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    There are no shortage of owner-singers in Western Pop, such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and the Weeknd.

    However, in KPop, other than JYP who now spends more time as the company owner (although he did continue to sing until his late 40s), owner-singers are rare.

    Psy founded his own company and he might be a rare example, but his peak has passed long ago.

    The best known example of an owner-singer who did reach the top, of course, is Lee Jieun, whose peak struggle against Hybe is well known. IU, who owned Edam Entertainment from 2020 to end of April 2022, did fight BTS and had results. She tenaciously fought Hybe, because she did own her company, while other idols were just employees. As long as she had her own company she had an unlimited support and could fight as long as she felt like, giving a lot of pain to BTS and other KPop acts.

    But then she lost control of her company to KakaoM, and now there are no major owner-singers in the KPop scene who are in contention.

    Will there be any more owner-singers who will be challenging the foundations of KPop?

    I don't think so.

    The reason is, KPop has been completely incorporated, and popular idols are made, not born.

    And, since a lot of the acts are groups, it is unlikely that a member will get the financial resources to gather all , or at least most, of the members to go with when the point of separation occurs.

    Plus, idols change all the time, and by the time an idol's contract ends and he/she contemplates to become an owner/singer, it is likely that another act would have taken the spotlight and dominate the era.

    The case of the former owner of Edam Entertainment is unique in K-Entertainment history. No one was like her before and there won't be anyone like her in the future.

    She is aggressive to other singers following KPop so her fans are also aggressive to her.

    Having an aggressive fanbase means there are more diehard fans who will do crazier stuff, and the 4thGen does not have a big aggressive fanbase yet to my eyes.

    It might be that the nature of the 4th Gen fandom is indeed different, more behaved and more gentle overall, although there will always be some crazies.

    Yes, Lee Jieun always tends to underestimate the number of her diehard fans, which there appears to be a sizable number is anywhere in Asia now.

    1,343 old singer has had enough time to build the fanbase which means the fans become crazier the longer they get attached to the idols. 1000 years is a long time fans would even delude themselves that they are close with her.

    Yes, they have watched her as long as they had eyes, so they somehow feel she is their friends even though they never really spent any time with her.

    Meh, it was one overexcited fan, it has happened before and will happen again, considering the usual amount of people/reporters usually following her at the airport its a wonder nothing more serious have ever happened really. It seems this time she didnt expect much people because she was coming back from a private vacation.

    She even warned fans she would stop buying candy/gifts for them last time it happened if they didnt calm down:

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    What happened is there was a significant increase of the number of Uaenas in Korea over the last 3 years so a lot of people forgot this rule, and they were among the more aggressive of the lot because they became impatient enough to force the 1,343 years old singers to see them.

    Before I begin, let me start with a fable

    Long , long time ago there was a family of landowners who were extremely cruel to the tenants

    One day, the tenants got angry, and slaughtered the landowners

    One of them escaped, and no one knew where he ended up.


    A generation had passed and there was a teenager who claimed to be an adopted daughter of the last survivor of the landowner's clan

    She produced the papers

    The courts, to the surprise and dismay of the townspeople, declared she was the only heir to the entire lands of the town

    She promptly enslaved the entire townspeople and restored the old order as if nothing happened.

    The townspeople hated her but she was extremely merciless and made friends outside of the town who admired her and ignored the townpeople's plight

    The End.


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    The crowd which assembled at the Airport were numerous. Apparently the airport did not have security details preventing those who should not be there from entering it.

    They were all there to film the 1,343 years old singer who was returning from Italy.

    The millenarian singer , with her thousand-years-old body, did her best to control the crowd.

    They became very aggressive trying to film the very old singer, and one of them fell down and she helped to get that person back up. The person who fell would think that she won a lottery on that date which means more people will try this stunt the next time in hopes of getting the audience from the former owner of Edam Entertainment.

    I now have to ask this question.

    If a 1,343 years old singer has a fanbase this numerous and this aggressive, how come the 4th Generation singers don't have these many fans who are extremely aggressive? Having aggressive fanbases is not a new thing, but despite of selling more albums, the 4th Generation acts o not appear to have fanbases this numerous and this aggressive.

    No biggie, it is not as though IU is starring in dramas every day.. they will have a lot of options. Solbin has.

    Heck K-drama industry has accepted one of the most hated idols of K-pop, Hwayoung. So meh.

    Anyway good luck to them.

    There are classes of dramas. Most of Laboum members acted to the best of my knowledge. All of them in supporting roles.

    I have not been able to find which is Hwayoung's next project but it is likely that she will probably be in genres like crime stories or thrillers. Her roles are indeed more limited now.

    Although a member of D-IA was a big fan of IU, she only responded to the member because she did not forget that Jung Chaeyeon (who has never acted with IU btw) was the first to congratulate Solbin. Yerin, who was a friend of Solbin, excused herself when other GF members had attended IU's concert because IU did not forget the people who were congratulating Laboum.

    And none of the members ever saw IU again, and will probably never star in any dramas featuring IU who has the power to block supporting actors she does not like. They are known to have never attended an IU concert, and if they showed up it is likely that they would have been politely asked by Uaenas to leave the venue.

    at this point I won't be surprised if Soyeon join's Antenna

    Yoo Jaesuk already recruited her to WSG so it would be good move for them

    There is someone who is close to the owner of Antenna who will block it

    Will Yoo Heeyeol, who has been disgraced because of the plagiarism issue, choose Soyeon over his long time friendship with a certain person? I doubt it

    Wherever the former Laboum members might end up it is certain that they will never appear in a show which features a certain person who has a very long memory.

    Laboum breathed its last

    The girl group LABOUM disbanded and left the agency for personal activities jqknews
    China Entertainment Network News On September 22, according to Korean media reports, the girl group LABOUM was disbanded and the members left…

    At least its members will watch their brief moment of glory and keep it as heirlooms as long as they live, and will instruct their children never to listen to IU's music for ever.

    Fly to the Sky has been effectively disbanded a few years ago since Brian and Hwanhee are not in speaking terms anymore

    Which eventually did make a lot of difference. Taylor became a global figure while Lee Jieun's name mostly stayed in Korea. Lee Jieun's refusal to join the conquest wars of KPop would prove to be a very big drag on KPop and that began from this

    She dances when she performs.

    Not to every song, but she dances for many.

    She danced as late as 2021 in 'Lilac'

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    Not bad for a 1,342 years old.

    IU is considered an idol but Bol4 is not, because Ahn Jiyoung was in an audition whlle IU was company selected.

    Once an idol, always an idol

    Generally yeah, idols remain idols unless they do something drastically different. That could mean become a full time actress, be a soloist who basically controls everything about their career like IU (the "artist" type), distance yourself from Kpop like Jay Park or pull a seungri

    IU topped the most popular idol poll in 2017

    No matter how much she emphasizes being an artist she will always remain an idol, like Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau who still remain as idols at the age of 61

    So GFriend got kicked out because of their allegiance to IU bei.

    Suga is vacillating,

    Now Easter Wu Jennie is 'trapping' a Cao general V.

    Cao is indeed in trouble.

    History does not repeat but it does rhyme.

    KPop is a world event, and in time the historians will rewrite this as the Game of Thrones, with the person on the left of this post to be portrayed as a strange creature (normally a human but..) who did indeed live for 1,340+ years.