain.