RE I'm Honestly NOT Looking Forward To BTS V Solo Album

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    look op first no one asked.

    2nd his songs despite having not a great start, still have extreme longevity, because there are many out there who loves his songs.

    3rd somehow his songs always become a gp choice like CT. So don't worry he will do amazing.

    And for idiots saying armys doesn't support him, need a reminder that his and jin's osts both had same debut streams. They released near each other.

    reason Stay alive did better was because it got promoted as an ost of official manga of bts which hyped it a lot and jimin's ost did so good at debut because loads of people liked it at their first listen and after stay alive armys start supporting osts as official releases.

    So stop with this victim mentality all of you. Jin's astronaut got great support despite his ost yours having not so great debut numbers. What made you think armys won't support taehyung. :boredr:

  • Wait wait wait, anon op is trying to pass as an army? Bc no way someone will talk like that about their fave group :pepe-just-smile:

    I find V voice beautiful and I think he'll do fine.

    About he finding his sound, i don't see this as a problem, this is so common like so what? Let him try.

    Anyways, let me take my akorn :teddy-pepe: kkkkk

  • 1) I agree, some opinions are better left in the draft (not because of an unfavorable take, but because there is no need to criticise things beforehand).

    I always wished some fans will understand that you don't have to like everything. With Bts we are lucky to have a group with diverse musical interests, sometimes showing support means giving a listen without judgement. Then if you didn't like it you don't have to listen to it. Why do people feel entitled to trash musical styles just for not liking them?


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  • i dont understand the whining and lots of effort to write essays why you dont like the groups or songs or something like if its not your taste then move tf on?

  • as others said, who asked?

    imma call BS on OP being a fan cause why else would you feel the need to announce how much you hate someone's solo music before they even have an album announcement. They're probably an akgae trying to get V dragged.

    plenty of music styles and groups/idols I don't vibe with and I just...don't listen to their stuff. I don't go around proclaiming my deep distaste.

    Edit: omg I scrolled down and saw that OP basically said people only listen to V because they want him to look successful not because they like his music, so that tells me everything lol.

  • That whole essay all over an unreleased album and music. Sure you love him and are an Army :clown:

    Also why tf do people think that a particular type of music defines an artist? BTS have shown time and time again that they can switch genres. Hobi and Joon also showed that with their albums being so different from their mixtapes. So this assumption about the type of music Tae will release is far fetched and just projection atp. Tae clearly said in his Vlog that he will attempt different genres and wants several music videos too. You cannot ffs judge his music based on OSTs, as if that is driven by him and not the story and creative team of the show.

  • I didn't write that anon, since I know he will smash physically and he will do great with streams. But outside of Scenery and Sweet Night, I haven't liked any of his other songs whether they're covers or originals outside of his BTS solos (Winter Bear, Christmas Tree, & It's Definitely You).

    I love Stigma, Inner Child, and Singularity but his songs outside of BTS are genres of music I already didn't like for years before discovering BTS. Soft acoustic pop is just not for me, and that's not to slight Tae and his work ethic.

    I will definitely listen to his future album with an open mind like I do for every album I listen to and maybe I'll love it. Or maybe I'll just like a couple songs, or even none. I'll just have to listen to find out.

    Is know?

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  • I mean, no one has to listen to music they don't like. But it's better to listen to songs with an open mind and decide whether you like them or not, than to prejudge them and think they won't suit you. For example, I didn't like Namjoon's mixtapes that much, it didn't appeal to me musically, but I listened to his solo album and liked it a lot. You won't know if it will surprise you or not until you listen. :pepe-shrug:

    "Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everybody has a reason and everybody has a story. I hope people don’t judge a person based on what they see." Kim Taehyung


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