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    It took too long. I think there would have been more interest with less pre-debut stuff.

    Then people don't see them as the interesting new thing anymore when they do debut.

    You think so many users here, especially the active ones who have been posting for ages are co-splaying? I mean come on, no one has so much time to do that, they would also slip up if they were doing that, cause the hate for the groups would eventually come out in open, just like that faux Army Lizyy's did. Fandoms also call out such users like Blinks call out BPhouse. The fact that you can barely count on one hand such users amongst the hundreds of active Armys and Blinks here, tells me all I need to know.

    Also call out fanwar bullshit, call out toxic Armys and toxic Blinks too, but lets drop the whole co-splaying theory cause it makes very little sense on AKP atleast seeing how there are so few of us and most active users here know each other and have a history of interactions.

    I never said I was just talking about Allkpop. A lot in this thread is about Twitter hate. And I have seen many shady Twitter and Youtube accounts that either 'suddenly' become ARMY when they see an opportunity for fanwar or were just created with two followers, which are also shady looking accounts.

    And yes, there are people who have entirely that much time on their hand. Not everyone has been here as long as you, but it only takes someone like that user you mentioned (hang out here for a short while) for many casual readers to see that and think: "see what ARMY are like". Now, that user was very obvious, but that doesn't mean some aren't less so.

    Even you just said this:

    I know you like BP and want to justify liking them with this reasoning that their fandom ain't bad.

    So, if you can suspect that I actually just like BP and even include some supposed motivation of mine (a wrong one by the way: I don't need to justify liking any group), then I don't see why you would assume 99% of people here is entirely truthful about who they like and don't like.

    We are past the toxicity to end . These last days have just cemented it. It has been going on for 8 years.

    This thread is about BTS being constantly demeaned with straight racism and homophobia and the justification from kpop stans seem to be their fans are bad for talking about their achievements and now racist?!

    Calling the kpop industry manufactured is not the same and is not racist like that particular user is disgustingly alluding to . So i would implore you to stop with the false equivalencies .

    I have constantly called out haters against BTS. Look at this very thread.

    "But they..." is no justification for insulting other groups. That is my point.

    If you say specific groups are robots, fake, puppets etc, it's a lot less innocent than just saying the Kpop industry is manufactured, in my opinion.

    Lol, you really want so desperately this hilarious narrative to be true, I can't even. LMAO. This ain't it girl, not even 1% of Armys or Blinks here are co-splaying. Accept the reality, just cause someone once mentioned this in the if BP were under BH thread, I see you always bring this up. Blinks hating on BTS are Blinks and Armys hating on BP are Armys, deal with it. I know you like BP and want to justify liking them with this reasoning that their fandom ain't bad. Lol, being a very old user on this forum let me tell you your theory does not hold.

    There ain't any cosplaying happening here except for maybe 1 or 2 trolls.

    Source that only 1% is like that?

    I have seen shady accounts on all kinds of platforms often enough.

    But if you want to believe an account with aJennie/Jungkook picture posting shit is 99% sure a Blink/ARMY, then have fun with that.

    I am not a Blink and like many girl groups more than them, but perhaps you can't comprehend an ARMY not going along with the fanwar BS without having to make me some secret fan of BP. What I would like is for the stupid fanwars to end, because it's only hurting BTS (and the other groups). Too bad some people enjoy them too much without caring about the groups and the stupid hate that comes in return.

    You can call out seperate users anywhere, be my guest, but when people start acting like fandoms are entirely good or evil or call random fans out for what some in their fandom did, then you're doing the exact same thing ARMY always hates when it's done to us.

    I am also not saying it's just armys actually, theres a lot of toxic fandoms too. Even Luvies has it's toxic community, it's just that we seperate ourselves from the toxic one which is the thing I do not see on armys here.

    I have been doing that many times, including in this thread, so it's your problem for not seeing that.

    And you are doing exactly the thing I have been posting about constantly:

    "We are good, they are bad"

    Which I find moronic beyond words.

    Particularly in the US, I get the sense that they feel Asian countries are competition for them on the global scale and their unease expresses itself in racism.

    That Kpop groups get this much popularity adds to that unease, as some Americans are used to them dominating in entertainment and the world following. Some Americans can't handle the idea of suddenly not being in the center of attention and act out by attacking Asian people and Kpop.

    See also: Trump's reaction to Parasite winning an Oscar.

    Go and shit on them and stop dwelling on my hypothetical scenario which another user brought up first and said it was racist.

    This is exactly what I mean.

    "But they..."

    You can call out another user. No problem with that.

    You can do that without dragging a group or fans who have nothing to do with that.

    "But they..." is no excuse for your own behavior.

    And as you can see by my many posts in this thread, I call out many people who talk shit against other groups or their whole fandom.

    Tru. But twt armys are much worse. And the fact that armys here do not acknowledge that is a dick move.

    I mean is it hard to say that "Those armys the toxic one and we are different from them"? but no. Instead yall akp army will join force just to take away the attention the toxic ones are getting.

    There are people from Twitter from other fandoms are as bad if not worse, but I am not going to blame fandoms for that.

    The dumb part is blaming fandoms. The only people I see doing that are those who are stupid enough to want to blame entire fandoms, mostly to justify their own moronic behavior.

    EDIT: I see you don't even have 10 posts here. Obvious agenda is obvious.

    Hope they gain a lot more popularity than they have currently. :pepe-excited:

    Still pissed about Hyunjin being not part of a show, I think he would have attracted a lot of new fans on his own. :pepe-comfy:

    Me too. He was the poster child for their promo of this and I think a lot of people were intrigued purely on his artistry and outstanding visuals.

    Now that he won't be there, I think things will be harder.

    I agree that BTS receive the most hate.

    And its sads that theres nothing we can do about it. Bcs they will keep posting it, and theres no consequences that they will face.

    There are several things I have done to show displeasure:

    -immediate unfollow

    -recommend an alternative to their account, but without the hate (they don't like this)

    -calling them out. Stick to their behavior instead of dragging in their fandom (they don't like that at all, because it takes away their justification)

    -same for users who like/support it

    -report if racist/making threats

    And I don't do it for only BTS hate, but of other groups too when I see it.

    If it never gets challenged, they and their idiot followers think they are justified in doing this. They don't like being called out for their own behavior at all.

    People wan to post whatever they want. We cant force them to post anything. But let me ask, do you really need the approval of other people when you already as a fandom is already big enough. Just stay put and live your life. No need to care what other people think, support them always. I know these comments are disgusting, but do these people care? No, thats why they are make disgusting comments and theres literally no way of stopping it. Just cancel out the noise.

    BTS have gotten way more than 'their share' of hate.

    I care about BTS, so I care about that.

    So, instead of calling out people who care about that, I call out the people who are toxic. That also falls under posting what they/I want.

    Of course, this does not include any ARMY who chooses to be toxic to random fans of other groups or the groups themselves, because they fall into the same moronic category.