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    Have you ever suffered from any mental health issues? If not, please do not talk about what and how things can trigger you into a spiral.

    Sure I have. It should be pretty obvious by now. Practically everyone has suffered through some form at some point in their life. It’s not special or protected. Mental illness, trauma, and hardships in general should be accepted as normal and stopped from being seen as something different or as other. Then maybe people would be more willing to talk about it and see that they are not alone or different. The whole triggering and protecting other from feeling triggered goes against the open discussion of these issues in general. Making people keep silent and internalizing the perception of these issues as being “ bad “ or negative is what causes people to continue in these destructive spirals. People should feel free to express themselves and know that it’s normal and acceptable.

    if i have to tell you this is an inappropriate reaction to someone finally sharing their trauma to the point he has to take medication and treatment for it, then you are not an adult i’m willing to talk about caring about people’s mental health at all. Good riddance.

    I’m telling you people that if a MV triggers you then I worry for the people around you. You all say that suicidal people should reach out and confide in others. Seek support. Yet how are they supposed to do that if they have to fear that they might “ trigger” others? This whole being triggered about what OTHERS experienced and had or are going through is weird to me because that kind of response is not going to help anyone. Maybe instead of focusing on yourself all the time, understand that it is happening to someone else and not make it about yourself. Have empathy. I mean when I watch the MV I feel empathy for Yoongi and relate to his hardships and don’t feel like I’m forced to relive all the bad things that happened to me. It’s because I coped with my hardships and can have empathy for others. If some people can’t even watch a MV without even getting triggered then they should seek help because that is a lot to keep carrying around. This whole idea of being triggered is not promoting mental health but making it worse.

    …are we going to argue about hybe or youtube doing the right thing for once? Are we seeing the same mv? Many army said even the car crash clips circulating twt is already triggering for them and that part hardly the worst thing happened to him in the video

    For fucking once please not think about streaming nor number and see bigger picture. Idgaf about what had youtube done to other videos.

    …just lie? I never put my real details to my socials

    I don’t agree with the age restrictions because even as a kid I had coping skills and was never a fragile person. This MV would not be triggering to anyone who had coping skill or didn’t live such an insulated life. But I guess this is what society has devolved into. Being triggered by this MV is weird to me but to each their own. This MV was mass reported because it wasn’t age restricted when it was first released.

    It’s funny how BTS are punished by Snake Tube and brain dead kpop fans for wanting to make songs about relatable and meaningful subjects but Kpop music is beloved for sexualizing minors and for promoting the values of being shallow and having no depth of character in fans or idols. It’s all about looking skinny, looking attractive, and looking expensive. Lyrics that are just literal noises or sound like sentences utterances by stoke patients. I finally realized that kpop fans aren’t just jealous that their faves aren’t as successful as BTS but that BTS songs are trying to make them think and it literally angers them. Kpop fans don’t want to be forced to start thinking they just want to be mindlessly bopping to music while never paying attention to the nonsense lyrics. I think kpop fans should stick to their mindless music and stop trying to listen to BTS. They might stop being so annoying then.

    It’s fair judgement for once, the content can be extremely triggering for some people. I did wish it was come with “discretion advised” warning

    I don’t agree since Snake Tube never once age restricted clips from the Movie Cuties when it is triggering for pedophilia. Look it up. If they don’t apply restrictions as unbiased and equally then they shouldn’t be in charge of it. They should also look into targeted mass reporting.

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    But Yoongi is right. Jungkook is a MPB! Period.

    If only Namjoon realized that ARMY would lose their minds if he ever got naked 😉

    I said Corden is a WELLKNOWN asshole POS. Are BP and blinks well known asshole POS? I exaggerated and said it would put them in the same category because of the way they are behaving maybe I shouldn’t expect any better from them in the future, just like I never expect any better from Corden because he is a well known asshole POS. Did I ever outright call them POS? No I did not. Don’t get the nuances twisted because I should be able to criticize whoever I want when all the other kpop fans here do so with BTS all the time. All the defense of BP when I’ve never seen so much for BTS isn’t surprising at all.


    Please Blinks. Mistakes were made, JC apologised, so he was obviously talking about an important album charts, not a measly iTunes lol.

    The gaslighting of Blinks. It’s embarrassing. OP should not make this thread tbh, the issue was already forgotten. Why need to bring it up with illogical excuses? You just want BP to be attacked again. SMH.

    They want to get more ARMY banned. It’s why they lie. I don’t really care.

    Does anyone know how to delete your AKP account? Please let me know if you do.

    You've been here since earlier spewing all nonsense. All the words you've been saying are all assumptions. You speaking like you know the pinks, their friends or even the things they even talk about when they meet. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Just bcuz JK was criticized you also want bp to experience the same thing? Talk about trash attitude :cursing:

    You do know that all you blinks have done every single time BP are criticized is spew assumptions and some of them aren’t even believable. Like what you did in this thread. I was criticizing BP just like all you kpop fans always feel free to criticize BTS. Why should I be held to a different standard? I’ve seen plenty of you blinks feel free to criticize the BTS members all the time. In fact you guys like to even go into BTS appreciation threads to make shady comments in them all the time. It’s the blink MO.

    You do know how often BTS are dragged on here and I see plenty of those who did it still around. Like I said before to you. If you don’t want anything negative said about BP , just state it for everyone to be aware. I called Corden a POS. The way Blinks shield BP from any criticism was verging on making them similar to Corden. My point is that any criticism about BP is always viciously attacked while always absolving BP of any responsibility of anything they do or say. That is what’s frustrating and then to have a mod seemingly enforce that is oppressive. I don’t think it’s hateful to expect BP to correct disinformation that is taking credit while discrediting others.

    Some of you need to realize your faves are not as obsessed with records outside of wanting their songs to do well.

    Rosé is chronically unaware of Blackpink's achievement literally as they're happening. Could not think of a single achievement of Blackpink's to brag about. Ffs Luvies had to make a book and give it to Red Velvet because they were so unaware of their achievements, including a literal fucking daesang. I imagine when you achieve so much, the records start to run together

    So aren’t some BP members friends with some of the idols in the kpop groups that topped billboard? And yet you think that they are such shitty friends that they wouldn’t even congratulate or mention this achievement? According to Blinks BP are literal dolls because they aren’t responsible for anything they do. From music, dancing, comebacks, etc. etc. BP have no control over anything because if anything goes wrong it’s always someone else’s fault. Pretty weird.

    If you want to fire shots at specific Blinks, do that.

    But leave the BP members out of it; they did nothing wrong to be dragged into this. I promise their lives are much more than achievements and careers. We could say the same about BTS. Can't be projecting ourselves onto these artists; they're in a much different headspace. They have loved ones to take care of, people they haven't seen in years due to the nature of the job. I promise you they aren't thinking about miscellaneous bragging rights.

    Someone brought up Hardy's thread. ^^ I'd rather he take the heat for the claims he makes. "Blinks this" or "Armys that" just becomes an endless cycle of who started what, and we know that narrative always changes depending on the person you ask. No one actually gets held accountable for their talking points when you target the fandom as a whole instead of coming for the individual directly.

    I just read the rules and there is no rule against bashing idols. You gave this WP to me at your “ mod’s discretion” and made up the reason. So basically you gave me a WP because YOU were mad at me for daring to say anything negative about BP. I bet you never did that on behalf of BTS. I should be able to appeal this because of the obvious bias and retaliation by a mod.