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    ofc they wont attend MMA. They'll be in the US on 4th Dec (KST). They have jingle ball on 3rd Dec US time which will be 4th Dec KST. Pretty sure both IU and BTS will get their well deserved daesangs.

    Not all armys are here for the awards (although well deserved).

    The reason why I always look forward for their attendance is because their MMA performances have been historical/for the books since 2018. I was a casual fan in late 2018 but then MMA happened and I finally understood why so many people liked them.

    They should rename themself into "Korean Artist Award" and not be called "Asian Artist Award" since they simply discriminate their own concept since the year 2018 and don't let othet countries win and not even perform on the show anymore. I read in 2018 that people where super mad that Taiwanese and Japanese celebrity atended just to not win anything in the cathegories they were put in and in 2019 they let only 1 non Korean artist atend the show to watch it and he wasn't even nominated in anything and all cathegories were just packed with Koreans and of cause 2020 was fully Korean people only

    Yeah, when I started to get more into kpop, with that event name, I was expecting to get to know japanese artists and artists from other asian countries. It never made any sense. Even MAMA, I always wondered why it wasn't with artists from all over Asia and broadcasted in English (with the apropriate dubs for each asian country).

    People only choose to see evil.

    I opened this topic thinking that he slipped a la James Corden (although I stand my ground and Zach is a genuine person and IMO the best interviewer to interview BTS, I just love the way he talks to artists) only to find out that people are just blowing things out of proportion.

    What I see in there is that he's kind of showing that his guests are always happy on his show. Lisa and JK is a coincidence, but people will see evil in it and just.... ugh.

    Too lazy to type.

    I really think what people sometimes forget is that they're Asian in a white man's world breaking so many barriers I hope they will help other non American/western acts getting the success they deserve without the xenophobic Industry blocking them.

    This is why I've been saying all this time that I'd rather have them collab with Tiger JK or an indie korean artist instead of american chart toppers :pepe-sad: but I get downvoted everytime.

    Bangtan can come to Michigan and spend Thanksgiving with me. Turkey stuffed with rice and kimchi. They can watch the Detroit Lions continue their winless streak. Yes we have BTS Uno cards for after dinner, or maybe a game of Pictionary. I will make a dessert with mint chocolate chip and Haribo

    It's funny how people outside the kpop fandom would think armys just want to have a chance with them (aka groupies, obsessed saesangs etc), but the truth is, most armys daydream mostly of hanging out with them, sharing meals, playing games etc :pepe-joy: I blame it on behind the scenes content haha.

    I've never disliked him I listened to his songs since Team A and I don't care if people dislike him I like nickelback been listening to them since high school and they're the most hated band (on the internet) I never understood why but then I read some posts people said because their song sound the same, sometimes they reuse some part from their previous song , didn't care about musical growth , I think they also get hate because of overexposure but then a lot of artists do that

    I also never understood the hate for Nickelback. Their music is much more appealing to the ears than the trash on the charts nowadays. There's a lot of noise... I wish more pop rock bands would come back.

    It's obvious that Ed Sheeran is performing for a collab stage with BTS.

    BTS only has two songs to perform this year (Butter & PTD) and that would be very short for them. So BTS is most likely gonna cover one of his songs and then Ed & BTS together perform PTD.

    Tbh, I'm not really excited but it is what it is :joy:

    :pepecry: One more reason to forget 2021 existed.

    Can we move past the PTD days? Sigh.

    EDIT: I hope somehow they perform their 7 solos in a short version on KBS, like they did with their Answer solos in 2018 (?). I'm ok with Butter (it's actually a bop even if it sounds different from recent releases) but PTD is just... sigh.

    I never thought the day would come when I'd be asking for Bieber.


    Indeed :pepe-sad:

    Ignore the hater below your post :eyes:

    I had a hard time even watching the Capaldi days, I just had a hard time keeping up with it because I got bored easily. Pearl Mackie was a great companion though (forgot her character's name). Clara was good until the doctors changed of course. Then it became meh.

    I remember obsessing with David's acting skills, the way "he" looked at the world with such glee as the Doctor, how hyped up he always was, and how gloomy and dark he could be. Matt because his scripts were always... so clever! It was fascinating the watch the plot twists and the solving up of the River mystery.

    What happened afterwards though? ;(;(;( It's not the same show anymore...

    To get back on topic, let me say I remember rumors last year before the pandemic hit... where BTS would be mentioned/appear on a DW episode, but that went nowhere.

    I wish Namjoon could release a new mixtape soon.

    I fell down the rabbit hole due to BTS performances, but his lyricism and the way he thinks and sees life have been truly inspiring (at least what the way he shows to us/wants us to see as none of us know them personally).

    Really sad that lately him and the rest of rapline haven't been as much in the frontline because they're one of BTS' many strengths. But it feels lately like that has been toned down.

    I wonder if BH/HYBE pulled some strings?

    were people actually upset at the chance bieber would perform in MAMAS? dude is actually a superstar and has some good songs that aren't generic. :pepepizza: plus the chance of any interaction with idols would've been fun.

    I confess when Bieber appeared I hated the phenomenon, it was the typical teenybop songs (and I was like, in my late teenage years? Can't remember). But in the last few years I've enjoyed a few songs on the radio only to find out they were... JB songs. :pepe-joy:

    So I guess we really need to let go of the prejudice and enjoy the music for what it is. There's a lot of trash on the charts in the last few years but his songs, although mainstream pop, they've been quite pleasant to the ear. And he has a nice voice as a grown up haha. I'm actually sad in a way that he's not going.

    On the other hand, I can't stand Ed and I hate that some of the worst BTS songs were made by him.

    A collab/interaction that I wish had never happened. :pepe-cross:

    Out of topic but Doctor Who was much better when David Tennant and Matt Smith were there. :peperain:

    ed sheeran x BTS

    permission to dance :pepe-smug:



    Why he is universally hated on the internet tho. You’ll always find people calling his music crap Kek. That’s how it is for pop stars isn’t it. He also got caught in all the plagiarism stuff and lost credit.

    Anyway he hasn’t been good since X anyway. But + and X really were great albums tho. Still listen to them.

    Because it has irritating, repeating beats.

    My downstairs neighbor and her irritating 7 year old love his music. I can thank her for not having a quiet evening and a nice morning waking up every day due to their loud tv. :pepe-cut: