Hello new user old lurker

  • Long time lurker of the old forum but never bothered to register.

    I'm 36 Chinese-Australian and listening to kpop for almost 2 years now.

    I have a favourite but i'll keep that to myself for now. ;) No need to expose oneself before the fun starts

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  • Hey and welcome to the new AKP any questions or issues come to one of us

    no just keeping a low profile for now...lurked on the old forum long enough to generally figure things out. Thanks for asking though :)

    I'm just wondering when the first "fight" will break out and what the topic will be.

    I suspect some variation of "paved the way" - oh look there's already like at least two paved the way threads already ^^

  • TRI (Today's Random Information)

    I used to collect and play an assortment of card games such as Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh

    I still have a huge collection at my parent house.

    If I recall correctly I have a first edition holo Charizard (its worth a lot of money i think)

  • TRI

    I like basketball i watch it and play it

    my fav player of all time is the goat michael jordan but currently i like Javale McGee

    my fav teams right now are Golden State and the Lakers

  • TRI

    I like to play an assortment of games including board games, cards etc.

    Some of my favourite games include


    Cards - poker (but I'd much rather be the dealer lol), asshole, snap whatever its all good to me.

    Chess - I used to compete in school but don't have much time for it anymore

    Army Chess - How to Play Army Chess / Luzhanqi / 陸戰棋 – Yellow Mountain Imports (ymimports.com)

    Chinese Chess - this was one of the first games I learned from my grandfather

    Various Card games - which I've mentioned above

    Computer Games - I like strategy (warcraft, starcraft, AOE) and RPGS (I love baldur's gate) don't really like action or first person shooters - used to play LOL

  • TRI

    When I first came to Australia I couldn't speak any English other than Gameboy (cos my mother had just brought me one from HK - the original GB with tetris).

    My parents had signed me up to the local primary school but they said because i couldn't speak english i had to attend a language school which they didn't want me attending cos it was 2 bus trips away.

    The principal struck a deal with my parents that I had to learn English in three months otherwise I would have to attend the language school. My parents agreed.

    During normal class times my principal would take me out of normal classes and tutor/teach me one on one using flash cards of english words and pictures. At night my parents would do the same.

    I learned English in one month and to this day I still have fond memories of that principal.

    His name was Mr. Henderson

  • TRI

    Music Preferences (pre-kpop)

    I started with listening to lots of old Chinese classics that my parents would play such as:月亮代表我的心 Yue liang dai biao wo de xin 鄧麗君Teresa Teng,pinyin - YouTube

    As I got older got into Cpop and Mpop

    4 heavenly kings, Twins (I was quite a fan back then), Kelly Lim, Gigi Leung, Sammi Cheng etc

    One of my favs: 陳奕迅 Eason Chan《十年(國) [OT : 明年今日]》[Official MV] - YouTube

    As a kid I was bullied quite heavily as I was the only Chinese kid in my school so somehow I got into rap and discovered that which would become my ult - Eminem. His songs mean so much to me and two years ago when he toured I got to see him in concert in person which was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life.

    (I won't mention my fav song of his yet but I'll leave you with this classic Eminem - White America (Official Music Video) - YouTube which is a pretty accurate depiction of USA right now.

    Then a couple of years ago got into kpop but that's another story for another day.

  • TRI

    i like and collect letter openers yes the things that look like little knives that you csn use to open letters.

    i have about a dozen and a funny story is my then gf accidentally tried bring one in her csrry on lugguage until security sternly asked her why she was trying to bring s knife onto a plane

  • TRI


    I have seen every one of the MCU movies and my favourite is Infinity Wars

    My favourite western movie is Jerry Maguire

    I really like sci-fi, fantasy and action movies since I'm a dude so things like LOTR, Terminator and Star Wars

    I can watch horror but its probably my least preferred genre.

    I don't mind a Rom-Com but only in small doses and depends on the actors/actresses involved.

    My favourite chinese (inc HK) movie is Fly Me to Polaris - i really like the song in the movie Starwish by Cecilia Cheung (Fly Me to Polaris) Translation - YouTube

    I like a lot of the action movies from HK growing up like with Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

    Another one of my favourites is Infernal Affairs which the movie The Departed is based on (I still prefer the HK version)

    I love studio ghibli movies and have watched almost all of them

    My favourite is Laputa - Castle in the Sky because I watched it prior to coming to Australia

    Hayao Miyazaki is a living legend of anime and I will be really sad when he passes.

    One of my first animes that I watched was Akira the movie

  • TRI


    I can and probably will literally eat anything

    I've mentioned previous here that I've tried dog but also water cockroach

    My favourite foods are mooncakes, lychees, Longans, all types of seafood (especially Lobster) and Sachima https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sachima

    I generally don't like bitter foods so no coffee for me and I hate bitter melons.

    If I ever go to Japan I would probably want to try Whale

  • TRI

    I'm married and have a son

    i've been married for 5 years now and my son is 3 years old

    i've played him some kpop and he seems to like dancing to it.

    he's handsome and cute enough to be a kpop idol i think

    he's too smart for his own good and will be handful in the future (hell he already is right now)

  • TRI

    I do not like nor can drink alcohol. My face goes red after 1 glass of wine or a can/bottle of beer.

    I think I might have something in my genes which does that - both my parents are also light/non-drinkers.

    Apparently I tried Sake while in China 4 years ago and surprisingly my body tolerated that.

    One of my worst alcohol experiences was when my friend invited me for lunch

    He made seafood pasta and I had two glass of white wine (standard glass) when I went home I vomited, I slept and I got myself a headache so I guess I was hungover from two glasses of white wine with food.

    I will usually get tipsy if I have one shot of anything hard and thus I have never ever been truly drunk in my life.

  • TRI

    Today will be less about myself and more hope to this thread for some akorn giveaways

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