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    If its just korean stats then sure it probably is


    Otherwise for me it is


    I respect fandom power and sales cumulated, but streams and international digitals has got to be up there as well to be considered instead of being downplayed. And Blackpink absolutely washes the other 2 in that aspect.

    We are in a streaming era. The main consumption of music source is streaming since the times they have debuted by a long shot. There is no country in the world that consumes music more through CDs or downloads than through streaming platforms. There is no way downloads and physicals sales are better indicators of success for a group for me during this period of streaming. Streaming also makes up of the biggest percentage of charts, shows better than anything else the reach of the kpop group, and puts the foundation for a song and group for award shows as well

    Touring wise it is now

    BTS > EXO >BLACKPINK > TWICE, Blackpink and Twice being fairly equal, Blackpink has more attendance and total touring sales now, but not by much

    Digitally in general, not just in Korea


    Physical Sales


    The only problem with Psycho is because it is always compared to Dolphin, Nonstop, HYLT, LSG, Hip (late 2019 and 2020 biggest gg hits).

    If u look at the comparison this way, the song isn't so impressive because it is possibly only bigger than Hip since Psycho's longetivity doesnt seem so impressive and HYLT was bigger at its peak. Gaon points are also surpassed by all except Hip

    Plus Psycho was insanely hyped last year because many thought only HYLT was bigger for the whole 2019-2020 gg songs. But because of the longetivity it is falling short now which was the product of the scandal. It is in a tough spot

    Its HYLT for now.

    I dont understand why ppl are saying Next Level has no competition, they have huge amount of competition, but the difference is none of their competition was as big as the ones HYLT went up against.

    Summer hate was 800k+ ULs when it was released, Beach Again 900k+ ULs. None of the songs Next Level went up against had that. Maria and downtown baby was also constantly at 500k+ ULs to 600+ ULs during the first few weeks of HYLT's release. Even tho NL is 2nd now, if it was release amongst those songs, they would be 5th/6th instead on the charts.

    And yet HYLT had 21 days at #1 despite the bigger competitors. So Next level had more competitors, but HYLT had bigger competitors in terms of songs on the charts. I'd say they are pretty even in that aspect

    Which is why HYLT's peak is so huge and justified to be bigger than NL now. But in the future NL could always have better longetivity and change that

    HYLT has 56 weeks in melon top 100 now. 2nd highest for Bp alr.

    Need to see if the song can break 60 weeks, it will be close.

    LSG will overtake MGT soon in weeks in top50 as well if it remains to be this stable. It is far from a summer song esp its lyrics for korean so actually it will be benefitting from the summer ending unlike songs like dolphin, AIIYL, DTNA etc

    Its final number of weeks in top 100 is a toss up but it looks like it will break 70 weeks as well

    Also i wonder how long hylt will chart inside top100 of Melon? Its doing more than 52+ weeks. Can it do 60? Maybe i am asking something delusional. Lol

    No one knows, it would most definitely be more than 55 weeks though.

    60 weeks dont seem so far fetched now. If they come back later in the year it might do more than 65.

    67/68 is the record right? Dolphin will most definitely break both, gaon and melon longetivity records are held by AIIYL and CU respectively if Im not wrong

    LSG is on a roll as well, 36 weeks in top 30

    Digitally Overall, or just in korea tho MassiveKpopFan ?

    Dont understand the fighting here over korean digitals. I dont see how Blackpink can be bigger than Twice yet in Korea, I do however think that Blackpink is has already done better than Twice for digitals 2018-2021 or at least on par and it is only because 2020 digitals were a huge decrease that their total gaon digital points aren't above Twice yet in that aspect.

    2015-2017 is a battle between AIIYL/Whistle/PWF vs CU/TT/KK/LOA/Likey, PWF and TT are similar level hits and Whistle and Likey/LOA are similar level hits, AIIYL matched CU's longetivity and did quite well initially as well so it is fair to say that Blackpink is just 2 hits away from levelling with Twice in korea. They really arent as far behind Twice as people thinks

    Else overall, I don't see how Twice is bigger or more dominant than Blackpink, even with all the streams from Japan, Korea added into international streaming platforms Blackpink is by far the most streamed gg of all time, not even just in kpop

    Also the digital points r tragic. Songs like hylt, nonstop and dolphin aren't yet even close to 800M points given how long they are charting. The downloads have gone down alot.

    Not as tragic as Psycho and Hip. At least those 3 songs can reach 800M

    Just to be clear, SNSD's peak in any part of asia not SK/Japan is nowhere near Blackpink's peak in SEA. Blackpink's peak in SEA is 9 weeks at #1 and most streamed intl song of the year.

    Blackpink's biggest strength is how big they are in Asia. Not sure why ppl think SNSD is bigger there because most people were not even into kpop back then to know about SNSD. And that is not SNSD's fault, but it means SNSD is not as big as Blackpink in asia. Alot of intl fans started listening to kpop because of Bp.

    SNSD are so big for sure but they are considered more iconic if u ask fans in different areas, and this is an international forum. So this is what u would expect