Billboard Deleted 176,000 Of BTS JIMIN Sales For The HOT 100...leaving him with 14,000 sales

  • rock is disproportionally sales-driven as well but rock fans also aren't buying the same tracks repeatedly. they are album buyers and concert goers, and they don't usually buy multiple copies unless there's a special set or whatever.

    frankly i would say the type of digital buying BB is targeting is primarily Kpop fan behavior right now.

    i really can see the problem from all sides. it's ridiculous to send the message that buying music is wrong but something also is wrong when a fan feels compelled to take on this burden repeatedly. every company involved is ugly and the problem.

    Rock is also dead which makes this a moot point I guess Kek. Anyway this is similar to the Circle Digital Chart dilemma I guess I also don’t know what the right answer is here. On one hand it’s a fact that BTS made that much money from sales and DLs so why shouldn’t their success be included on the chart. But at the same time should fandom obsession be rewarded. Who really knows. I too see the problem on all sides.

  • They regarded BTS as a novelty act that wasn't any threat. Then they thought BTS could be controlled and contained. And then they realized, belatedly, that they were wrong about both things.

  • i'm sure about this. They ruined it for themselves with butter blocking olivia rodrigo for 10 weeks.

  • i'm sure about this. They ruined it for themselves with butter blocking olivia rodrigo for 10 weeks.

    PLAGERIZING PAYOLA QUUEN???? If anything that proves BB changing their rules in support of the mega big 3 label supporting her to have reassurance that a group like BTS does not rely on fans actually PAYING for music beat their own artists when they poured millions of dollars to make Olivia seem bigger than she is. Will never forgot J.Cole's iconic verse calling out artists doing payola but can't sell out a concert like Olivia couldn't.

  • Music industry is pissed off that hybe didn't do payola, that Jimin's amazing result was due to fans only and their support. And they can't let that happen, labels are supposed to do payola, they need to make money. Imagine fans buying music being problematic and labels paying radio to spin their artists music not. :clown:

    This is unacceptable.


    They find BTS useless, since they didn't join the corrupt table

  • Statistically this makes zero sense. It’s like Spotify’s filtering “ AI “. Just fake claims to cover them as they do whatever they want. Billboard is corrupt AF and I hope BTS never again gives them any clout. IFPI is by far the superior music reporting site. Billboard disgusts me as an American.

  • i'm sure about this. They ruined it for themselves with butter blocking olivia rodrigo for 10 weeks.

    You have a type: fake and propped up by media play/shady deals. The industry has indeed been mad at BTS since they blocked their industry plant. Look at her, can’t even sell out a tour on the same level as Twice.

  • And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I stopped supporting American mainstream artists even with streams.

    They get heavily favored at home with radio, which gatekeeps against non-American based artists (with the exception of some English speakers signed with major American labels), but still want us to open their doors wide for them.

    Take a good look at your playlists and see if you might not want to delete something and replace it with Kpop or other music from non-American mainstream labels. There's lots of great music from other countries. Discover it.

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