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    From May 6, 2020, to May 15, 2020, BTS completely controlled KPop, as the last remaining opponent, a Lee Jieun, had submitted to it.

    However, on May 15, she released this version, cutting Suga's part and essentially rebelling against BTS.

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    This rebellion eventually led to BTS being dragged to the military and losing the world empire.

    However, it was totally preventable.

    It seems by 2019 even the most determined foe of KPop, the singer who spent the most time undermining KPop's advance to the world felt pressure and felt a need to reach an accommodation with BTS.

    In an episode of Suchwita, IU had said that she sent an offer to collaborate with RM but the latter never responded.

    If he accepted, it is likely that he would have given an artsy, not too popular, a 'manianical' song typical for his own releases, which would have been critically acclaimed and quickly buried, like some other collabos she had done.

    However, RM refused the collabo, and Suga took the offer, despite of him almost bringing her around by a song he gave to Suran, a singer who has not been heard of since then, to bury IU after the latter was humiliated by Laboum.

    Suga took the offer because he wanted a new producer at Big Hit (at that time), El Capitxn, who was the same age as him, something to do because the latter had become his friend.

    The problem is, El Capitxn was previously known as Jang Yijeong, in a little known group named History, and primarily known for singing a line in a song called "Friday", by ..... IU.

    That led him to be able to speak the #1 comments, in front of two EXO members, Xiumin and Sehun. It was the highest point of El Capitxn's life.

    So El Capitxn, who probably did most of the actual work, was significantly more friendly with IU than whoever RM would have worked with to produced the song.

    Eight was released, and it became a greater hit that expected, and IU felt confident enough to rebel against BTS, which led to a lot of unfortunate incidents I won't repeat here.

    If RM had worked IU and released a well-received but not that popular song, which would have been quickly buried in the charts, that would have established BTS' supremacy over IU who would not have been confident enough to go against it.

    Instead, Eight led IU to be the primary competition of BTS.

    Without Dynamite, probably its most popular song of ever, Eight would have become the #1 song of 2020, and IU's supremacy over BTS would have been established, preventing its world conquest the next year.

    RM , by refusing a collabo with IU, lost a huge chance to bury BTS' most determined and stubborn foe once for all, and instead made her strong enough to challenge BTS, an idea which was not lost by Taylor Swift and Morgan Wallen.

    Beatles' British invasion began on Feb 7, 1964.

    I have grown up listening to pre-Beatles songs (don't ask me why) and have heard more older style pop than most people around.

    Before Beatles, the slower, older style of pop dominated, and in 1963 even a Japanese singer, Kyu Sakamoto, won #1s in Billboard Hot 100 in a song no one could understand in the West and whose promoter put the title "Sukiyaki" to it. (Its official Japanese title means "I look up as I walk".

    Popular conception leads to the notion that Beatles' arrival ended all older style of Pop, but in 1964 a bitter fight between the previous style of Pop and Beatles took place.

    Beatles did NOT lose any moment, and promptly fired off one hit after another.

    Beatles Hot 100s in 1964 and 1965

    I want to hold your hand

    She loves me

    Can't buy love

    Love me do

    A Hard Day's night

    However, after they returned to prepare a new album, the old style of music returned with a vengeance, and songs like Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, or Baby Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes returned.

    Beatles ended 1964 with I feel Fine at the #1 of Billboard hot 100, but as soon as the year changed, Petula Clark, a British but someone who did NOT like Beatles' style, won #1 at Hot 100 with her song "Downtown".

    That is the equivalent of Lee Jieun's Through the Night winning #1 at Hot 100 now.

    With this, the R&B faction launched an offensive, putting "My Girl" by the Temptation and "Stop in the Name of Love" by Diana Ross topped the Hot 100.

    Beatles fought back with "Eight Days a Week" at Hot 100 #1.

    However, three British acts, now long forgotten, decided the fate of the British Invasion.

    I'm Telling You Now - Freddie and the Dreamers

    The Game of Love - Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders

    Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter - Herman's Hermits

    I don't know how popular these acts were in Britain at that time, but that would be like NCT Dream, Stray Kids, and txt winning #1s at the Billboard Hot 100.

    With three British acts not named Beatles winning #1s at Hot 100, the game was over.

    Beatles had two more #1s at Hot 100, Ticket to Ride and Help!, and other acts like Rolling Stones also landed.

    With the confidence gained by this success, Beatles concluded 1965 with a Paul McCartney solo song, "Yesterday". It says Beatles since at that time it was not common for a member of a group to release a solo song while still being with the group, but it is a Paul McCartney solo.

    Beatles had put 9, Nine, songs at #1 in Billboard Hot 100, plus 1 solo song at there, in the space of less than two full years.


    2021 was the year of Miracles for Hybe.

    BTS had 3 songs at #1 in Billboard 100. (At here collabo songs are considered to be Hybe songs) for 12 total weeks.

    In addition, Justin Bieber , at that time a Hybe act, had 1 week at that position ,and a Kid Laroi, also a Hybe act, and Bieber spent 7 weeks at that position.

    So, Hybe acts spent 20 weeks out of 52 , almost 5 months,at #1 in Billboard Hot 100.

    The domination was so great that a local singer, IU, became the #9 most awarded singer of the year, since BTS took 162 awards , two times that of the Weeknd, the runner up who took out 81. However the people adding up the awards did enter the Korean awards, which are much more liberally given, to inflate BTS' numbers so IU was included even though every single one of her awards was won in Korea.

    However, other KPop acts failed to follow BTS' lead and penetrate #1s.

    In 2022 Bang made a lot of stupid choices which I won't retell.

    Korea , by then, consisted a whooping 5% of the entire market share of BTS, and the clientele which followed BTS would not have given a shit if BTS jumped Korea.

    The biggest reason of KPop's decline is the surprising failure of txt to go anywhere.

    People , including Bang , would have expected that txt would at least have won a couple #1s at Billboard Hot 100, rise big enough to do stadium concerts, etc, but it fell short. One of its producers is an El Capitxn, best known for singing a line in IU's Friday (and that led to his participation in the song production of "Eight", about which I will talk about later). which might be why txt is much less impressive than expected.

    However, other companies were way less aggressive as well, going for easier money in Japan rather than establishing an unbreakable stranglehold in USA (and by corollary the West).

    Hybe's defeat of the R&B/rap faction was decisive - it has not been able to rise again.

    However that did not lead to a permanent presence of Kpop in the West, but instead led to the resurgence of Pop and Country music in there, and with the likely return of Donald Trump in the autumn, the Country faction will get stronger , probably becoming the most formidable foe which will await BTS in 2026.

    Hmm.. definitely an interesting candidate.. don't let the ARMY know.

    I have mentioned it several times during the MHJ circus

    >And I think BTS, at least Taehyung, won't remain loyal to Bang for too long. I think RM and JK will stay loyal, but I cannot say the same for the other members. Taehyung will bolt out as soon as he can, ending BTS for all practical purposes. They would be angry that Bang spent the money they had earned were spent on frivolous projects, and after all these world conquest, they are still poorer than Lee Jieun who never really left Korea until this year. At least the individual members will demand the treatment MHJ got if Bang still wants them in the company.

    When fans will stop bulk buying their faves albums they will have more money to buy tickets to concerts. Also, we have now too many groups and many soloists who tour, so not 3 or 4 groups are present in the west. People have more choices, so market becomes competitive, so all the cake won’t go to only bp and BTS. Also, during covid era and after buying tickets to watch online became extremely popular and cheaper. So people started buying tickets so they can atlest watch their faves online, so consider this atleast

    Hard to do since a lot of fans live in places where concert venues are not easy to get to.

    Everyone and her brother is touring USA , even the Senior Singer, when there is something to collect so that did create a saturation.

    Plus the music was not catch enough. It became bland.

    That actually is indicative of decline. Too many with diluted impact is the spiral downwards.

    They are all simply rushing to squeeze the dying goose and make whatever buck they can. Even if they can't even fill 200-500 people venues.

    Soon they will drop below the break even point and poof.

    During the British invasion era, according to encyclopedia britannica,

    British Invasion | Origins, Groups, & Facts
    British Invasion, musical movement of the mid-1960s composed of British rock-and-roll groups whose popularity spread rapidly to the United States. The bands…


    Peter and Gordon (“A World Without Love”),

    the Animals (“House of the Rising Sun”),

    Manfred Mann (“Do Wah Diddy Diddy”),

    Petula Clark (“Downtown”), [Not her - she would be somewhat equivalent to the singer who had taken a photo with anchovy)

    Freddie and the Dreamers (“I’m Telling You Now”),

    Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders (“Game of Love”),

    Herman’s Hermits (“Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter”),

    the Rolling Stones (“[I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction” and others),

    the Troggs (“Wild Thing”), and

    Donovan (“Sunshine Superman”) all topped Billboard’s singles chart.<

    10 acts topping Billboard Hot 100, plus one not part of the Invasion, the equivalent of the person who has been the greatest enemy of KPop.

    No one can imagine the singer who contributed nothing to KPop topping Hot 100, ever.

    The unfortunate thing was that no one, other than BlackPink in a half hearted way, followed BTS' advances with a strong follow up.

    So it seems your analysis would be correct.

    They are just going for the scraps on the afterglow of BTS' world conquest, and with the recent New Jeans implosion which will probably make the KPop boom without successors, the fly by night KPop tours by nugus will end as well.