RE: Do you want to be a kpop idol? (questions for you)

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    no, even if i was so much talented i cant tolerate that slavery

    but i just hypothetically answer this lol

    1. what company would you want to be under? i think kq or hybe

    2. solo or group? group

    3. after disbandment or leaving, what would you do with your career? if i am rich would donate most of my money and will just live as commoner, that would be peaceful, if i am not rich i will do the same except the donating part since i dont have money

    4. would you date as an idol? no, i dont date anyways.

    5. who would you want to make friends with first? i want to be besties with ateez, skz they are my faves and they are closest my age

    6. what role or position would you want? i want to be rapper

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