The reason why male rookie idols aren't doing so well these days

  • The reason why male rookie idols aren't doing so well these days


    Article: "The reason why male rookie idols aren't doing so well these daysㄹㅇ"

    Source: Pann

    These days whenever I listen to idol music I just *sigh*...

    1. All the songs are recycled, manufactured trash straight from the factory "Dumchit dumchit ... (suspenseful music) Fire !!! wax! wax! Tonight burning up yeah ~ (whirring noise)."
    2. Can't write songs without throwing in random English lyrics like "tonight" or "baby"
    3. Too many kids that think they're the 2nd V, Kai, Jungkook, or GD even though they're neither talented nor good looking
    4. Their bodies are too frail so I feel like I need to protect them meanwhile their lyrics are "I'll carry you" while their bodies look like they can't "carry" a water bottle
    5. Styling is basically "white" suit like from EXO's 'Love Shot' or BTS' 'BST'. You'd think they'd rather die than wear anything else. Overall styling and concept = VIXX but without the physique
    6. It feels like they became an idol not because they're passionate about song and dance but rather because they want to seduce girls at Gangnam clubs
    7. They all look the same
    8. They think as long as they dye their hairs with bright colors they'll become GD
    9. Lyrics, song and dance isn't "manly" at all it's just "tryhard" and "aggressive" like they want to assault women or something
    10. There are many groups made to look like a fake version of "X" idol and then media play saying "they look like X" etc. The problem is they're not as attractive or charming as X idol they're cosplaying so they just come off as "ambiguous"
    11. You can tell from their stage that their teamwork is not good or non-existent
    12. Female idols = "innocent look" while male idols = "ogle or pretend to", "scary looking", "bad boy" or "sexy"
    13. Girls hate guys that try so hard to be "heart fluttering" and then ask "did your heart flutter?" etc. just an example. Why not let them judge for themselves and excite them with your music.
    14. Names that are f***ing weird, scary or hard to remember. Looks like the trend is group names like AI or a virus
    15. Honestly I think boys in my class are more handsome and much better than idols nowadays. These kids look like a bunch of iljins doing cover performances.
    16. They think sexy = revealing it all

    Anyway, most of the kids have zero presence and have no idea why they were picked. Too many kids can barely dance, sing, have zero vocal tone, barely any visuals, physique or personality. Their songs are just terrible and they dance like they're cosplaying BTS' fire. It's like they all want to be an idol to get money, fame and girls like BTS or EXO.

    Don't copy other idols just be you. Be honest in your thoughts and feelings.

    Don't pick golden spoons

    Don't just look at visuals but pick an idol with a luxurious looks

    Overall, pick good-natured kids (Or else, it's obvious on stage)

    Take into consideration women opinions

    Stop taking things off just because you think your body looks a bit better

    Make bright and addictive music now that corona is coming to an end (stop with the machines)

    Don't include numbers or strange symbols in your name

    Don't include many similar-looking kids

    Don't dance too hard, just relax

    Pick kids that are excited about music and love singing and dancing

    Picks kids with good vocals

    Don't add unreasonable raps.

    Distinguish between what women think is "cute" and what's just plain "cringe"

    Stop throwing in "tonight"

    Stop with obvious lyrics about "love" and "women". Talk about other things instead.

    I know its easier said than done but if they follow this list they're guaranteed to stand out.


    1. [+251, -2] Kids nowadays are in an "ambiguous" position . I worry how they'll eat once their groups disband. Previous idols could at least go on varieties or go into acting but kids nowadays can't even do that.
    2. [+205, -1] Everything OP wrote is straight factsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ too hilariousㅋㅋㅋ
    3. [+166, -1] The standards to debut as an idol are too low these days. Especially if they have good visuals
    4. [+145, -0] I hate watching kids with excessive make-up. Can we please stop with the red eyeshadow makeup trend
    5. [+81, -0] Everyone is going for the bad boy crush concept with boy-like "visuals" so it's a bit unnatural. And honestly I'm just tired of seeing the same dance and song concept so I can't tell them apart anymore. I know they're doing it because Tik-tokers are into that nowadays but it's just ugh... too cringe
    6. [+77, -1] Too many members. Nowadays they just pick anyone with good enough visuals and make them debut with the other trainees.
    7. [+53, -0] These days all the male idols have the "GD" "V" or "Kai" diseaseㄹㅇ
    8. [+50, -0] V Kai Jung Kook GD ㄹㅇ too many male rookie idols cosplaying as them these days ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • This is the new generation go away, gone days ~

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  • That's some bullshit. The reason rookies aren't doing as well as everyone wishes is that they literally debuted in the middle of pandemic where people are at their worst when it comes to their financial status. And if people don't have money of course that will greatly affect those rookies, especially the small groups.

    I don't understand what's these people's obsession with literal kids. Everywhere in the post it's talked about how they try to seduce girls and stuff. I haven't seen one of these rookie groups do the embarrassing stuff 2nd and 3rd gen groups do such as dumb hip thrusts, humping the air, humping the ground, come on 🤣

    Seriously speaking, those rookies are about to eat up every group besides bts and svt so I understand why everyone is so pressed

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