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    Blackpink debuted when the whole concept of YG family was falling apart and was blamed for 2NE1's disbandment and Twice whilest they had their survival show it was nowhere as popular as the biggest survival shows in korea + their debut song did not do well from the start, it was a sleeper hit.

    They also did not debut in an era where the kpop market is as global as it is now. So it cant really be Bp or Twice

    Not even close? Gosh what the fuck are you talking about, are you okay? What is "not even close". Literally everywhere BP toured Twice toured as well and even more. Yall are pushing narrative for narratives sake at this point.

    The fact is that in career stats they are not even close, same with Twice and Blackpink in Sales the other way around

    160M+ vs 318M+ grossing is the current touring total, and Im not even including the 1 online concerts for each.

    This is literally non-arguable because its just pure data.

    well for the most part 3rd gen destroyed records from 2nd gen by 2017 or 2018.

    4th gen still does not have the top records such as highest charting in spotify, highest grossing/attended tour, highest melon ULs, highest circle points, youtube views, highest album sales or highest selling album etc etc

    So its lucky for 3rd gen fans as they still have stats to boast about which they are still ahead against 4th gen groups, as long as they use the biggest 3rd gen groups' names.

    2nd gen fans didnt have this luxury.

    In terms of total career stats:

    Touring : Blackpink and its not even close (They make the most money in their career as a result)

    Album Sales: Twice and its not even close

    International Streams, Charting: Blackpink and its not even close ( YT, Spotify is at least 4.5 Billion gap, Blackpink has #1s in charts all over Asia and they chart better in Europe and NA as well, plus they are basically #1 in China)

    Korean Streams, Charting: Twice has about 10 hits in Korea, with 3 very big ones in TT, DTNA and Cheer Up, Blackpink has about 9 hits with 3 very big ones in AIIYL/LSG, D4 and HYLT ( so its close but Twice edges it), SNSD has some really really iconic hits but overall they are way more well known for their recognition than digital power and NewJeans is too young

    Would say because of this Blackpink edges it as the most successful k gg of the 4 and of all time. Personally I dont really care about brand reputation, popularity, international/korea impact and everything else but if those are added then it would just be more points for why Blackpink is #1

    You miss the point. Babymonster get attention because of BP and BP got their hype because of 2NE1 and 2NE1 got hype because of Big Bang, even the boost BP got from coming from the same company as 2NE1 was bigger that the boost 2NE1 goot. So yes, it's a link between them.

    But it's the same for other groups, NewJeans have much of their status just because they come from same company as BTS. Aespa because the are a SME groups etc. The true heros are groups from smaller companies.

    Internationally i agree.

    But in korea, this generation of ggs dont benefit from the hype of just being in a big 3, with the except of hybe.

    Aespa, nmixx, babymonster debut all charted so bad initially with literally nobody checking them out.

    There is no true heroes imo because so much of kpop is in the trainee years. The toughest places to be at is at the biggest companies. For them to even debut at the biggest companies showed the additional work they have to had put in just to reach that stage

    Whilst Blackpink was successful at debut and released 3 hits in 1.5 years in whistle, PWF and AIIYL, they are way more known for their longetivity and all of their peak performances (korea in 2018 and 2020), (and internationally whichever is their most recent comeback) are when they are no longer rookies so this is a weird comparison.

    Feels like this would've been a closer comparison had it been against Twice or IVE

    I doubt it because Blackpink is one of the best album charters in spotify.

    But if NewJeans does it then it is indeed a great achievement for them. And they are the only gg so far with the potential to do it.

    The Reve Festival 2022: 1,048,239

    Chill Kill: 423,339

    My World: 2,126,817

    Drama: 1,195,404

    Insane drop but IVE or NewJeans doesnt seem particularly affected for their latest comeback.

    Was expecting Aespa to be the frontrunners in the sales department for 4th gen since their previous albums all sold the best but I guess SM screw it up and now its IVE or NewJeans #1 in yet another metric again

    Does the weekly circle chart include YouTube numbers?

    I dont think so as youtube dont openly disclose the more in depth figures.

    Unless KMCA made an arrangement with youtube music I am not aware of that. I only remember that Apple music and spotify recently added to be part of the chart

    I mean, we'd have said the same with 300k or even 400k ULs some years ago and look at us now. After all, even if the numbers are smaller, the proportion would be similar and it would be the main reference we have.

    I think (or want to think maybe) that we're in a big empty house though. In early 2022 it also seemed the situation wasn't going to recover and it did, so let's wait.

    I get your point and also we will most likely still use melon as a reference point, i think i meant it more as, since they have been dropping non stop since 2018/19 in ULs, i feel like there will be a point where the ULs are so low that melon itself will lose their credibility or significance as the reference point for how well a song is doing.

    And 150k ULs for the top song seems like it is pushing the limit. Of course it can also recover and we should wait, but it is at an uncomfortable stage already imo

    Imagine if the ULs go below 150k for the top songs in melon next year, we will probably need to start looking at other metrics to compare digital performance other than the weekly circle chart