Do you ever think of deleting Twitter? I want to but..

  • Sorry for asking this, I realized I should have waited to delete reddit last night and asked this there, but I figured I'm not here a lot and it might be an okay place to ask since I have a feeling many of you are my age to and might be dealing with this. I'm also sick right now so I don't have much I am able to do in general since my surgery, I won't be able to work out for a while either sadly.

    While watching one of the latest from Oneus, I have really been considering getting rid of twitter again for the first time since 2018. I like soloists and kpop groups, people seem to get defence of if you like more then one artist (I really like BTS since 2018 and I seem to have many negative reactions from people surprisingly my age).

    I also coldn't help but notice I'm not into dancing as much as I once was either.

    I was wondering if this is what it feels like to grow out of kpop and if feeling awkward about deleting it from my phone is actually pretty normal? I started deleting photos, no more merchandise (even if I only ever had a small amount) and wanting to get rid of WeVerse next since I got a really meaningful and valuable response.

    Am I just experiencing growing away from kpop and is part of my thought process do you think? Did you feel bad about it? I unsunscribed from two artists recently to since I wanted to clean up my youtube page to something else besides just kpop.

    Sorry, thanks if you choose to respond.

  • It’s…not that deep? Follow kpop on twitter if you want otherwise don’t.

    I’m well into my 20s and I’ve been in the fandom life since I was a kid. With me personally I don’t find the need to delete any social media I just get interested in other things and move on and those platforms Reddit/twitter etc are useful for other fandoms as well. EXO simply isn’t active any more so my social media is filled with other not kpop fandoms. It’s not really a big deal, no one is keeping tabs. And so many ppl on my Twitter have moved on to other groups or completely new fandoms or just don’t use twitter any more. I don’t think this is an age thing some ppl quit fandoms in 1 year, some in 10 years and some never do. I have people in the same fandom since 2012 lol. Very dedicated.

    Anyway like I said it’s really not deep.

  • I think you just to reposition yourself on HOW you use Twitter and other fanspaces.

    Twitter has two different options and the user experience, and toxicity and shithead behaviour you encounter, differs extremely between them.

    For You and Followin

    For You, especially after that pasty, flabby, right wing dogwhistling, arrogant little cis-het dog took over, is a horrible place. No matter how much you try and curate it, you will get stuff you don't want thrown at you. Army? Expect to see anti-BTS posts on your For You. Blink? Better believe some hateful stuff about Blackpink will pop up. Left Wing and Liberal? You're going to get right wing neo-nazi stuff. It's awful. I swear the algorithm purposely feeds you stuff it knows you don't like, because it wants you to engage badly with it.


    Following is much better. Yes you will only see posts from accounts you follow, but you know what the good thing is about that? You will only see posts from accounts you follow! You can especially curate that down to things you like, things you want to see. Following an account that spreads toxicity and doesn't make you feel happy? Unfollow it and its gone.

    Post Melon Husk, I only use the Following tab, and my Twitter experience is all the better for it.

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