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    don't teach me abt what to feel and what not to feel. my opinions are mine and mine alone.

    How does it feel to become one of them? The a ex moa hater who are too butt hurt that their fav dont make the music they like so they angry at the world.

    Because you went to study and suddenly come back like this... I'm disappointed in you so much.

    Last time I checked today morning they were still in Top100 so Melon is fine. I think somebody here already said, it’s not that TXT suddenly declining. SRR was just that beach. Lot of non fan loved the song while this album is generally more for the fandom. It’s a closing chapter for their lore and some of the songs are not for kpop fan’s taste. Plus let’s not talk about how a certain part of the fandom destroyed the Spotify streams because they wanna push for Hot 100 so they do 20x method and fuck up our filtering.


    Cant even say told you so because all the “fan” who pushed that method suddenly got urgent studying to do and went MIA as soon as they seen the streams. Lmao

    I should check out Aespa videos. Maybe they not only copy but finish the story? We haven’t got a story mv since Frost. Aespa might have my answers.


    Joke aside I’m working in a packaging company. The photos have similar vibes but that can be because MHJ. And the box

    There is just so much packaging company in the world. My company makes cartons for beverages all over Europe and some Asian countries. lot of the brand have similar shape of flat carton and the difference is only their colours, thickness etc.

    I assume seeing how the ink is soy ink, the material is bio degradable (I’m guessing) not every company would be equipped to do these kind of packaging and they were made in same packaging company.



    Somebody on twitter said the difference is the companies they are under. BTS is with Geffen and Txt is with Republic Records? But that’s unlikely because the song got separated after 5 days.

    Was Jimin song counted together in the very beginning too and later separated? Then maybe the problem is with Spotify.

    I wonder if it’s similar to how YouTube can’t distinguish between the Korean and Japanese releases. Somebody noticed it the other day.

    The description of the Korean 0x1 Lovesong has the Japanese version written…


    Coincidentally, this is also the first year that they've sold 6 million albums in one year on circle chart (mostly from the two albums they released this year).

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    If they continue to roughly double their sales each year, by the end of the 21st century they'll be selling more albums per year than there are atoms in the observable universe :pepe-notes:


    Proud of them. Congratulations. Now I just need Weverse to send me my effing albums so I can open them and get my Beomjesus poster.

    It's not because two moas on here say they like the tt or the album less that it has to be because the songs are less good ;judgingpepe:

    I won't lie, txt's comeback is underperforming in certain aspects but by no mean it is bad. And for Melon specifically, they don't count mute and low sound level streams anymore so you get that during a school period (when SRR were during holidays) and of course Chasing that feeling and Freefall are gonna look less pretty than the awesome performance Temptation did. It's still far better than all of 4th gen bgs.


    This comeback giving me Deja vu. During Lovesong many people hated on it because they wanted cute Blue Hour songs. Fans left, fans came. GBGB, apparently their worst era yet most of my non AKP Moa friend is a GBGB Moa and they all active and enthusiastic. There will be always people who are pressed because the title song is not what they wanted. The album itself not your usual K-pop music. There is English songs (Knetz going through an English hate period), we have a metal song alternative, some club music and RnB. It’s not that Txt doing worse it’s SRR that was surprisingly in line with GP taste. Maybe people missing the glitters…


    I agree.

    Also, their last 2 songs were pretty disappointing. I understand BH trying to promote them in the US + Latin America but the songs + the choice for the featurings were pretty bad.

    For me it’s not disappointing because I like them both but if you want to put them on an album for Korean fans and taking out the featuring artist then make the song Korean instead of English because the overseas promotion is clearly annoying them. Both do it like that and Back for more is new in a sense that they arranged the parts for Txt members only but it’s still English and make the fans feel like they are only care about overseas.


    Meanwhile songs that are fan favorites Skipping stone and Dreamer are not promoted. Bighit has a tendency to miss out on these opportunities.

    Plus as a fan the featuring as an experience was really good. Anitta and her fans were actively promoted and streamed while it was an overseas promotion. They should have left it at that.

    I thought the success of their last album would have given them some extra momentum that might have helped this comeback. But going from 145k debut uls to 60k now sadly doesn't show that. Might be a general indication of Melon again, where even bg stans are now abandoning it. Or perhaps this comeback was just less hyped or less promoted beforehand, but I wouldn't know that. The amount of comebacks txt had this year might also be a factor I guess

    I think it’s

    A. Lot of the fans are young. All these fans can’t actively stream on a school day only after they finish. And melon took away the muted streams. X/

    B. Shitty promo. Svt was starred promoted weeks before Txt and their comeback is after theirs. Bighit don’t have a clue about how to plan shit and it shows. Usually they get magazine promo, now nothing. No events in Korea… a Txt cafe event in Japan?? :|

    Barely any Billboard with them on it? I seen the same two posted everywhere. We get more ads from one of those birthday app we do. Lol

    They had a good comeback then send them away from Korea for the rest of the year with max two show appearances. That’s it. Everything else was for overseas fans and I seen the complaint from Kmoa. There is a reason why they hating on the English songs so much.

    Growing Pain by TXT is EVERYTHINGGGGG


    I think my beloved Rollercoaster lost its place. I’m so in love with Growing Pain.

    Chasing the feeling is so good too. I enjoy synth pop and this song is really nice. It does stick in your head more when you go back to it. I think I can put it next to my other happy songs.

    Skipping stone also amazing. What surprised me was Deep Down. It’s not my usual style but it’s such a good party song.


    First impression, there is no song that I don’t like…Can’t rank them other than Growing pain best Txt song so far. But I’m a rocker by default. Grew up on Rolling Stones, Guns n Roses, Linkin Park, Papa Roach. Growing Pain is absolutely perfect.