What makes your day better?

  • 7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Day

    A warm smile, a genuine compliment, an unexpected gift – it’s the little things that can turn a bad day into a good one. With this in mind, here are seven simple things you can do if your day has taken a turn for the worse, to end it on a positive note.


    Plan Out The Rest Of Your Day

    Having a plan in place can give you a boost and a sense of purpose. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a to-do list. Focus on prioritising tasks that will make you feel accomplished, whether that’s getting the car cleaned or ringing up the utility bill provider to check up on something. Give each job a swift tick or even cross it through and feel better for being productive.


    Get In Touch With A Friend

    Talking things out always helps, so either pick up the phone or swing by a friend’s house to catch up. A friendly face or word, plus a few giggles, is always great for boosting your mood. Friends are always there to offer support with any issues you’re currently working through. It doesn’t have to be a friend though, you could pay your parents a visit or your grandparents and spend some time catching up. Being in the company of people you love can only be a positive thing.


    Sweat It Out

    Many runners claim they finish a session in a great mood, as their time exercising is spent not focusing on things that are troubling them. You could head to a nearby nature reserve, or explore your local park and enjoy the scenery while sweating it out, or even engage in some litter picking or 'plogging' for a real feel-good factor. Alternatively, a session in the gym working on a particular area of your body is a great way of boosting your mood and you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment once you finish that last set.

    If exercise works, then ensure you have a way of improving your day regularly. Plan ahead using a training programme to schedule time to workout, which can also help you work towards an end goal. Use exercise as an opportunity to push yourself - if you smash a personal best you’re going to feel great for the rest of the day!


    Indulge In A Bubble Bath

    Nothing beats an hour soaking in the tub, perhaps with a good book and a flickering candle. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little self-indulgent sometimes, and taking time for yourself is a great way of giving yourself a little pick me up. Choose some soothing music, and leave your phone somewhere it can’t be easily reached. A bubble bath is the perfect place to simply unwind, recharge and have some “me time”.


    Keep A ‘Comfort Blanket’ Close By

    Not necessarily an actual blanket but something that soothes you should be kept around at all times. It could be a scent that you spray or dab onto a handkerchief and smell to remind you of something happy. It could even be a memento or trinket that you can play with to calm nerves and ease anxiety. Using your comfort blanket to improve your mood is an easy way of making your day better, as you start to think positively again.


    Give Back

    Doing something kind for someone else is a great way of giving your own mood a little boost too. It could be as simple as buying some flowers to cheer up a friend or relative. Giving something back has the potential to not only make their day, but make you feel better too.


    List All The Good Things

    The power of positive thinking can be harnessed simply by taking some time to look back and think upon everything that makes you happy, whether it be life in general or just what has happened that day so far. Oprah was one of the first people to promote the idea of a ‘gratitude journal’, a simple notebook that you can use to list everything you are thankful for and the idea has caught on.

    It’s a great way of focusing on only the positives and removing negativity from your everyday life – and you’ll soon discover there’s so much to appreciate! From the job that you work hard at and supports you, to your network of family and friends and even the natural world around you that you can explore and enjoy. It’s the perfect way to end a bad day, reflect on events and settle yourself before going to bed.

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    • Laughter - Self-explanatory
    • Intention - Setting the intention that you'll have a good day, even if everything doesn't go right, makes the day turn out better

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